Chicago’s Best Chinese Food: Big Wang’s Chinese Street Food

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(funky music) One of the things I love
about summertime in Chicago is seeing all the food
trucks hitting the streets. And Charlie led us to a spot whose name might lend itself
to a couple of childish jokes, but whose food is anything but. It’s Big Wang’s
Chinese Street Food. ♪ Aw, yeah (funky music) ♪ Give it to me Whitman, can we get one
thing out of the way first before we start? – I think I know what it is, but yeah, let’s do it.
– Yeah. – I polished my
Wang this morning. – [Elliott] It’s the
shiniest Wang on the block. – Schwee! – Any more?
– I’m fresh out. – When you see Big Wang, Chinese food is really not
what comes to mind. – [Elliott] Which part of that
name is slightly childish? – The Wang part. We saw it from
across the street, and we say, you know, if
we don’t see anything else, we’re definitely at least
gonna check out Big Wang’s. – I hear that Big
Wangs are delicious. (calming music) – Tell me, how did this
beauty come into existence? – My family’s been
doing Chinese food for the last 30 years. I’d go to that restaurant
and help out now and then. And now, here I am
with the food truck. – [Elliott] Why do
people gravitate towards food trucks
in the summer? – In the summertime, you
have so many options. All the trucks come out. You can have whatever you
want in just a 20 feet radius. – What is a classic
Big Wang dish that I can make today? – Fried rice, one of the
simplest, but at the same time, most difficult dish to make. – So, I go on the truck,
and I’ll Wang it up. No more Wang gags. You do have a
shiny Wang, though. – Yeah, I do.
– Hey! (funky music) – Whitman has passed
me off to Anthony, who is in charge of the
fried rice situation. – Making fried
rice is very fast. We have very small increments
of time to make it happen before it starts to burn. – I don’t work well
under pressure, and I also do not work fast.
(Anthony laughs) So, this is gonna be fun. – [Anthony] As we
turn our wok on, we’re immediately
gonna add our oil, and get our eggs in so that
those can start to scramble. Get our rice in right after
we get the eggs scrambled. – Did you guys listen
(Anthony laughs) to all that? I wasn’t paying any attention. – [Anthony] There you go, that’s
exactly what you gotta do. – I was screwing with it.
– Beautiful. – I’ve been in a kitchen before. – Now, we’re going to
start to add our chicken and make sure we get that hot. – It’s a full-on workout!
– And then we’ll add the bean sprouts. – You guys need to do a Big
Wang wok cycle or something. (Anthony laughs)
Anthony with a head set on, just going, “Okay, move
it ’round, back the spoon, “Add the oil!”
– Beautiful. Next and most important part
is for us to taste it here. – Can we get another one
of these for Anthony? – [Man] You’re an idiot. – [Anthony] That is
quite fantastic, sir. I will give it to you.
– Holy (bleeps) I made fried rice! (funky music) – I’ve been a fan of Chinese
food as long as I can remember. It was like, my
favorite as a kid. – It’s great to get a bit
of meat and vegetables all stir-fried up with some egg. Plus, it’s delicious. – I have to be honest with you. I, this is my first time.
(wolf whistles) – With a food truck?
– Yes, ever! I’ve seen them, but–
– Wow, and you’ve gone– – Right.
– You’ve gone Big Wang. – Yes.
– As your first. – I went all-out
for the Big Wang. (festive music) – It’s nice to get out
of that hot kitchen on a day like today, take
it back to the streets, and enjoy a true
Chicago summer favorite. Should we attack this delicious–
– Sounds good. – [Elliott] Chinese street food we got here?
– Yes. There’s actually a very
unique way with our box. You can pop it open and
we can share it together. – [Elliott] It’s ingenious! – It’s ’cause we are genius. – You’re gonna dive in with me? (festive music) Those flavorful ingredients. The rice just soaking up
that thick molasses sauce. The egg in there. That is incredibly good. If you wanna get that summer
bod, Anthony’s wok cycle. It’s gonna be the
craze sweeping Chicago coming to a street near you. (festive music)


  1. I’m a native Chinese guy live in mainland Chinese,I heard the westerners always say the Chinese food is egg roll,fortune cookies,but can westerner tell me what is egg roll,and fortune cookie,lol,I don’t know what is that food,but I eat noodles,that’s truth,the Chinese noodles is noodles with soup,the Italian noodles is too dry

  2. "Chinese food", but all I see are some fried rice and some sort of fried rolls. And those fried rice doesn't even look like any typical Chinese fried rice, no one does it with so much of dark soy added into it, and no garlic??! U call that fried rice?

  3. In Chinese culture, you do not stick the chopsticks in your food like that. It means you are offering the food to the deceased

  4. Terrific video clip! Here at Y&S FOOD! we adore to find this type of contents. We make Travel & Food shows as well, world-wide, and therefore we are frequently searching inspirations and perhaps techniques. Thank You

  5. I've seen some dark fried rice before, but that stuff is seriously swarthy – like someone broke a bottle of soy sauce in the wok.

  6. Bro have you had big wangs before?…

    Bruh you for real… fuck no! I aint gay

    Nah nah, the food truck… big wangs!

  7. next time I have a clever idea as well. create an American European truck and call it "Big Spaghetti noodle without Dark Meat"

  8. I saw them in Downers Grove not too long ago…I thought they were the FBI at their most idiotic, and racist.. Then I googled them. They are for real. The owner even appears to be Asian.

  9. Seriously this host is the biggest flamer I've ever listened to. He's embarrassing to watch, can't you guys find some better hosts the guy is a weirdo !! A real shrimper if yo know what I mean !

  10. I am afraid to ask, how big is his wang? The food doesn't look good at all. The fried rice is a bit too wet and real Chinese fried rice do not use much soy sauce and definitely not the dark soy. The Hispanic chef is really missing the point about wok cooking. It is supposed to burn at bit. That's called Wok Hay – the breathe of the wok. It requires heat and is like flash frying (not deep frying).

  11. thumbnail is a big no no. NEVER stick your chopsticks upright in your food. it means you want ghosts to come and eat it.

  12. Coming to every street besides O block in the hood ?. They need to take a trip to NYC and get licensed out here so we can try it. Looks amazing , especially the perfectly wrapped egg rolls

  13. One of the better food trucks around as the fried rice is very tasty. Also, very expensive, especially for lunch.

  14. This is American Chinese food, made by Chinese Americans. Similar situation with American Italian food, made by Italian Americans.

  15. Are you shittin me? Adding raw chicken AFTER you fry the rice? What's point of using wok, if not putting char on the ingredients? Why not use microwave? How did i know these retards would use chopsticks to spoon up rice to their pie hole?

  16. fried rice??? you can find these food anywhere in Malaysia and Singapore. this is not Chinese food. more like Malaysian.

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