CHIRAQ: Chief Keef & Chicago’s Rap Underground (Trailer)

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ヤバい 何事だ? ヤバいぞ クソ! やめろ! ほしい物は手に入れる クスリでゴキゲンさ 2014年1月22日


  1. White people can text all the shit they want on the internet idc wtf they have to say if you dont live in chicago then stfu I have to deal with racist white fucks everywhere on gta online ig fb but in real life no they act like they like you and then talk shit when you a mile a way if only they went back to Europe

  2. We all fascinated by the way they living, safe in our sofa, behind the screen.  We couldn't survive amonth there.  This is a real social issue, and at the same time there is a lot of family try to make a living there.
    A product of modern society.  Government doesn't do anything cause they are killing each other, see what will happen if a son of a politician will be murdered by one of those gangs.

  3. I've never seen such a bunch of losers and waste of oxygen in one video. Is there a way to starve these "people" out?

  4. POW (oh shit, what, whats up, wow, what, dude, f**k, what, what what, what, shit, shit, shit, no, no, no, no, no)

  5. hahaha, I love the choice to put the whitest Vice corespondent on this story. It does look like it's gonna be good though

  6. As a hispanic, I enjoy drill music, but I just don't act like them. I like the beat, it pumps me up to work out or whatever to get in the game. I wanna hear thoughts about this because though I don't enjoy what is promoted here, I like Young Chop beats and whoever the producers are for the Gloryboyz Prod. and 3hunna artist. It gets a party or club going, but what makes them tick to kill? Lack of education, opportunities, discipline, or just plain born as they go? I really wanna hear thoughts on these questions and opinions.  

  7. So. Retarded. None of them have any fucking flow what so ever. Sorry if that hurts your god damn feelings but rhyming nigga with nigga 19 times in a row does not make you a lyrical genius.  

  8. White people gang bang too, there are white people in damn near every hood. If you were really from Chicago you'd know that.

  9. Living in the suburbs of chicago is quite nice. I like seeing things about the streets of chicago because there is no way i'm going into those neighborhoods! hahaha.

  10. Aye white ppl always wanna say sum dumb shit on the media aye come at me go I I'm in chiraq kid say that shit to our face

  11. i honestly don't like it, ok the hip hop sound maybe its cool but i aint like the style and the bullshit of being another stupid gangsta that talk about the same things like money, drugs and hoes

  12. 500 killings but Chicago's population of 2.7 million was over 3x larger than Camden, Detroit & Flint's combined population of 886,000 and those 3 cities combined for 516 killings in 2012.

  13. @kingBPP1947 sorry for being black massa, how bout u gimmie a ticket back to africa then, golly!

  14. I gotta better understanding of the drilling music movement now. I guess by watching these videos I have a lil more respect for Durk, &Keef and them. I really like Chop tho he shows that there's hope. But I fuck with Save Money vibe more. #BANGBANG

  15. yall hatin on Chicago, fuck yall…chiraq is the best city in the nation! these no job gangstas make more money in a day than u do in a week, fuckin bustas!

  16. I wonder what would happen if you drove a Ferrari 458 or a car of that magnitude down through 64th and normal

  17. Police should forget that "chiraq" are and let the nature do its thing, you know what I'm saying. Then Spike Lee, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson etc. can go there and see how their own people behave as noble and free men. Let the shit burn!

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