Chicago’s Best Burger: Guaranteed Rate Field

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this episode is Northside verse
Southside it’s all Bridgeport up against Wrigleyville and our friend rich on
Facebook said why we check out the big league ball club
we know rich that’s a great idea and a go crash guaranteed rate field go Sox
throw great scorecards peanut tell me about your love for the White
Sox no when I was younger my father you can take me for the game I did take my
brother and I here starting when we were 5 years old coming here with my dad my
grandpa anyone you can think of I mean the Chicago White Sox who else would you
want to go to we’re loyal and no matter what happens to the White Sox we’re here
for that like this awesome sus pride right there right a lot of people know
this about me I’m a huge White Sox fan so being here today is like blowing my
mind I’m very excited to be here today yeah welcome we’re happy to have you
thank you and another way to welcome you into the White Sox family we bought you
a personalized jerseys I’ll shut up can we pause this for a moment can you can
you photoshop Rebecca’s head with Rick Renteria to make it look like a sign for
the White Sox I didn’t need to know from anyone else but run on our Facebook page
said that you don’t need to hunt around guaranteed gray field looking for good
food because you guys are basically Taste of Chicago inside a ballpark what
do you think we should make what should be our leadoff man today when we cook so
today we’re in the craft cave it’s a space that we renovated in the offseason
it has a brand new menu and we also have over 75 different beer selections
I think we should try a new item that we have it’s our self cider burger it is
two burger patties piled high with Italian beef provolone cheese and garden
air a very Chicago staple you want to make that with me oh my god do i yes I
do hi Rebecca we need to stack up the
Southside iboga grabs two burger patties and throw those on the grill look at
that let’s get some provolone on there let it
melt a little bit we can stack them up just let it get gooey gooey in between
puts the burger is on bun put some Italian beef nice and high on top oh
yeah doctor hi any true Chicagoan Guarnere
cuz instead of any by myself Rebecca you just made this outsider load up another
one I’ll grab some seats up front I got just the spot
perfect okay talk about the food is that kind of thing coming to the White Sox
game to a different level what is it about the food here it’s great
hotdogs are always awesome as that’s a staple the corned beef sandwiches are
great got to get the Polish don’t get the poles you better stay out south now
you can get anything for people to the hotdogs turkey sandwiches such a variety
great just wonderful come watch the ballgame get a hot dog
and a great time that’s like the law that’s young red law on the south side
if you don’t get a Polish oh come here here it is this is what I like to see this is why I
expect when I come to a Sox game it’s just our ray of great food different
varieties a bit of ballpark music and this is the South Sider
in all its glory double patty provolone cheese Italian beef of course the
journey runs off track with a clink it with me yes yes it’s a great game as
well I love that everyone’s a fan of a burger everyone in Chicago especially
the south side appreciates good Italian beef so that is a combination that just
says we’re on the south side we guarantee Brayfield
gonna have a good time yes the doctor yes


  1. 2:00.

    All of that food on that table would cost you $93.85 at the stadium. Got to love overpriced sports food!

  2. revelation chapter 19 verse 13 and he was clothed with a vesture dipped in blood and his name is called the word of god

  3. Never heard of this place. Is this some kind of loser place that changes their name every few years? Sorry I don't eat loser food. I've seen better burgers in a vegan's septic tank. Can't beat those absolute masterpiece burgers at Wrigley Field though. Of course, I am a winner, and this is just a winner's opinion. Provolone is for St Louis morons,,,who the hell in Chicago eats that 'loser of cheeses'?

  4. Italian Beef on a burger is as ridiculous as pastrami on a burger out here in LA. C'mon man. Do one thing and do it well. No need to go "silly".

  5. Elliot really toned it down for this one. I bet that the PR team for the Sox had strict guidelines to abide by. Not 1 sexual innuendo 😂

  6. As a Cubs fan, even Ill admit the food is 300000000000000000 times better at Guaranteed Rate/Comiskey/The Cell.

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