Chicago’s Best Burgers: Happy Bites Burger & Wings

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(upbeat music) – My happy place is
a burger stacked high with toppings, with a heaping
portion of fries on the side. So I gotta thank you
guys for sending me to Tinley Park and
Happy Bites Burger. A place that serves just that. – Order up. (upbeat music) – Is this for here or to go? (people chattering) – Should we get something
out of the way first? Some people will
say, two skinny guys, we look very similar. (record scratching)
– They have the same face! Doesn’t anyone notice this? I feel like I’m
taking crazy pills. – And we can eat. – [Elliott] How
does a skinny guy – Run a restaurant.
– Run a restaurant and eat burgers all the time? – [Michael] I just
never stop moving. – Let’s talk about Happy Bites. – My buddy Charlie
(dinging) came to me with the idea of
opening a restaurant. And I’m like, well
we’re in Tinley Park, which is a nice community and
what we don’t have around here is a real good, hand-pattied,
homemade burger. He’s like, man that sounds good. Through together a menu, and
here we are two years later. And we do a burger of
the month, every month, and that’s when
the Nectar of Gods, which you guys are coming
to feature, got on there. (upbeat guitar music) – This was a previous
burger of the month burger? – Correct, about seven or eight
months ago we introduced it. Within the first month,
we sold like 400. It blew out burgers
that were here for the previous seven
months in sales in one month. – So the burger gods,
shined down on you? – On the Nectar of Gods.
– On the Nectar of the Gods. – It’s got to be good if
it’s got a name like that. – You get what you really
come for, a good hamburger. – So I live about
35 minutes away and if I want a good
burger, I always come here. – Always really good food,
happy times, Happy Bites. (sizzling)
(upbeat rock music) – We’re gonna make this
Nectar of the Gods burger. And patties here
start life like this. – We got 80/20 Angus beef. – [Elliott] Just grab a handful. – Five and a half ounce patty,
that’s a nice size burger. Just like that, that easy. – That patty’s
ready to be grilled. (patty sizzling) I also like how we’ve
added an element of stress by having a patty
already cooking, and we’ve yet to
make our garlic aioli that sits on top of our patty. – The pressure’s on, ain’t it? First you wanna just scoop
the mayo into the blender. Look at that, he’s so strong. – How many of these
bad boys do you want? – Both containers. – Both containers of garlic? – Yeah, that’s a lot of garlic. – This is not a
first date burger. – No, no, no, no,
bring your Tic Tacs. And then you wanna squeeze
the lemons in there, All the chives. I would say maybe like,
a quarter of that. Close it up. Slap it on there. (blender grinding) – [Elliott] Got to
flip the burger. – [Michael] Grab some
bacon to put on there, we let the buns sit for
about 15, 30 seconds. Flip it over, get a
little crisp on top. Aioli on the bottom and the top. – [Elliott] Do you have a
smaller knife I can use. – [Michael] A smaller knife? – No I’m kidding. This knife is tiny. – Boom, and just throw
some of them onion crisps right on top, grab the patty. – [Elliot] We’ll cut that out. You know what else
we’re missing? – [Michael] What are we missing? – [Elliot] An
offering for the gods. Fries, and this dipping sauce. Bring it out Michael. (upbeat rock music) This looks great. It’s a well constructed burger. I love the fact that you
guys are using brioche buns. – Two hands.
– Well yeah, I mean I’m a smaller
version of you. We’ve already
established that too, so I need to use both hands. Clink me.
– Cheers – All right. – There is nothing
more satisfying when you really wanna burger to put you in your happy place, than with those meat juices. – Dripping down your fingers.
– Just rolling down your fingers. Ah, burger lake. That garlic aioli though,
packs a powerful punch. – Just with the combination
of lemon juice and chives it kind of mellows it
down, but you still get it. – Those are fancy
flying flavors. – Yeah, you guys post stuff like where should we go next
for a good burger, and stuff. And people from around
here tag Happy Bites. So I guess that’s how
you guys found out. Kind of like destiny. – Well no, her name was Sue. Destiny I don’t think. She didn’t post
about us coming here. You gotta thank Sue. – Thanks Sue. – Yeah, she’s the one who
sent me to this happy place. It’s a great meal.
– Thank you, – You’ve done a great thing. – Thank you, thank
you, appreciate it. – Bigger version of me. (Michael laughing) – Littler version of me. – How do we stay so thin? – And not gain a pound.


  1. It's not nice to call someone out for being skinny or thin without knowing them, as they may be dealing with a health issue.

  2. Элиот, вот ты все жрешь, а такой худой, только уши торчат!!!!!!!?

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