Chicago’s Best Pizza: Palermo’s of 63rd

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you guys know we couldn’t do an Italian
episode without grabbing some pizza and there’s no better place to get something
crust and on the southwest side at places like Palermo’s of 63rd you guys
having telling us to come here since day one so let’s get source it’s appall it’s clear when you walk
through the front door here that this place is etched in Chicago pizza history
we have an old-school Sicilian recipe that my grandma brought back in 1961 and
we’ve kept it the same after 57 years the pieces fan taste because he has a
sweet sauce the sweet sauce the sauce I love the sauce oh it’s the sauce without
a doubt that sauce ever what makes you guys here Palomas
Chicago’s best you know if a customer comes in and they say either sauce is a
little off first thing my uncle does is like sound the alarm
everything needs to be perfect just like he made it with my family back in Sicily
but pools not giving away any saucy secrets so tonight we’re whipping up a
batch of Palermo’s Italian sausage we’re in the hobby of any Italian restaurant
of any pizzeria we’re in the kitchen we’re making some sausage yes this is as
fresh as you get from Chicago just came in about not even 20 minutes ago I love
those cows roaming the streets in Chicago they these cows these are pigs
these are piggies are Chicago but the pigs the pigs that roam in the streets
yeah don’t you gotta you’re gonna take the spice you spice it the same way we
did in 1961 I like that so let’s see you not too much place cuz my mom will come
out and yell at us that that’s good we take up hope for a quick grind huh
Elliot what are you doing you got to keep up and show these guys the grinds
no you got to mix the spice in let’s mix it yeah I’m starving when doing a mix it
time to build up it’sa okay Elliot here’s the dough some people
use a template I don’t need a temper Elliot you just yeah big show me that
see that we go heavy on the sauce right to the edge there you go now our sausage
pinch brush pinch push and more Vesper Lucius pinch my bitch bus and top with
cheese okay now can we go in the oven let’s go while that baby cooks I’m
headed out to the dining room to meet a local legend guy next to me my
recognized Dennis lick he’s a bloke for Walter Payton and he’s 15 times the size
of me you’re a monster how much pizza do we we could bulk you
up just come here every day no just go out what I doesn’t mean I’m gonna get
6-foot high whatever you are that could be a little problem huh what do you say
is the best thing about that pizza this is a full-size pizza you know where you
can dig into and keep your weight up when I grow up I’m gonna be just like
Dennis Lee so this is Paul’s Uncle Frank French
spin hits into place opened right yeah I’ve been hearing this all my life
you’ve been more than 55 years because my mother is to make it home oh that’s a beautiful composition that
sweet sauce is more balanced out by the sausage and the cheese that Italian
through and through to the surgeon’s knife to spice to go perfectly with our
song and we never changed it there was this Canon guy that was making the
sausages selling ham so you saw the guy anything beside there says well first of
all there are preservatives so okay hold on one second


  1. Why did you do that at the end? I as a young person am very impatient but I would never do that, I hope you sketched that part or you came back to apologize.. nonetheless, pointless way to end the video

  2. I live in Rockford I grew up near Palermos, This was our dinner every Friday night, set up watching TV with the tv trays set up. Having grew up on this Its spoiled me for any other Pizza. My wife tried it once and boom instant fan. Palermos is da best period!!!! Sorry other Pizza has been weighed in the balances and found highly lacking

  3. Looks like fantastic pizza but man what a dick move at the end. That guy was making the time to tell you about the history of the place. Rude.

  4. Why they do not open a location in Canaryville/Bridgeport bewilders me. Phil's is awesome, but this would add some welcome competition.

  5. i c this ! my heart is blooodiiiii wtf u do!?

    first sauce and now chees! +other thinks u lik and not last!!!! cheeeeeesssss! u idiot*ssssss!

  6. I'm italian 😂 non sto scherzando, sono veramente italiana e mi diverto un botto a guardare video in inglese

  7. Does all pizza places in your country says ''…BEST pizza..'' Everyone is best in its own corner.. 😀 Today when you hear word BEST its usually a lie..

  8. My number one pizza. I don't even like anybody elses now.
    I try to get here at least twice a month.
    In MY opinion the best pizza in Chicago hands down.

  9. Their sauce is verrrrrry sweet, I usually dont like that but their pie is great. The deep dish is some of the best I've had.

  10. Elliot seriously didn't know that sausage is in the pork family and not the beef family? How did he get a job as a host of food show

  11. does e.b. not know that chicago used to house the stockyards? there used to be pigs, and cows, and lambs on the streets of chicago…

  12. I stayed behind Palermo's 🍕 for 5 year's straight on 63 hamlin pl pizza fire Rib's fire chicken fire Love it all😏

  13. here in Canada they are so cheap and measly with their toppings.. I hate to think how American's would react…
    there is so much toppings on these pizzas. Oh and once when I ordered from Panago, I asked for two extra paid toppings and they lessened everything so I got just the same amount of toppings.. cheap cheap cheap…

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