Chicago’s Best Neapolitan Pizza: Spacca Napoli Pizzeria

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(accordion music) – We’ve done a lot of pizza
episodes on this show, but tonight is a
little different. (pizza cutting) We’re taking you
on a journey across the great landscape of pizza. And our chariot for tonight? The Alfa Romeo Giulia. – [Man] Mama mia! – About as Italian as it gets. And speaking of the old country, we should probably
start at the beginning. – Neapolitan-style pizza. – Neapolitan-style. – Neapolitan. – The original style. – [Elliott] We’re at Spacca
Napoli, in Ravenswood. (Italian-style music) – Jon, all episode long, we’re doing a pizza tour
of all different varieties. But we thought it best to
start at the very beginning. – We were living in Italy
for three and a half years. So, very easy to get
immersed in the culture, and sure enough, years later, somebody had recommended
that I consider a pizzeria, and so the
pizza was actually a way to stay connected to our
life and our culture. – For those not familiar
with Spacca Napoli, or traditional Italian
pizza, what can they expect? – You would find a pizza that comes out of a
wood-burning oven. It’s a very light dough. There should be, hopefully,
the cornicione, the border, which would have
a nice puff to it. – They use hot ovens, it’s
a nice, blistery crust. – Crust has got a
crisp chewiness. – It has ingredients
which are well-balanced; it’s everything you want. – Seeing we’ve gone back
to the birthplace of pizza, what would be a good thing
for us to make today? – [Jonathan] A Margherita:
simple cheese pie. – [Elliott] That
sounds good to me. – Okay, andiamo. (accordion music) – Now we’re in
the pizza kitchen, and you’re gonna train me. – So we have these two
paniarte, the dough balls. Pushing toward the
cornicione, the border. They actually used to
have us do push ups against the wall, to
strengthen the muscles. – [Elliott] How
many could you do? – [Jonathan] Two. – [Elliott] Two? That’s two more than me. – First thing is
the tomato sauce: a nice peeled tomato from Italy, with some salt, and that’s it. Then, just a little
bit of the cheese. So it’s a blend
of the cow’s milk, which has nice
flavor, blended with a beautiful acidity. – The buffalo milk, which
has a higher fat content and richer. – [Elliott] We finish
with ripped basil and a splash of olive oil, and it’s time to
turn up the heat. – [Jonathan] Tip down in the
front, and then pull back. Perfect. – [Elliott] Our Neapolitan
Margheritas will only take a few minutes in
the wood-fired oven, which is just enough
time to find out how Jon’s pizza stacks
up to the Old World. – My wife and I went to Naples– – We went to Italy once– – We’ve been to Napoli– – [Man] And this is
as close as we’ve had since we’ve been back. – [Woman] His is
every bit as good as the best ones
we’ve had there. – This is the easiest
way to get Neapolitan, true-style pizza without
flying all the way to Naples. – [Elliott] Poetry in
motion; that’s how I’d like to call your pizza. – [Jonathan] You did well. – [Elliott] Thank you, sir. – [Jonathan] You did
well, look at this. – It’s almost a shame that I’m going to devour it, but that’s the food
chain, my friends. Someone has to lose. It’s always the pizza. (Italian accordion music) The fact that there
is so much affection, in what amounts to
such simplicity. We heard on Facebook,
and our app, including Daian, who
said he’s addicted to your pizza, and
now I can see why. – Before you go, let
me show you something. How their pizza would
be sold on the street in Naples 300 years ago. You’d fold it in half,
and then you’d fold it in half again, and then
you would take a bite. (accordion music) – Perfect for travel, cool. – Alright, then I’m
on to my next spot. Thanks, Jon. Buongiorno! (accordion music) (rock music)


  1. Great Job Elliott. I know that alot of us CB longtime (even original) fans can be rather hard on you. This was honestly & truly one of your best spots. Thank you!! RE: This pizza is on my "must eat" list on my next visit to see family.

  2. i'm neapolitan and i live in napoli since i was born and this pizza looks really good, and the owner knows alot about our culture, even if i can't try it myself i feel confident to recommend this place! Good work!





  4. It really looks very similar to the original, pretty sure the flavour will be pretty much the same. Trust me, even here in Italy it's hard to find very good pizzerias expecially if you are far from Naples. GJ Spacca Napoli! 😀

  5. Fuck, i m italian and i was here for complain about this pizza, but it looks amazing so i don t know what to say.

  6. As a Neapolitan: this looks 100% authentic. I am happy many restaurants around the world are starting to offer the original Neapolitan pizza variety. Today there's so many different types of Pizza that many have forgotten its origin. I even saw some Arab guys in London putting Kebab on Pizza. I told him "you gotta be kidding me dude". He didn't get it LOL.

  7. This is the original pizza… it has a flavour that cannot be understand if not tasted… pure love <3

  8. Today there are ways to make fantastic began pizza that does not involve killing male baby cows by smashing their heads in with a pick axe or a hammer (industry standard) like these dairy cheese made pizzas. Please choose not to cause heinous cruelty unnecessarily.

  9. “They use hot ovens..”

    Yea I can’t stand pizzerias that use cold ovens, they usually do a poor job of cooking the pizza.

  10. I've never been a pizza fanatic. Until I ate at Spacca Napoli. It is spectacularly good. The starters are amazing too, as is the service. My favorite restaurant in the city. They really need another name for what is called pizza elsewhere. This is the real deal.

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