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You know, I just realized
something funny is that we are in Chinatown and I am the
only one with a selfie stick. Hi everyone! Welcome to PatChat.
On today’s episode we have got our favorite Asian
consultant Ronan with us. We are in Chinatown in Chicago and we
are going to have a little bit of food today. We are basically going to have Sia noodles
as well as the Chinese style hamburger. Here we go. We are walking into this food
court that supposedly has good food in what appears to
be an abandoned shopping mall. I don’t know how I feel about this right now.
Ronan is ordering, yeah, he is taking care of the ordering
in Chinese for me. We can hear him. So, we are here with Cynthia.
How do you say the name of the restaurant? Shan Shaan Taste.
Shan Shaan Tast? Shan Shaan Taste. Shan Shaan Taste. Yeah. What
do we order here? So, the order here is shaved noodle
with braised style beef. Okay. And this is our .. hamburger, Chinese
hamburger. Chinese burgers? Yeah. I had no idea there was a Chinese burger.
Yeah, Chinese burger. How long does this take to make? We are
making the dough, we are making… we need about 3 hours for the dough to make up. For the meat we need at least one day.
One day? Yeah. That tastes very tasty. You mean like a day?
Yeah, so yeah. Oh, that’s so good. So good? Yeah. Oh, you like it. It is so good, yeah. So, actually our shop is really
good, he is from .. province. Okay. he has lot of background of
noodle dishes, how to make it. And he here he was working at Peninsula
Hotel. Yeah. As a sous chef, yeah. So, sous chef at the Peninsula and then he is
the chef here as well? Yes. Incredible. What is your favorite? My favorite is hamburger. Oh, the hamburger. Say the hamburger in Chinese.
Hamburger in Chinese is Rou Jia Mo. Rou Jia Mo? Rou Jia Mo.
Rou Jia Mo, okay, great. Hey, thank you, it was really
nice to meet you. Okay, enjoy it. Really appreciate that, that’s terrific.
Thank you. Yeah. This is a burger, this is a good burger. So, we are now in Knowledge Square right
now in Chicago’s Chinatown and we are surrounded by a bunch of animals.
What’s the deal with the animals? So, essentially Chinese culture
follows the lunar calendar versus Western culture that
follows the Gregorian calendar. The lunar calendar goes in phases of
12 cycles and within those 12 cycles there are essentially 12 different animals
representing each specific cycle. Because Pat is born in… I was born in 1982 so
that makes me a… dog. Ruff, ruff. Okay, I just learned that here in
Chinatown there is a constant effort to continue the education of the
people who live here from China to learn about the wonderful sayings
that we have in the United States. So, this sign says, Are you DTF? One person asks. I don’t know
what that means basically. What does this guy want to do with you? Option A, take you to dinner, which I don’t know how that work out for the acronym. Dinner tonight, Frederica? Option B, study together at the library. Option C, go to the movies together. Or D, something else. So, the answer is something else
on DTF, so. Street sign, this is terrific. I wish I
had this for when just like girls said things to me that
went right over my head so I would know the understanding
what was really being said to me. Alright everybody, that’s it. Thanks for watching. If you want to subscribe just click here.
And a special thanks to Shan Shaan Taste, Cynthia there,
that was incredible and also for my friend Ronan for
coming up with the idea. Tune in next time where I have some
idea what I am going to do. Thanks for watching. Woo!


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