Chicago’s Best BBQ: Q’s Tips & Wings BBQ

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(upbeat music) – When I’m headed
to the south side for tips and links it’s great that the Jeep Compass comes with the travel link which keeps me updated on all the weather and traffic. Well I can see
the sun is shining and the roads are clear so we’ll be at
Q’s Tips and Wings before you can say smoked. (upbeat music) I like many other adults try and find any excuse to not go to the gym and you have a fan Rashad who’s also a fan of ours who said basically you’re the reason that Rashad
never makes it to the gym. – I feel bad on that end. – Do you enjoy working out? Do you go to the gyn? – No but I need to. – Yeah. Yeah. – I don’t find the
time to workout. – If I ate a good meal, I’m not workin’ a meal off ’cause I feel like
I deserve that meal. – That’s what they
call an excuse. This is a one pack. Enjoy my sexy rotundness. You guys smoke
and barbecue here. – [LaShawn] Quincy’s
been cookin’ barbecue since he was 13 years old. – [Elliott] And Quincy is? – My husband. The pit master. And he’s Q. – [Elliott] Are you the
tips ’cause I’m the wings. – [LaShwan] There you go. Okay I’ll be the tips. – Chicken wings
right here friends. (fast paced music) Southside is famous
for tips and links. – Yes. You gonna cook
with the Q master. I’m gonna show you
how we season it up. He’s gonna show
you how to perfect it on the grill. And then we gonna go from there. – This is my new gym. – It’s me eatin’ the ribs. – Right. These muscles. Oh yeah feel the burn. Feel the smoke. (upbeat music) We’re gonna dust up
some of your tips to go with our tips
and link combo. – That’s raw. – That’s wrong? – That’s raw. – That’s raw? – It’s raw. Grab some more. – It’s raw grab some more. Which seasoning do I use ’cause there’s three out. – It’s the same. I didn’t know how
you was gonna season so I said I’m gonna make
sure you get it right. – [Cartoon Voice] Hey! – [Elliott] The pork
is speaking to me. It’s telling me how it
wants to be seasoned. – [LaShawn] There you go. – [Elliott] It’s also telling me it wants to get smoked. Time to meet Q. – Oh man you good. Come on. – She’s just full
of compliments. I love her. (upbeat music) Hang on a second. I’m just looking on this
lower third right here. Quincy Jones? – (laughs) Yeah. – The rib tip hits. I guarantee I’m not the
first person to make that terrible joke right?
– No. – Cool. Quincy I think we’re laying down some tracks for a
great hit right here. – [Quincy] I think so. – [Elliott] Our tips are in. Our links are in. How long we got? – Three and a half hours.
– Three and a half hours? – [Quincy] Gotta keep
loadin’ the wood up. – I’m ready to load in the wood. This is my gym. My body is a rib temple. Time for a barbecue
sauce shower. And a protein stacked meal. (upbeat music) After that brutal workout I need some tips and links. You wanna dive in with me? – [Quincy] I sure do. – You’re the pit master. I’m gonna follow your lead. – You’re the guest so
you go right ahead. Yeah I know but
you’re bigger than me so I’ll let you choose
whatever you want. – That one right there.
– I was gonna take that one but it doesn’t matter. Clink that. (upbeat music) That barbecue sauce. You guys make that? – [Quincy] Yes we do. We make it every day. – There will always be
a small piece of Q’s close to my heart and my pants. That’s gonna stain but
I’ll wear that with pride. I wanna get into
this link as well. You’re real quiet. – [Quincy] I’m just
watching you enjoy the food. – Who said I liked it? (laughs) This is definitely
better than goin’ for a real workout. I’m looking for
a membership card to Q’s workout. – Yeah we’re workin on it. – We’re gonna figure it out. I’m gonna get a
lifetime membership. (upbeat music)


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