Chinese Hackers Infiltrate New York Times

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workers have been attempting to break
into uh… the new york times computers and email offer a quite a while now for
about four months they’ve been doing that and add these are hackers from china so
that’s really interesting why our chinese hackers try now getting to the
email accounts of these new york times reporters a few months ago there was a report
written on the prime minister of china and his family and the prime minister
ten actually grew up extremely poor dot was something he’s talked about you know
regularly with with citizens of china and a it by the way his name is when i’d
she about and he it’s really interesting because all of the son and his family
has accumulated two point seven billion dollars of what and in new york times broke that story
in the talked about the specifics now as a government official uh… the
prime minister can oversee government contracts and there’s been some evidence
indicating that he has granted or the government has granted uh… thirty
million dollar contracts to his brother for instance out for a company to get
wynette returns on medical waste so allotted interesting shady things
happening there well in retaliation ahead chinese officials have packed into the emails of heidi new
york times reporters kidnap the entire staff it hits like uh… base on this or
that they got the passwords of the entire staff they were
able to get in now i think that this sellers is that he has since this is just really
about a family a very well connected very powerful family obviously but it’s
about a family man shows i think the the greater scale that that cyber were is taking on uh…
around the world you know we already know that united states well that now a city united states has not
acknowledged then dead-end gear and stats network that went through to
destroy their nuclear computer facilities and he doesn’t know
that they’re actually worried and pushing through all of the cyber war
crime around the world and what’s the prices may about this is that you know when you think it’d be just one
family and they’re just trying to do here just to find out what’s going on i think they says that china’s worried but they’re worried that all are gonna
find out there are no luckier somebody’s talking about all the bass twelve that’s
been accumulated by this one family and i think that looks will be moving
back to anybody else in china who happens to get went and that you had the
nail on the head uh… one really fascinating um… you know fact about
the prime minister of china is that he isn’t often pictured with his wife you don’t see his
wife had many photographs with him and one of the reasons why it is because she
is tremendously wealthy she’s wealthy because she has you know he states inhabit diamond
industry and she’s become obvious as a as a result of that so they don’t want to flaunt their wealth
they don’t want the citizens of china to know about their wealth so so that’s fine too maintain their image is very important
and to have these american reporters uh… or new york times reporters
writing about the reality makes them look bad they don’t like that so this is
definitely in retaliation and uh… it’s sold me is a very difficult to
prevent them from hacking into their systems have been here when you read in
new york times ’cause the new york times right a very long story about exactly
how they found out exactly how they believe that the breaking you missed on
how they’ve determined that it’s from china love first china has i responded and said absolutely not we
have nothing to do with this and let me let me read back well yeah it’s a great
projects is laws prohibiting action including hacking the damages
internet security to accuse the chinese military alliance in cyber times without solid proof is other professional and baseless by
the way up in new york times worked with the company known as mandy ent and
update allowed these chinese hackers to go into their systems for a few months
and they were monetary exactly what was happening that way they can keep tabs on
exactly how they were hacking into the computers so they could prevent future
hacks so i’m not the really interesting way about preventing it from happening
in the future but i love that child china’s like well i don’t know i mean it just happens
to be a coincidence that you guys read an article about is the main really
really didn’t like and then you got a after that


  1. Press: – "We found a dead body in an alley and suspect it could be Chinese related"
    Chinese: – "It is against the law to kill someone & any attempt to connect this brutal stabbing of a victim 13 times, once the the throat & drugging is inflammatory & baseless"
    Press: – "We never disclosed the details"

  2. Every NYT article/ editorial- 100 %- is anti- Chavez , but even today on tyt they showed data showing his Red and proud country has lower income inequality than the USA . They lied to connect al- quaeda to the Baathist s in Iraq, they lied about the WMD s. now we are expected to believe a slew of anti- Chinese stories from them just as Obama declares his new Cold War on china- the Asia pivot?

  3. My WoW account was hacked by someone with a Chinese IP address. On the up side, my account was banned, and I've been more productive ever since.

  4. And this is why Leninism is a bad system. Not to be confused with other forms of communism. It's the vanguard party's power and unquestionability.

