Chicago’s Best Food Trucks: Da Pizza Dude

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(funky music) Today, we’re checking
out one of the fastest, friendliest food trucks around. If we have 30 minutes for lunch, Theresa said we had
to meet Da Dude. – I’m The Dude. – Not that Dude, but Da Dude. Da Pizza Dude, to be precise. (funky music) So you’re Da Pizza Dude? – Yes. – Yes?
– Yes, I am. – Do you ever go by? – His Dudeness, or
Duder, or El Duderino. – Maybe Duderino,
I’ll take that. – Maybe Duderino?
– Yeah. – Okay, that one’s
kind of Italian. – That one’s good. – The other one’s
too Big Lebowski? – Yeah. – [Marley] How did you come
up with the name Da Pizza Dude for your truck? – I got started with this
with movie sets and stuff. And so every time I
would pull up to the set, everybody would be like,
“Aww, the pizza dude’s here.” I was afraid that if I named
the truck something else. – [Marley] People
wouldn’t know it was you. – [Frankie] Yeah. – Because you’re Da Pizza Dude. – Down here in this
neck of the woods, there’s a lot of
trucks to choose from, but when I see Pizza
Dude, I head over here. – “Pepperoni, extra
cheese, cut in four.” My grandpa’s from Naples, Italy. So I went down there
for about a month, and I learned how to make
pizza with a chef there. – When Frankie was 17 years old, he made his first pizza for me. – And we’re doing
your favorite today, we’re making Margherita pizza. – [Frankie] Yeah,
Margherita’s my favorite. – A true traditional. – Yeah, if you’re gonna go to
a pizza place, get Margherita. – [Marley] What do you think makes your pizza Chicago’s Best? – I would say the
freshness of the product. The fact that we are
geared only to make pizza. It’s one product done right,
five different ways, yeah. – I feel like we
should make a pizza. – You wanna make a pizza?
– Yeah, I wanna make a pizza. It’s what we’re here for. – All right. – All right, let’s make a pizza. – Let’s do it. – The Dude abides. Walk me through how to
make da perfect pizza. – We have the dough right here. – [Marley] All right. How many of these do
you go through in a day? – We load about 120 for lunch.
– Wow. – So, we start with flattening
the dough with your hands. – Okay. – Hey Frankie, when do I
get to touch the pizza? – The next one, you’re
gonna start right there. – He’s like never, you’re
not touching my pizza. – Grab yours like
this, side to side. – Okay.
– Pull it. – [Marley] Oh! – So, take it like this.
– Still smaller. – Don’t worry about it.
– Okay. – Don’t worry about it.
– Don’t worry about it. You’re gonna go like
this, bam, put it down. – Oh wait, it’s only a halfie. – Exactly, these are two halves. (laughing) – You’re perfect.
– Sort of? – [Frankie] I might
have to hire you. -[sfx] Really? – [Frankie] One,
two, don’t be shy. – Shy is something I’ve
never been accused of being. Okay, over to the
table, here we come. We’ve got basil. – First off, the reason
why we never cut basil, is because the second you cut
it, you start anodizing it. You’re changing the
product right away. – [Marley] Oh, we
don’t want to do that. – The best thing to
do with herbs is– – To rip them.
– By hand, yeah. There you go.
– Is this too much? – You could always put it back. – Or I can always put it on
the pizza, I love cheese. – [Frankie] So we’re always
using the best cheese. This is grande. So now, this is ready. So, we’re gonna
pop it in the oven. This takes about three
minute for every two pizzas. We’re gonna cut this
pizza down the middle and split it in half. – All right. – [Frankie] Bam, go through it. There you go.
– You winced a little. – We cut our pizzas in half. – Oh, okay this way too. – I’m gonna cut mine. – Oh wow, okay. Watch, get in there. – [Frankie] Done, and voila. – Voila, my producer
looks hungry. Here, Tans.
– Mine. (laughing) – [Marley] Do you eat
at food trucks a lot, or just Da Pizza Dude? – Mostly just Da Pizza Dude. – I would eat at a food
truck once a month, always Da Pizza Dude, yeah. – I will defer to you on how
to properly eat the pizza. – Of course. Without further ado, we have
instructions on the truck. – [Marley] That’s very smart. – You pinch. – (laughs) I was gonna
pinch the whole thing. – No. You pinch.
– You pinch. – Fold, and eat. – This is a really,
really great pizza. – Thank you. – That basil, we didn’t
put that much on, but you can just
taste the quality. – [Frankie] Yeah. – And your sauce mix is
perfect, it’s just sweet enough. So if people want to find you, how do they know where you’re
gonna be on any given day? – We try to post on
Facebook, Twitter. – [Marley] And you guys
have more than one truck? – [Frankie] Yes, we have three. – [Marley] What do you like
about owning a food truck? – I like being able to
eat pizza on a sidewalk in front of skyscrapers,
or go to the beach. You know, we were
at Indiana Dunes. We were in front of the sand, and so our view
changes everyday. – That’s kind of brilliant.
– Unbeatable. – Come check out Da Pizza Dude. -[Marley] Mmmmm!


  1. I don't know what was better….the girl hosting the interview or the 🍕… lol 😂🤣 😅😎 🍀🍍 ✌️

  2. Olive oil is considered a condiment they should put some high quality olive oil on the pizza to improve it they can also butter the crust before oven toasting it

  3. women shouldn't be in charge of food shows…they need to be cooking in the kitchen, not passing judgement. They don't know sheet.

  4. Marlyn. Is so pretty i get excited. Have to puase see her beautifutiness. Perfect 👃!!! 😬.
    Her smile. Melts my ❤!!!

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