Chicago’s Best Fried Chicken: 5 Loaves Eatery

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our fan Jessica told us about a low-key
spot serving up southern home cooking that we just had to feature now that’s
my idea of some good old comfort food we’re in Chatham at 5 loaves eatery honey walking in here I already feel
like I’m at home I’m Eric I’m in my grandma’s kitchen
that’s it okay you have accomplished that we have been in business since 2004 over
here in Chatham area we’ve been here roughly about nine years when they first
open it’s kind of a food desert over here and then they the one about the
oasis of more restaurants and what they manage to do is come in and make them
feel special a little wine usually because it is such
a popular place but it is worth the wait everyone has their idea of what comfort
food is to them but to me it’s fried chicken what is it about the way that
you do it here the kind of sets you apart from the rest why is it Chicago’s
best we’re not gonna just season some chicken for you and cry it
we do not sell our chicken unless it has been marinated 24 hours I can smell it
already my taste buds are watering and I can’t wait to eat that’s right but I’ll
cook first yes time to cook I’m headed to the kitchen to meet Connie’s husband
Robert the resident chicken fryer extraordinaire homegirl wants to eat
okay oK we’ve got our chicken here that’s been marinated yes 24 hours and
now we’re gonna season our Father yes of course it wouldn’t be as Chicago’s best
without a salt blend this is like seasoned chicken upon seasoned chicken
the marinade which is going to have a flavor in the chicken the meat itself
and you got the flour it’s gonna be the outside it’s gonna give you the crispy
coating that people enjoy so much so now I just want to pick out your pieces of
chicken that you like breast leg wing and thigh where’s my breast here we go
there we go yeah we dredged the rest of the chicken in the flour and it’s time
for the deep fryer it wouldn’t be soul food and comfort
food without some of the guys I’m gonna let you play some of those up and then
we’ll eat okay chicken here is the bathroom so this is
less my comfort zone right there combination of the tendinous almost
makes you want to go back home and getting a beer Connie you put out a
spread for us yeah big chicken with soap right she and crispy and I can see
people are watching them around they’re like oh wait a minute those chicken over
that one Simon yeah for sure I’m a breast girl I’m gonna take a wing I’m reeling right this is just straight
out the fryer super crispy on the outside the chickens moist on the inside
but it is like packed with flavor it’s so cool but it’s not so soulful this is
food for the Soul war my soul is bad this food is phenomenal I feel ready I
love it make sure you come to five loaves eatery I’m telling you the food
it’s the ultimate comfort food

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