China’s Super Highway: MEGAPROJECTS (Part 6)

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China is about halfway done building the largest
expressway system in the world, and it’s done so at a feverish pace over the last 25
years to keep up with the rise of the automobile as the country – and the world – has shifted
away from a rail-based transportation system. The first expressway within the National Trunk
Highway System, as it’s called, opened in 1988 and today, just 26 years later, the system
is over 65,000 miles long. In the ten years since 2004, the network has tripled in length.
Each year, China’s now building new expressways equivalent in length to the distance of going
coast-to-coast and back in the United States. The Chinese system exceeded the total length
of the US interstate highway system back in 2011. This crazy expansion has happened because
the Chinese have embraced the car at a staggering pace. This next mind-blowing fact pretty much
sums up this entire video: as the country’s middle class boomed and tens of millions of
people suddenly could afford to buy cars, in the 20 years from 1985 to 2005, the number
of passenger vehicles in China increased from 19,000 to 62 million cars on the road, that’s
a mind-blowing increase of 323,000%. And that 62 million number is more than tripling to
200 million by 2020. That’s why we’ve seen those stories that I thought were a joke
the first time I read them, of traffic jams around Beijing stretching over 60 miles and
lasting for 11 days. So this project is sorely needed simply for the country to function.
When it’s finished, it will have cut total travel times between cities throughout the
country, by half, on average. Overall the total cost of building the entire system is
$240 billion dollars, that’s easily the biggest infrastructure project in human history,
with $12 billion a year being invested through 2020. It’s been able to afford to do this
without adding a national fuel tax because 95% of the system are toll roads owned by
private, for-profit companies. This is a problem, as tolls are expensive at over 10 cents per
mile…which is more than the cost of fuel itself. But regardless of how the roads are
paid for, or whether, you drive on them in your gas or electric car, or ride in a self-driving
car. The Chinese economy and quality of life of its people will be significantly better
thanks to this ambitious project. It seems the whole country is embracing the Chinese
saying, “Lutong Caiton,” wealth follows the extension of motorways.


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  2. Ahh, there's were Donald Trump got his idea from,….new private investors into US infrastructure and toll roads, toll tunnels and toll bridges are born.

    What a ripoff.

  3. More highways, more cars, as if China isn't suffocating in its own pollution already.
    Just do a simple google search to see how pretty their cities look in all that smog.

  4. Chinese's car ownership is still minuscule to that of US. In order for China to catch up with US, they have to build the cars 10 times as much.

  5. good luck China,Love from Pakistan.We have respect for your country and May we both live long lives.?

  6. China is playing Simcity with cheat code. Don't believe me? 0:35 is the bridge materialising. That's why it colour is differing. There is absolutely no workers around.

  7. Why don't they just pave the whole country over? The quality of life better? With a 62 mile traffic jam that lasted 11 days already? How many people died in traffic during that event? How much pollution can one nation stand before it becomes lethal to everyone? Industrialization and urbanization in China has reached and far exceeded a level of insanity. What's more it was badly planned and poorly constructed. One day the entire place will become ungovernable and the entire society will completely implode. It could be the greatest single disaster in human history.

  8. good for china. While the usa, the roads are full of holes, the bridges are cracking, and the white devil negotiating with the saudis

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    Lol! All these chinese in here pretending to be sending love from other countries. Don't you chinese idiots realize we can see what country you're sending these comments from?

  11. Very interesting video, its amazing how quickly China is growing. I wonder though, with the rapid expansion of cars and roads how quickly China will be able to get its pollution problems under control? Interesting video. Thanks, John

  12. Chinese teach students math and science. USA teaches students white guilty, gay pride, men's rights to enter female restrooms, and islamphobia. No wonder Chinese can get things done.

  13. You could hardly find anything on earth closer to mindless insanity. Too many people, too fast, not enough water, not enough export markets, not enough anything for this country. It's made up for by vast excesses of debt and pollution. It also has more than enough enemies. This whole thing is going to crash. Will it affect the rest of the world? For awhile until American factories can be relocated in some other poor victims' countries.

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  15. China ,s recovering from their long struggling under culture revolution& many civil wars under Nationalist & comunist government

  16. We still don’t know how to drive though. Every time I go back to China to visit my family I get scared of the taxis, but it’s fine they’re usually cruising at like 2 mph anyway.

  17. I'm sick of this vid showin up on my homepage. Why can't youtube offer a been there done that option?

    nice vid though, if a bit dated. FYI there are now over 130 km of highways in China.

  18. Blue ton cave ton? What da hack is that? All I knew there’s saying in Chinese which it go as “想致富先修路” ,the roads and bridges are the first step to wealth.

  19. If you don't know 90 % of factory or Company in china is from overseas. Many European company move to China because of High Tax in Europe and expinsive to make here.

  20. When was the last time China went to war? how long has the US been at war? who spends more on their military than the next 10 countries combined? who is America afraid of that it feels the need to have such a military? they obviously don't trust their God to look after them.

  21. wow they are reinvesting back into its infrastructure, in the US a bridge just collapse and more are projected to happen every year

  22. Like everything else made in China, it's junk and will fall apart when people use it. Like most of the crap I've bought that's been "Made in China" by slaves.

  23. This is all because of the traitors D.C. POLITICIANS sold out USA back in 1989 by LUCIFER GEORGE H.W BUSH DEEPSTATE globalist LUCIFERIANS to inforce the new world order of a one world government AGENDA 21 now 30 go read the GEORGIA GUIDE STONES this was all done threw the un by LUCIFER GEORGE H.W BUSH.

  24. Democracy is not alaways a good thing. In China, you can make a phone call in desert(it's true) and you can take high-speed rail way. I don't think all "Democracy countries" can achieve these stuff. In China, U could never see a highway repaired for several months. Although democracy is not a bad stuff, one of the most important thing that socialism has is that it can make people concentrated and build infrasture in a much higer speed.
    Also, not all the people can be the chairman of China. There's a basic rule: if you want to be a leader in China, you need to at least have governed two provinces and made a lot of contributions. Xi, the current chairman of China used to be governers of three provinces: Fujian, Zhejiang and Shanghai, with more than 100 million population. Not all the chairmans in China's history have a lot of achievements, but at least, they won't make stupid mistakes, like B**h or ……. Don't always believe in the US newspaper.
    中国人 你为什么不自信?


  25. Mountains rivers & the valleys
    Dont stand a chance against Chinese.

    Im Indian, but ur blitzkrieg progress is phenomenal

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  28. Better than the USA because they spend more on developments in their country than the USA spending billions on wars every year.

  29. Their national highway system is longer than the interstate system in the us yes.. but of all freeways in the us i doubt

  30. Meanwhile in Australia we have groups of 6 guys standing around with shovels doing nothing for hrs each day therefore the roads take forever

  31. Ironic that Communist China has privately funded highways while capitalist USA has free socialised roads. That's a head scratcher!

  32. China is right. If you want to get rich, build a road first.
    The transportation speed of individuals is a symbol of economic wealth.

  33. Most of the highways in China have very very little traffic. It is a waste of money that can never be recovered. China's economy will collapse in less than 3 years.

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