Chicago’s Best Family Style: Show Open

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(funky music) – [Elliott] Come one, come all. – Should we invite them to
share and help us finish this? – [Elliott] It’s time to gather
around the communal table. – It literally is share
your food with everybody. – From Spanish tapas– And this is why I’m glad our
family is just two people. To Italian home cooking. – Smells incredible. – [Elliott] We’re scoping
out the best spots in town for shared plates. – It just brings
people together. – [Elliott] Chicago’s Best
Family-Style starts right now. – Oh my God, it’s like
a food coma (laughs). (rock music)
– This is Chicago’s Best. – [Marley] We’re on a mission
to discover the hidden gems. – Juicy, sweet.
– How you doing, man? I’ll take good care of
you, brother, thank you. – [Marley] And all-time faves. – You only get it
here in Chicago. – That is incredible. You can’t live without. – Get out of downtown, get
into the neighborhoods. – Your first time,
we like newbies. – Mike on Facebook.
– Tessa sent us here. – This is your show.
– Yes, yes, yes! – Got the best in the town. – [Elliott] Hope you’re hungry. – Cheers
– All right, cheers! – [Marley] Chicago’s
Best starts right now.

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