Chicago’s Best Noodles: Mae’s Que House

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There are all kinds of noodles, but today we’re
going full Americana with a smoked mac and cheese born here in Hazel Crest. (upbeat music) Pantella said Mae’s Que house
was a must for this episode. So we’re here for all
the smokey goodness. Oh and did I mention,
it comes with rib tips. (upbeat music) – I would like to
order the turkey tips. (knife chopping) – I’m gonna try the
Mae’s smoked meat salad – And then did you want
ranch or barbecue ribs? – [Marley] Mae’s Que House, we
have to talk first about Mae. – Mae is mom.
(bell dinging) Barbecue has always brought
our family together. What we do here is what we
do all the time at home. (knife chopping) And so it’s very
fulfilling to give people what we have all the
time at our table. – A little taste of your home.
– That’s right. – So you’re our mac
and cheese specialist. – [Nichole] Yes. – You guys smoke
your mac and cheese. – Yes, it gives
it all the flavor. – The smoke taste
that you get in it, I’ve never had anything
like it in my entire life. – I’m very picky about
my macaroni and cheese. I love mine, I love my mom. This is good, I think I’ll
serve this to my family. – Something about the
infusion of the smoke. I would never have imagined
it would be so good. – This hands down is probably
the best barbecue I’ve had. (upbeat music) – People usually pick a
protein to go with it. – Yes.
– What’re we doing today? – Rib tips. Mae’s Que House
is Chicago’s best, because we give you
our family love. – Well I’m excited to meet
some more of the family, and taste some of that love. There he is! I found some family. Let’s make some mac and cheese. – Let’s make some
mac and cheese. We like to boil the noodles, put them in there warm, and let the heat
melt the butter. So the first thing we’re gonna
do is add the egg mixture. – Okay.
– Then we’re gonna sprinkle the spice mixture all over. – Can I know at
least one ingredient in the secret spice mixture?
– Salt. – Salt, wow, the one
I knew was in there, but thank you so much. – Then we’re gonna
add the cheese, and I’m gonna pour
the milk in for you. Now you’re gonna mix it up. And into the pan. (upbeat music) And then the cheese on top. Now it’s time for the smoker! (upbeat music) – I left Nichole
over at the smoker, we got 20 minutes on
our mac and cheese, but I hear you’re the
pit master, Derek. – Yes I am.
– Yes you are, all right. Lets make some rib tips!
– That’s right. – I like the enthusiasm. – [Derek] This is the rib tip, you have to cut all the
fat off the rib tip, so it won’t be all nasty.
– Yeah, we don’t want a nasty rib tip.
– No, no, no, no, no. – Spice rubs?
– Yeah, spice rubs, – Teach me your ways. – Okay, you take a little
bit in your finger tips, spread it on.
– And just run it along? All right.
– Then you rub, you just rub. Called rub, you gotta
rub it, all right. – Is that enough on that side?
– That’s enough. That’s enough. (upbeat music) – How’d we do?
– Okay, good. – I usually like
slightly more than that, but I’ll take, okay good. – No, you can’t put too
much you’ll burn it up, make it look nasty. That’s enough, that’s enough. – I’m gonna burn it,
and make it look nasty. – Presentation is
the best thing. – Yes it is. – If it look good, I’ll eat it. If it don’t look good,
then don’t eat it. – Okay, we want it to look good. Just pick it up, bring it with. – I have, I have
a container, stop. (vinyl scratching) – Derek, you’re kind of bossy. – Yeah, you gotta do it right. – He doesn’t like
me in his kitchen. (upbeat music) – [Marley] All right
Chris, the sauce master. – I would love to teach
you how to make it on TV, but it’s a super secret.
– Oh. So I gotta dig into this
mac and cheese first. I have never in my lifetime
had a mac and cheese that taste like this.
– It’s different, isn’t it? Very different
– It’s different, but it’s delicious. That smokiness gives it
just the perfect flavor. Especially to go with some tips. The meat is so tender, and
I love this combo sauce. That is delicious.
– A lot of prep goes into it, to get it like that. – Well and Derek’s kinda
nuts about his rib tips. – If you’re not
gonna do it right, then you not gonna
be in the kitchen. – Which is why I’m out here now. – It happens, we’ve
all been kicked out. – So I’m in the family now
that I’ve been kicked out. – No, you just have one of, you have a common experience. – I can’t be in the family? – Yeah, you can make it, but there’s more trauma
you gotta go through. (both laughing)
(upbeat music) – Could we get messy
now though and eat, I was trying to be careful while we were doing
the TV thing, but– – Sometimes, you
gotta make a mess. – All right, let’s do
it, I’m pouring this on. It’s time.
(upbeat music) (logo whooshing)


  1. I have eaten in every major city in America over my lifetime, and I find it interesting how every one of the cities that are controlled by the Democrat party are the ones that have bulletproof glass on the windows, bank style bulletproof doors, and the poor people are unable to defend themselves because of the horrific gun laws.

    I wish you the best Mae's Que House.

  2. Marley Kayden is a very beautiful woman….. I am on the clock here in Melrose Park Illinois USA watching this video…. I will try this restaurant in Hazelcrest Illinois USA

  3. I just saw on Blovelife’s mukbang channel a commercial for a supplement, Heal O Pain, that declared smoked and blackened foods increase arthritis pain, stiffness in joints, etc., oh my. I have to limit my favorites.

  4. When he said, “you can make it, there’s more trauma you gotta go through tho!” 😂🤣😂 like so many of our families! Much love ❤️
    I really enjoy the show and all the hosts

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