Chicago vs New York Pizza: What’s Better?

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We are in Brooklyn We are in Chicago, the windy city which we have been told is the best pizza the New York city has to offer and we are about to try deep dish Chicago style pizza amm hmm amm hmm so this here is Soppressata supposedly This is what pepperoni wants to be when it grows up it’s better pepperoni it has got black garlic and four cheeses This is Panchetto and look at the sweating of the meats, I like it when my meat sweats that sounds like a good T-shirt right there Look at the pile of juice right there Pure meat juice 100% meat juice never pass the gloves it’s like a free meat juice right there Oh my God! Oh Yeaaah………. we are now ready to try the best pizza in New York we are in Brooklyn, lets see if it’s worth it that’s one of the best pizzas I have ever had in my entire life. Holy smokes the crust is perfectly thin what’s great about the crust also is that it doesn’t have the like soft dough on top it’s all just like thin but it’s not too crunchy at the same time what i really like about it is I personally don’t like when my pizza sauce taste like tomatoes you know when it’s like straight up, it just that tastes like crushed tomatoes that adds really nice seasoning to it it tastes like a bacon pizza I wouldn’t say about it more Leigh, trivia question for your meal. What is the 26th decimal of pi? Sad moan This game is rigged Oh man *Simon moan* this is actually an off menu item because we just asked the waitress and she said that there are some pizzas that they can make and this is her special edition so if you come here and don’t find it, That’s why that’s great that is great we should have this pizza like this all the time this is white pizza sauce i normally don’t like white pizzas WoW that is amazing i was actually concerned that this is going to be tough pizza because whenever you cook meat in the oven that isn’t pepperoni and you try to bite through it like a salami then you are like arrrrrrrrrrrrrr it’s actually quite some of us are barbarians Okay so you ordered a half and half style deep dish pizza it has spinach and tomato and mushroom on it it is a classic combo of butter crust and has sausage, pepperoni, extra cheese Okay you can’t pick it up with your hand this is my first time having this Okay here we go let me see how this compares okay are you ready Oh wOw Oh my God this is so good, but is this really pizza? look at this that is a great piece of pizza this is like nothing I’ve ever had before so this crust right here is definitely not as thin as what we are used to you can see it’s elevated but you can still hold this in your hand this is what Korean pizza aspires to be Korean pizza always has tons of toppings on it one bite in and i would order this again what is that condensed milk…yeah whatever Chicago pizza tastes just like that except this is right so we have had the best pizza in New York and the best pizza in Chicago and the best between the two of them is..we are going to announce on the count of three one two three Simon: Chicago
Martina: New York Simon: What!?
Martina: Seriously, why? even though I really like the NewYork style, it was really wonderful I think that the flavors in the Chicago pizza by far a lot stronger a lot more impactful there was just so much more to it than the New York style pizza Okay I love the Chicago pizza I thought it was great but it was by the casserole i had to cut through layers of it yeah it was great so much cheese and the crust on the edging was not good but for the New York style pizza i really liked the toppings and the toppings were like the focus and I was able to eat it and be like Oh my God the mushrooms, the cheese, the this, the that I also like the New York style pizzas better if you like talking with friends you can’t really be sociable if you are like working and knifing and eating Chicago style pizza and try not to make a mess of yourself but what NewYork style pizza is you can pick it up and hold in your hand take a bite and talk on the same time the best pizza overall though was neither in Chicago nor New York it was in Norway they had this Thai style pizza there they actually put ranch sauce on top of it there were the cilantro and the peanuts on it and i was like what is this magic pizza by far I have had the best pizza in the entire world Chicago and New York pizza wish they could be Norway pizza i tried to think i am a salutatory noise out there with wohooo norway if you disagree with us which i am sure you probably do let us know in the comment section below where we should eat pizza next time so we could eat it right and let us know what is your favorite pizza place is if you are in New York or if you are in Chicago or if you are in California where ever you are let us know where we should go the name of the actual place alright I like Toronto pizza 4 3 9 O O O pizza no vaaa this was not sponsored by pizza nova


  1. Being an individual born and raised in Southern Illinois I can easily say that Windy City style is the way to go. I'd love a Double Decker Walt's Pizza from Marion, IL right now.

