Chicago’s Best: Hienie’s Shrimp House

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(funk music) – You know I’m from
the South Side, so I know the best of the best when it comes to
food in this area. And apparently, so do you guys! Because you sent us to Hienie’s
Shrimp House in South Deering. Look, I’ve been coming
here with my dad since I was just a little kid, and I cannot wait to figure out the secret to being
a South Side staple. This is not just a fan favorite, this is a South Side
family favorite. I’ve been coming here
with my family for years. (upbeat drum music) Tell me a little bit about
the history of this place. – [Larry] My wife’s grandfather
opened it in 1947. Originally opened
as a fish house, and about five years after that, they started cooking shrimp. the”Wait, wait…thank you.” “Wait, wait…thank you.” (bongo music) – When you’re on the South Side, you know if you order
some chicken or some fish, you’re gonna get
some mild sauce, and you’re gonna
get some hot sauce. And you guys have some
really good hot sauce here. (bag rustles) What are we making today? – We’re gonna make
our shrimp today. (water splashes) That’s how we
started 71 years ago, it’s the same recipe
we started with then. – You know what they
say, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.
– Exactly. – ‘Cause it’s delicious. – The sauce is the best. – It’s resilient, that’s
right. (Lauren laughs) – I mean, it’s always perfect. (wax paper rustles)
(Cajun music) – All right, my family sent
me to take some mental notes, ’cause we wanna figure out
how you guys make this stuff. – No stealing the recipe! – [Lauren] What’s step one? – That’s a mix I made
from a combination, a few other odds and ends. – What are those few
other odds and ends? (Lauren whispers)
– Um, sugar and spice, and– – Everything nice!
– Nice! – [Lauren] Dad, he won’t
give me the recipe! – [Larry] Next, we’re actually
adding the hot sauce. – This is the famous stuff? – This is what makes it
different from others. (mixer hums) So you can start adding
some flour to it. – [Lauren] On to phase two! – We put a light
coating of flour. We use our chicken flour, so it’s got a little
extra flavor to it. – Still taking notes, dad. Use my little baby muscles! – [Larry] Now you’re gotta
learn how to roll ’em. – Roll ’em? (“Wow, man” sfx) – Oh, you gotta roll ’em.
– Okay. – You can’t just throw
’em in like this! This, does that
look like a shrimp? – I dunno! I’m holding you back, I can’t. My dad knows how to
fry, we know that much. So I’m gonna let
you finish this up. – All right.
– Fry us up some dinner. I’m gonna meet you out there. – [Larry] Perfect,
see ya out there. (upbeat jazz music) – This feels like home,
it smells like home. I love it. I can’t wait to
dig in here. -[Larry] Dig in! – Oh yeah. This is the South Side
of Chicago right here. I love it, this
shrimp is so fresh, and this hot sauce
on the shrimp, it has like a tanginess to it, it’s not like your
normal hot sauce. You’ve been on the
South Side for a while, so maybe you’re up with some
of the South Side slang? This food is fire. Have you heard that before? – Hienie’s is fire! – That means it’s really good. – Fire, it’s hot. – It’s good, right?
– It’s good, it’s on fire. – It means fire. It’s fire, man. Why are you guys Chicago’s Best? – The freshness, I mean,
we only use quality shrimp, non-farm raised, wild caught. – I was born and
raised around here, I know good South Side food. Trust me, I got you, I
wouldn’t steer you wrong. Get into Hienie’s,
get you some shrimp. It’s good stuff.


  1. The old Shrimp Boat on 127th St., by the bend of the Cal-sag was a good competitor. Is it still there? Ate at both… Better rock at Heine's. LMAO

  2. The street visuals just reminded me of no mans land, depression, broke gangbangers, Indiana mf that think they Chicagoan, and salt trucks.

  3. My husband has been eating Heines hot sauce on everything since he was a baby. I can’t tell you how many surfaces in our home are stained orange by that sauce. I really can’t tell you what his insides must look like… we joke about the alien autopsy panic when they finally open him up after decades of consuming Heines hot sauce. It is so good though. Nothing else remotely similar that I’ve ever seen. Have to ship it out of state to family members who grew up on it but can’t get it anywhere but the southeast side. And the old style chicken… Chicago’s best dropped the ball on that one, should have shown it. it is the best crispiest fried chicken

  4. Hagen's Fish Market on Montrose near Central is great for all us northsiders. It's been there forever. I've been going there since we were kids, fish used to be a cheap meal for our large family, especially during Lent

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