Chicago’s Best Donuts: Dunk Donuts

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– Known for their
cake doughnuts, Dunk Donuts have been
satisfying the sweet tooth of those in Melrose
Park for decades. And thanks to our
viewer, Jammie, I get to eat cake
for breakfast today. – [Male] Ah yeah. – Let me get the lemon. – Okay. – Now, I can tell this is
like a classic old school doughnut place with a counter
that people can sit down at and munch on their doughnuts. How long has Dunk Doughnuts
been here in Melrose Park? – You know, I’m the third owner. The first one I heard
was like 12 years. Second guy was like 20
years and I’m 24 years now. – [Elliott] What makes
your doughnuts the best? – I have my own
recipe that I created and the butter
cream that we use, I don’t see any other places
that use the type we have. – Classic but unique. – Yes, yes. – Best doughnuts in town. You can go to the other place
that sounds like their name, but it ain’t the same. – The doughnuts are
really, really good. The texture’s good and
it has butter cream on it. – They’re always fresh,
they’re just incredible. – One of my very good
TV friends Homer Simpson is also a big fan of doughnuts. – Mmm, doughnuts. – And one of his favorite
is the old school cake doughnut with
the sprinkles on top. I see you guys have
that here, as well. – Yes, we do have. Tastes good. – Can we make your sprinkle
doughnut while we’re here? – Sure, sure. – Can we eat a ton of
doughnuts while we’re here? – Oh, absolutely. – Okay, cool, I like that. I’m fine putting
in some, you know, hard graft to eat doughnuts. That works with me. – Let’s try the
uh, put this water. This is one quart of water. Just pour them all in there. – Yeah, okay. – This about seven and
half pounds of flour. – Whole thing in? – Yeah, the whole thing. – This is done. – Hit the start button? – Yeah, yeah, yeah. – Lift it up? – Lift up, yeah, yeah. – Speed one. Just add more water,
uh-huh, uh-huh. Stop it, put speed two
and shut down again, yeah. Okay, now you have to
look at the texture. – I’m watching now. – It look very good now. – This means absolutely
nothing to me, Tech. I don’t know what
texture I’m looking for. – (laughing) Okay. – If I look like
this, it makes me look like I know what I’m doing. – One and a half minute. – About one and a half minute. Yeah, that’s good, I
was about to say that. So we have our batter. – Yeah. – That’s made. – Scoop that, put in the hopper. We make little bit mess, okay. – I like to leave my
mark everywhere I go. – Hold on, I’m gonna test it. One more test. – That looks good, you
did a doughnut poop. (fart sound) – Put this on top of the
fryer just one at a time. – Why is Tech stealing
the fun job from me? – I will let you do that. – Oh! Now you let me try. – I will let you do that
after I finish this batch. – Okay. – Like that. – It’s show time. – There you go. Now you can flip
it, there you go. I think look pretty good. – Thinks he needs to check ’em. – There we go, let me
show you one first, okay? Spread some. – Butter cream. – Just like that, just
dump it like that. – Perfection, I
got you my friend. – Okay. – And just like this. How long you been doing
this for 25 years? Give me that. – Okay. (laughing) – You go sit down, you
get yourself a coffee. – Okay. – When I have half a dozen,
I’m gonna come find you. – Okay. – Tech. – Yes, yes? – You’re hovering, you’re
not even sitting down. Go sit down, go sit down. – Okay, okay. – Go sit down. – Okay. – You ever have the feeling that your boss is
micromanaging you? I promised you half a
dozen doughnuts, I deliver. – You did very well,
you did very well. – (laughing) It’s
because you had your eyes burning in the back of my head. Clink. I love cake doughnuts. I love that fluffy
like alternative
texture to a doughnut. – I think I’m gonna have you
to make this from now on. – The butter cream here
is made from scratch. That, to me, taste like
childhood memories. It’s layer upon layer of
just wonderful things. – We have repeat
customer all the time. They always comment about
that, they keep coming back. – They do keep coming back. Here’s to another 24 years. Here’s to bringing
your cash game. You’re gonna need
a lot of money.


  1. Been coming here since I was 6 years old. I remember trying to stay up all night with my friends during high school so we can get the freshest donuts as soon as they open. Nowadays go there basically every morning for coffee and maybe a pastry before work. Great food, and great people!

  2. Was my favorite donut shop as a kid! Best Long Johns with chocolate sprinkles! I miss Dunk Donuts! Do you deliver to Arizona! ❤️❤️🍩🍩🍩

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