  5. i don't like that kind of languag, especially when i was obviously half joking, but you are right that we are lucky to live in this period in history and people should do stuff rather than complain. and i wasn't writing an essay, i knew my comment would get quickly lost here, that's why i said what maybe i should not have. at least your name makes it ok for me hahahaha

  6. So great to see that China's communist government is following the same corrupt model as the majority of politicians here in the US.
    Same shit, different political structure…

  7. America is so busy 'thinking' we're the best, we don't know the first thing about what we don't know.

    I bet you a thousad dollars the chineses has a proverb about this!

  8. Yes that was my stupidity, I was looking for the correct spelling and in the process got the wrong leader. She can not say his name and well i can not spell his name.

  9. Speaking of hacking, i reloaded the page and youtube gave me an 18 minute ad about DoS attacks sponsord by airmagnet.


  10. On one hand, it seems terrible and wasteful for Chinese government officials to accept bribes and get unfairly rich off the economy.

    On the other hand, bribery makes the officials direct partners in the growth of the economy, so they naturally want to do whatever they can to speed up that growth, which has resulted in China having the word's fastest job-creation machine. So although the bribery appears on the surface to be a wasteful theft of resources, it's actually fueling monster growth.

  11. There is a HUGE cyber war. My website gets attacked everyday. I look at the log files and they try to send code through my support forms and always from mobile web browsers that I'm guessing they infect since those things have no anti-virus. Try that is.

  12. and you are telling me during this short period they were allowed to hack, false info was not planted to mislead them.

  13. Not to forget they already hacked; DHS, DOJ, DOD, every branch of the military, FBI, CIA, took down both servers for weeks at a time….no news on that.

  14. "HURR DURR BOMB THEM… KILL THEM ALL… oh, but it's definitely them who are evil, not us… NOW BOMB THEM AND THEIR CHILDREN HURR DUURRR DERPY DERPY" – Bill Buckley 2012.

  15. because bombing nuclear facilities wont cause radiation and not to mention a nuclear war? end of the world! yeah! thats the solution!

  16. 1. there is no gurantee we would get them all. and its utterly unprovoked.

    2. dont talk about a "danger to world peace" when you come from the USA. The irony there is astonishing. In spring you might be at war with Iran and you talk about danger to world peace?! iraq. afghanistan.

    hey, its a shitty government, they opress people, but when you get your noses out of uzbekistans ass, where they boil people alive, and stop all contact with saudi arabia maybe then you wont be a huge hypocrite.

  17. There was other evidence that the person was most probably Chinese, but I didn't think it was important, relevant, or interesting to include a complete summary of how my World of Warcraft account was hacked on a response to a TYT video. In fact, that probably would have garnered even more ridicule than just your comment. I'm not sure what the point of your response is, but thanks for caring.

  18. If they educate 20 times more enginers than the US. Sooner or later they will get bored, a bored preist will pray but a bored engineer will look in to whats really happening.

  19. The Chinese government seems to always get caught, so I wouldn't worry about the Chinese hackers, I would worry more about the countries that don't get caught. Unless u guys r so nieve that u think other countries don't hack

  20. Wow I actually heard the word Stuxnet mentioned by the media. Many people are completely unaware of this, or just don't understand it? Desi you are my new favorite host.

  21. New York: wow, we got hacked, let's blame the Chinese.
    China: WTF?
    Anna: Oh yeah, these fuckin' Chinese, always hacking our journals. Democracy, we're number one!

    True story.

  22. Why is the NYT covering and investigating Chinese officials, hey there is so much more corruption here in the USA, how about getting into that!!?

  23. Is anyone actually upset about this? We have a CIA that constantly violates other countries internet security laws (sometimes our own) and nobody here seems to give a flying fuck about it.

  24. While I believe the U.S has alot of problems, like the Elite basically having us in system where most of us are going to be "under" them financially forever…

    I think we should look at Chine with a serious eye guys, its easier to be like "Screw China, we need to look at the U.S and the corruption here."
    But really , we owe China trillions, who is to say that maybe one day they decide to collect eh?
    They already have bought a crap ton of our banks, now we see our gun laws being changed..hmm….

  25. You're delusional if you don't think that China doesn't have state run programmers attempting to compromise US websites daily. Anna didn't go into the attacks on WSJ, NYT, Washington Post, recent Twitter compromise, and the countless US banks that have been hacked. ALL of these attacks originate from China.
    Yes, true story.