  2. Next time you're in Chicago hit up Home Run Inn for thin-crust chicago pizza or Pequod's for deep-dish. Other than pizza, gotta do a sausage beef or a dipped beef.

  3. ChiTown is KING of pizza IMO, all pizza is pretty damn good, hard to make a bad pizza if you ask me, NY has great pizza, it's better for eating on-the-go , when I order a NY pizza I usually am still hungry when it's gone, but Chicago, a couple pieces and I'm full as shit, simply two different types of pizzas, thats all.

  4. You guys are fun!I'm glad you tried Chicago style pizza.I definitely love Chicago style pizza and I'm glad I live in Chicago!Peace!

  5. People in Chicago just think the food tastes better because they know they may be murdered at any moment.

  6. I think Martina didn't choose Chicago because of the sauce. Probably too "tomato like" for her based on her comment earlier in the video.

  7. 1) thats not a bomb af thin crust ny pizza. Wheres the nice char? The crisp bottom and lil burnt crunchy bits on the meat & cheese??

    2) Chicago pizza is just lasagna & bread without noodles

    3) New Haven style thin crust pizza ftw sorrynotsorry

    Other than that, pizza is always gonna be great everywhere you go if your drunk.

  8. You know, this video is three years old, and I just discovered it. Lou Malnati's is good and all (in fact, I just had it for lunch at work today) it is not the best. For that, you need to go to Pequod's. Three words. Caramelized. Cheese. Crust. If you guys ever find yourselves in Chicago, I will treat you guys to some!

  9. Whats with americans always thinking they're the best??????? There is a legit competition to judge the best pizza in the world and last I heard it was found in Melbourne, Australia.

  10. There is a lot of debate about pizza, New York or Chicago, truth is the best places to get pizza are privately owned hole in the walls. Name brand pizza may be good. Pizza doesn't need a lot of junk on it. Crust, sauce, and cheese. Topping of choice(exception to desert toppings like sweets). However, the best tasting pizza's are always found in side street hole in the wall's. The kind of pizzaria that has been handed down father to son, or mother to son. Also, the best pizza, like the best bagels or hoagie breads come from the tri-state(New York, New Jersey, and Philadelphia) because water is an important part of making the dough. Something about the tri-state water supply just add's the right mix to the ingredients.

  11. Oh maaannn I bet you never tried Pizza Treat yet! It's in the Philippines and it's very cheap. A whoe will only cost you around 1.5USD

  12. Is this even a debate anymore? Chicago is lucky NY Pizza allows Chicago pies to exist in the same sphere. They should be grateful! Charity!

  13. For NY, you should have done the classic large cheese pie where you have to fold the slices. As for Chicago, should have also given their thin crust tavern-style a go as it's a bit more comparable to NY.

  14. New York style is probably a lot cheaper, but Chicago Deep Dish has way better taste. Don’t even try to tell me that Deep dish is like lasagna or a casserole, it’s a pizza. If you bought a house but add two more floors, it’s still a house. Deep dish is pizza, it has cheese, crust, and tomatoes sauce in a round shape, it just has more layers.

  15. Just tried going to Toby's when I was visiting NYC and they closed apparently… hahahahahahahahahahah *sniff

  16. Chicagoans don't eat Deep Dish Pizza. That's just for tourists. Us locals eat Chicago Style Thin Crust Pizza cut into squares.
    It's light and crispy and what Chicagoans love.

  17. Martina, you have to factor in deliciousness. That's where the Chicago Pizza beats NYC hands down! Simon is correct. The Chicago Pizza makes a bold statement with flavors. We have the best cheese and best sausage in Chicago. It's a no brainer. You're letting your ego get in the way. Which Pizza makes is more flavorful? Stop playing. Chicago Pizza is best.

  18. jsjsjs I've been watching your old videos this days… and I have to say that oh man, Chile has to know the Chicago style pizza

  19. Y’all seeing this illuminate symbols at 4:16 and 4:49 I reverse imaged it and it’s about a free mason and a illuminate related stuff the second one is about illuminate but u can’t search it up because it’s been banned so this is actually really creepy this is a dark video in YouTube

  20. HEY GUESS WHAT. Here's a modern comment in these old years old comment. I am team Martina for NY Style, or thin crust, but tbh it's all good. But seriously a good thin charred crust is <3 <3 <3

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