Chicago’s Best 300th Episode: Top Notch Beefburgers with Graham Elliot

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(funky music) When you think of
Chicago’s Best, so many restaurants
probably come to mind. But what about our
city’s best chefs? Today, one very celebrated
master in the kitchen is joining us at his CB fave. Who is it? Let’s head inside Top Notch
Beefburgers and find out. (upbeat music) Chef Graham Elliot. – How are you? – I’m doing well, how are you? – I’m doing incredible. I am so psyched that
you guys let me be here. – You’re on every station
in town, except WGN, so we wanted to correct that. – Yes.
– Welcome to Channel Nine. – Thank you. – You’re pretty successful. – I’ve been lucky, it’s luck.
– It’s luck. What is that like? Being a Chicago-lebrity? – When you’re in
L.A. or New York, you almost feel like you’re
playing a certain role, and then you come
back to Chicago and you’re home
and you’re normal. – Well, it’s nice to come
home and be grounded. – That’s what I mean, exactly. – I hear you like this place. – I love this place. – [Marley] Why is Top Notch
Beefburgers Chicago’s best? – [Graham] The ambience, let
me take a look at it right, it’s like 1972. The food, everything’s
ground the day of, you taste that in every bite. – What is your food philosophy? – There’s no right or
wrong way to do something. If you wanna make a carrot,
carrot juice, carrot cake, roasted carrots,
pickled carrots, once you have that
mindset, you’re pretty free to do anything. – [Marley] How much meat do
you guys go through in a day? – 70 pounds. – Well, you better
get to work then, ’cause you’ve got a lot to do. – [Graham] Little bits of
meat, big bits of meat, all of it looks the
same when it comes out at the end, right? – [Marley] You’re
doing a great job. – Oh, more.
– Here you go. I couldn’t lift it, so I
had them bring it to you on this meat train. – Not to be confused
with the gravy train, which is parked out back.
– Not to be confused. – [Marley] Meat is ground. – Very easy. – Okay so I have to do a lot. – So this is enough for me. – Mind if I trade with you chef? – No problem.
– Look at that guy. – Alright I’m not sure I
have mastered this process. – All right, you got it. – How did it feel? Good? With every patty there’s
just a little meat spit. – I want it in slow-mo like just flying at the camera.
– Oh no that one is, those are very sad. The diet burger, the
health conscious burger. – And the Graham burger. – And the Graham burger. Should we take these
to the flat top? – I think so.
– That’s just sad. – No just leave that yeah
yeah, that’s burger garnish. – Put some sad music on it, ok? (sad music) – Mmm. – I’m told we each
only need one, but that seems so wrong to me. – Why? Are you on a diet ? I’m not. – I’m not on a diet. – I don’t own nobody nothing.
– Neither one of us. – Okay. – And I’m doing what
you have so aptly named, A Panny Melt. – Oh yeah. – I’m not gonna screw this up. – Oh you already did, oh my God! – No, No! (shushes) – How did you do that? Okay, nevermind. I’m seeing bubbles. – Mmm, you know when
pancakes are done right, when you feel ’em and it feels
like grandma’s back, awe. – It feels like
– I just ruined pancakes – grandma’s back
– for you. – And on that note, it’s
time to build our melts. (upbeat music) So I’m not even sure how
I approach eating this. I didn’t think that through
as we were making it. – I think that’s a one-biter. Just chase it down with this. – Yes, just a nice cup
of yummy cheese sauce. – Mmm. The original Patty Melt here
is just that beautiful patty, cheese and onions.
– Yep. – We added bacon
and egg to yours. – Yes.
– And I don’t know
what happened to mine, so just disregard everything
happening over here. (upbeat music) This may not look like
the most appetizing thing in the world,
– It sure does actually. (laughs)
– But it is so delicious. When can us Chicagoans expect another Graham
Elliot restaurant? – Maybe some time next year. – Thank you for joining
us on Chicago’s Best. – I only did it for the malt. (upbeat music)


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