Chicago’s Best Comfort Food: Harner’s

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(upbeat music) Comfort food is all about
feeling like you’re at home. So we’re heading to the
home of Wayne’s World. – [Mike Meyers] Excellent. – We’ve had more
than 20 suggestions for the fried
chicken at Harner’s, but I’m about to take this
Jeep Compass from zero to 60. Watch out world, I’m hungry. (engine running)
(upbeat music) More than 20 people
wrote in about Harner’s, so we rushed here from the city. We’ve come to check
out your comfort food. – [woman] Two dozen cherry
danish. – This is my
favorite restaurant. – We come here probably
three times a week. – It feels like coming home
every time I come here. – Three times for the
last 27, 28 years. – We love North Aurora,
and we love Harner’s. – Times 52, times 27, we’ll
leave that to you guys. Maybe you’ll put our
graphics on the screen. – Daryl and Joyce Harner
started Harner’s Bakery Restaurant in 1960. They needed some extra money,
had some kids on the way. – Hey, come on in! – My parents had seven
children, and we all work here. – You have a wonderful
mother. I had one. – [Bob] We all
work here together. – [Woman] $6.41.
(upbeat music) – Tell me about
the fried chicken. (upbeat music) – We start with fresh chicken, we make our own seasoning blend. It’s pressure-fried, so
the chicken is cooked under 10 pounds of pressure.
(steam engine whistling) – It like, just
reminds me of the way my mom used to make it. – The skin is crispy,
the chicken is moist. – There’s not a
restaurant like Harner’s. – You’re a one-stop shop. I could come for my cookies,
my cakes, my breakfast, my lunch, my dinner,
and my dessert. Can’t go wrong at Harner’s. (upbeat music) – Okay, so we start out now
with regular white flour. – [Marley] Alright. – [Bob] I put in there
some poultry seasoning. – Oh, I can handle
these. What’s this? – [Bob] Garlic
powder, celery salt. – [Marley] Celery salt,
paprika, dill weed, rubbed sage, onion powder,
rosemary, black pepper, salt, and cornmeal. (brakes squealing) Wait, is Bob actually sharing
his secret recipe with us? (laughing) Now we prep the chicken
for the pressure fryer. No special method
here, just right on in? – Yeah, shake it
off a little bit. – Shake it off, as
Taylor Swift says. (upbeat music) Alright!
– Close ‘er down. – Close ‘er down,
and down periscope! – [Bob] Yep, a little more,
a little more, that’s it. – Aha, alright,
time to eat cookies. Your cooks don’t
take cookie breaks? – No. (laughing) – [Marley] Bob, apparently,
doesn’t have a sweet tooth. Let’s get back to the chicken. Ooh!
– [Bob] That’s our chicken. – Oh, it looks so yummy! – Wanna put that over there? – Oh yeah, I can
handle that job. – Wow.
– That’s alright. Oh, it is really hot! Ooh, too hot to handle! – Too hot to handle, huh? – That’s a terrible joke! What’s your favorite
part of the chicken? – The thighs, and also
the legs and wings. Breast, I’m not too big on. – I like the thighs,
the legs, and the wings. That was not a favorite,
that was three out of four. (upbeat music) – I’m a professional
chicken eater. (laughing) – Crisp on the outside,
moist on the inside. I eat a lot of chicken.
I’m a dark meat person. My wife is a white,
so we get along great. – It’s always fresh,
the pieces are full. – It’s just like my
mom used to make. (chuckling)
(upbeat music) – I was clapping. We weren’t rolling, but I
clapped when they sat the food down onto the table. (laughing) (upbeat music) The pressure cooker
makes such a difference. It has such a
moist, juicy inside, but the outside
truly has that crisp, like a roasting crisp. – A lot of it’s all
about the seasoning. – [Marley] And that
seasoning is passed down from Mom and Dad’s original
fried chicken recipe? – [Bob] I’m dedicated to
family and homemade recipes. – And people love it.
– Yep. – Well, you heard
it, Bob said it. Yep, the people love it. (upbeat music)

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