Chicago’s Best & Bravest: Engine 101

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– I’m at Engine 101’s
house in West Englewood and I heard they have some
of the best firehouse food in all of Chicagoland. Chef Frank, I’m coming for ya. – Now this is the only fire
house that we’re going to on the south side. What’s it like working
down here in Englewood? – It keeps you busy during the
day, makes your day go fast. We have a lot of fun,
a lot of goofballs. Jorge’s milkshake brings
the boys to the yard, boys to the yard. – What does it take to become
the chef at a firehouse? Is it like MasterChef? – It’s really kind of
a volunteer position. Whoever wants to do it. I happen to love to cook so
for me it was just kind of a natural thing to step into. – How good of a cook
is Frank really? – He’s one of the best.
– Hello. – Unfortunately it’s
hard to give him crap but he’s an excellent cook. – Are you filming us for this? – We always say if you go home
hungry here, it’s your fault. – Frank’s cooking,
best in the city. I’d compare it to my mom’s
but, he might have her beat I’m not gonna lie. – Come on in. – Why does Engine 101’s house
have the best firehouse food in Chicago? – Because I’m the cook, no. – Don’t try to take it
back now, we heard you. – I have guys that love to eat. When you have guys
that love to eat, you know that you can
cook just about anything. Come eat this (beep). – What are we cooking today? – It’s kind of a play on chicken
cacciatore and ciambotta. – We’re getting fancy in here. Is it because we’re here? – No no no, this is how we eat. First we’re going to
dredge our chicken. – We’re going to learn how
to properly cut some onions. I’m terrible at cutting onions. – Take off both of our ends. Don’t be nervous it’s
just TV, seriously. Pretend the cameras
aren’t there. – So you said your mom
taught you how to cook right? Do you ever cook for her or
are you still getting schooled when you go back to her place? – She always says that she
taught me all the recipes but I’ve kind of put
my own twist on them. And some I’ve made better. – Your mom admits that? – She admits it but maybe
she’s just blowing smoke. – Mom you heard that, he
said that he can cook better than you.
– Ma I said it. I didn’t say I could cook
better than you so don’t put words in my mouth. – Don’t take it back now Frank. Back to my witches’ brew. – [Frank] Now we’re going to
put the chicken into the pot. And we’re going to take our
Italian sausage out of the oven. – [Lauren] This
already sounds so good. Ooooh, TV magic, here we are, Oh my God. Frank you outdid
yourself honestly. – I try. – I’m ready to eat. Hey guys get it together,
it’s time to get some food. Frank I feel like we’re here,
with the family right now. This is great, I haven’t had
a sit down dinner like this in such a long time. – It is a family, now
you’re part of it. – I got to tell you guys,
I’ve eaten at some amazing restaurants all around the
city on Chicago’s Best, and this right here, it
definitely ranks top five. It’s up there, this is
good, this is good stuff. I love it and the
chicken is amazing. It just falls
right off the bone. I can see why you’re
the chef here. Your mom should be proud. Ma, be proud.
– Hi ma. – He might be better than you. – She said it, not me. – South side rocks! – Bam!


  1. Love Chicago's Best (even if im from the PH) but ive always been curious as to why the videos look like they were shot in the early 2000s? ?

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