  26. The Virtual cold war between USA & CHINA has existed since the dot com boom/bust in 2000. This is just another episode in a long running soap opera.

  27. Because no Chinese advertiser will get upset unlike corporate American crony media who will do anything to ingore client/political corruption.

  28. First we took out way too many loans from China in the 1990s, then we buried the gold we owed them under WTC Building 7, and later collapsed it on top of said gold in 2001. Now we're attacking China's leaders for just doing what's considered to be politics as usual in the US. Can't imagine why China would ever be HACKED off at us, can you?

  29. There's a difference between CHINESE hackers, and CHINESE COMPUTERS being used for hacking. A lot of countries that have rising computer users have millions of open and unprotected computers "zombie computers" that can be used by foreign hackers to work from and hide.

  30. Pfff, Chinese attempt to hack US computer facilities all the time. Most of the time is federal government facilities or facilities of other national importance. It's no surprise that they can turn the gun so quickly and target private corporations.

  31. Chinese cyber attack on the NYT? What a waste of Chinese talent. Not only have the hackers not achieved anything of significance but now the idiots at the NYT will think that their hack pieces have any relevance.

    The only way this scenario makes sense is that the Chinese hackers used the NYT to send a message to the NYT's masters – the US Government.

  32. Actually, the host sites are in the USA (Chicago) and there is no evidence the hackers are from China. Read some of the hacker sites. They have good details about these hacks.

  33. Do you know what else the New York Times reported? That Iraq had WMD. Fool you once shame on them. Fool you a million times you are a fuckin moron.

  34. upset about it… not so much… there's really little point in being upset about the activities of other governments (should it actually prove to be the Chinese government, which is debatable) when our own government is arguably the single largest cyberterrorist entity on the planet…

    those in glass houses, etc.

  35. 2:12 completely wrong. Chinese people pretty much know about all of this already, they're not dumb uninformed citizens. They know about the wealth, they know about all the issues regarding relatives of senior officials getting premium jobs and contracts.

    It's part of how the nation works, people are not unaware of it. And the NY Times have nothing new to reveal that they don't already know. The reason the hackers went after it is not because of fear (lol), it's out of principle.

  36. That's a stupid way to look at it. The news industry has an obligation to reveal all corruption, not just corruption in the U.S.

  37. Yep. Hope all you American white ppl who hate Asian ppl understand the ppl and government are 2 different things. The actions of the government do not reflect its ppl

  38. The Chinese are stealing billions of dollars of research which means they're stealing innovations from the US which could also mean they could be stealing your future job.

  39. Well if ur afraid of getting hacked (your company) put every computer with information that you don't want anyone to steal on a network between pc's that doesn't connect to the public web.

  40. American gov is definitely doing a lot of the hacking. They then blame it on China. This helps them to pass internet censorship laws. The old govt trick is to create these problem, then they can issue the cure that already existed prior to the problem. Btw, stuxnet…. U. S.!

  41. not to disprove anything, but keep in mind that the internet is a highly predictable place. There isn't necessarily a link between patriotic hackers and their respective governments.

    Also, it's quite possible china is simply the scrapegoat for all hacking activities going around america right now. It's just so convenient. And knowing hackers, they'd hid better when discovered.

  42. For ANYONE to portray the New York Times as some sort of  news organization with even a microscopic fraction of integrity is so utterly absurd that one can only conclude TYT's spokesholes have completely lost their minds (at best!) or that the entire TYT  crew is a pathetic group of Complicit Lying Propaganda Spewers (most likely scenario) as well.   I am certainly not here as an apologist for or defender of the Chinese Mafiocracy but the American people must understand that both the U.S. and China are run by and controlled by precisely the same shadowy World Government Criminal Syndicate.  

  43. Hey, hackers I have a challenge for you. How about finding those lost IRS emails between the IRS and President Obama. Maybe hack into Hillary Clintons private email server. There are a large number of politicians emails you can expose. Find out who is buying our politicians and pulling the strings. Go after the news networks as well. If I had those type of skills that's what I would do. I would post all their dirty secrets regardless of political parties.

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