Chicago’s Best Mexican Street Food: La Michoacana Premium

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(ice cream bell rings) (playful music) Mexico is known for its
amazing street food. Some, a little bit
crazier than the others. And thanks to you guys on
Facebook and our app, we’re here in Pilsen at La Michoacana
Premium, for the craziest of them all. Let’s check it out. Alright, Evelyn, so I’m not
completely up on my Spanish so how do I pronounce
the name of this place? – [Evelyn] Lah-mitch-wa-ka-na. – [Lauren] Lah-mitch-wa-ka-na. – Premium
– Premium. – It has to say Premium, if
it’s not Premium, it’s not us. – I like that, girl. La Michoacana. – [Both] Premium. – So this is our street food
episode and when you walk in here, of course, you
see tons of ice cream and all of these sweet treats. But we’re here for a little
bit something different today. Tell me about it. – Sure, the Dorilocos. which came actually from Mexico. So it’s like eating a taco. – [Lauren] But in a Dorito bag. This actually reminds me
of a treat I used to have when I was a kid. I would just go to
the corner store and put some Doritos, put some
nacho cheese on top of it. But you guys are taking it to a whole new level.
– Right, but this is very different. (chill music) – So we’re behind the counter. We’re ready to
make our Dorilocos and we have some
choices here, right? We can make it with
all of these flavors. – Yes. – I’m kinda partial to the
flaming hots a little bit, but we’re gonna go classic with the Doritos.
– Doritos, sure. – I’m ready, let’s get to it.
– Alright. – [Lauren] We start by loading
in sour cream and cabbage. I’m already liking the way this looks, actually.
– I know, right. – I’m already really into it. – And then the most important
thing of the Dorilocos which is the pork rinds. – [Lauren] Add in pico de
gallo and Cotija cheese. – So now we’re gonna
put some avocado in it, we cannot forget the avocado. So you could just cut it. – With what?
– Put some slices in there. Just watch it with the knife. – (drowned out by other
speaker) professional. (suspenseful sound effect) – Actually, you know, I– Let me take the kni–
– My producer said no, Evelyn. – Let me take the knife away.
– Take the knife away from me. Maybe I’ll just
stick to the spoons. Finish with yet more sour
cream, chili sauce, and Japanese nuts? – In Spanish it’s
called cacahuates. – Okay.
– Okay, but it’s said… They are called Japanese nuts. – [Lauren] Cacahuacas?
– Wrong. – [Evelyn] Cacahuates.
– Cacahuates. I’m done with the
Spanish. (laughs) My Spanish may be no bueno,
but I can tell already, this is going to be delicioso. (lively music) Alright, so this is our
street food episode so of course we had to be on the street. – Yes.
– Let’s dig in to these Dorilocos. I have napkins here for us. – Sure.
Because I thought we’re gonna need some girl. Wait for it, I wanna
get a good bite. Mm-hmm. All the flavors are so perfect. It really is like a giant taco
in a bag and it’s amazing. – So everything all mixed in together makes the perfect
combination for the Dorilocos. – Oh, yeah girl, this is great. I think it’s Chicago’s Best. This is the winner, best
street food right here. – Yes.


  1. What an offense to Mexicans … If you're gonna make money out something at least prepare them the right way

    Go to Mexico and buy some of these and you'll find out it's not even close to what this lady just prepared

    Those do not look appetizing at all

  2. Fabulous movie! Sitting here at Y&S FOOD! we all love to find this sort of contents. We produce Travel & Food shows too, anywhere in the world, so we are constantly seeking out inspirations as well as creative concepts. Thank You

  3. The host makes me wanna find the biggest hottest bowl of soup I can find and bring it to her!!!!………………if your clueless 2 what that means then ur probably not black. Kinda an inside joke and a COMPLEMENT too!

  4. I really wish they really prepared their Dorilocos these way. The other day I got it with FULL OF PORK RINDS ..🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

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