Chicago’s Best Seafood: Alegria’s Seafood

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one I love pieces and two I’m definitely
not one to back down from a challenge so in Sylvia on our accent she shouted
Elliot I could take down the allegory of seafood special I said he stay at home I
got this we’re an East Ukrainian Village for an outrageous amount of seafood Norman how long have you guys been here
at Ashland we’ve been here for about seven years now we’re just right off the
coast of Mexico now Yeti the little small village we bring that style here
to Chicago for you guys all to get a real taste of how it is over there what
can people expect when they walk through the door got to come in here right no
utensils it’s better just to dig in it’s there you can get all the flavors I
really get the full experience this is our outrageous each episode and I saw a
picture of the dish that we’re going to be making today kind of out of this
world we’re going to make is the allegory of special crab legs prawns
stuffed lobster stuffing is a mixture of our seafood shrimp octopus crab meat and
then our secret seasoning but also comes with fries rice salad and garlic fried
on the side one outrageous dish people actually come in and finish it oh yeah I
mean I’ve actually had a couple customers that come in by themselves and
finish the whole thing nah I mean I wouldn’t recommend that I
can’t wait I’m smelling the food coming through so I got to get in the kitchen
and get to cooking but first we have to go fishing winner winner master dinner while our lobster cook we’re going to
get started our crab and our shrimp this all goes on this one place yeah all on
the other great special you take one I think with the crab legs and shrimp
cooking it’s time to stuff the lobster oysters possible
I love activist shrimp scallop and saw the crab right there
this is just one portion of the disc this is that so I’m gonna let you guys
finish up 250 I’m gonna head out talk to some customers and prepare myself to
take on for something or you can you know space before I start can you
believe the size of it good not definitely is it for one person but I
make it work for one person I love to eat so I’m just like this is just great
for me the portions are amazing best seafood in the entire city yes when we ask for outrageous this is
what we want and this is what we get let’s uh loon and that’s bigoted come on
move breast out I’m ready to go this is ivory
the whole thing yeah that’s all you seasoning every year special secret
views on Europe that is good Wow these food lovers dreams
why is Alegria seafood Chicago’s best well we bring you that authentic style
from naughty and it’s the outrageous portions as well that you’re not going
to find anywhere else one more all right I’m done I’m waving
in the past


  1. Use to be called El Veneno, use to be our go to place but this place took a bad dive 👎 I was there in July and so disappointed to see how it's changed and not for the better. The place looks like it's not being kept up. Paint flaking off walls, food took a turn for the worst, salty, didn't taste "fresh", not even the rice. The service wasn't good either. Many of the employees blasted their music from the kitchen and waiters hanging out between the bathroom instead of cleaning and checking on clients. So sad to see this place go downhill. My family left knowing that was our last visit.

  2. My wife took me here for my birthday! Guys…I was in seafood HEAVEN. I difintly recommend this place to the public.

  3. We ordered that plate and it was no where near as big as that played 120 so disappointed veneno on Pulaski blows this place away I will never go eat seafood anywhere else other than veneno

  4. Muy Buena comida pero desde que nos salio un vidrio en el platillo cola de langosta dejamos de ir ahi ya que se le informo al dueño he hizo caso omiso le pedimos que checara sus camaras en su cocina para ver que habia pasado pero no le importo a pesar que tomamos fotos se imaginan las consecuencia de este suceso . ,(NO LO RECOMIENDO PORQUE NO HAY MAS CONFIANZA EN LOS ALIMENTOS. )

  5. Looks so damn good, I checked their website and it says the Alegria Special is market price. What is the current approximate price? Anyone?

  6. My husband and I went there about 2 weeks ago and had that plate. These people don’t know how to clean the seafood well. The lobster had green gunk on the shell that looked gross to begin with, the crab legs were still frozen inside on some parts, the seafood mix and sauce was too salty. I had a spoonful of vomit. Rice was hard, dry, obviously old. Everything was absolutely disgusting including the limeade I ordered that tasted like gaterade. We did not finish not even half of it and paid almost $200 for that dish + the limeade. This video came up on my YouTube and I got mad all over again ✋🏻

  7. The fries and rice are meant for u to fail the challenge 😂 I know I definitely can take all the seafood but the extras 🤔🤔🤔 naw it won't happen 😁

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