Cold Open: Jake Announces the Jimmy Jab Games Are Back! – Brooklyn Nine-Nine

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  1. Loved how Jake gave up his victory for Amy during the last Jimmy Jab games and this year Amy did the same for Jake. I know she was worried about losing the car, still very cute.

  2. Peralta wins Jimmy jabs
    Amy also participates and sacrifices her to let jake win
    Because jake had bet with Hitchcock that if he will win Hitchcock will do his paperwork and if else jake will give him his new car
    Rosa is upset because of her recent breakup with her gf
    Holt makes fun of Rosa as he thinks she is lying
    And they both quit the game in middle
    Hitchcock uses scullys meds to perform well but at last side effects caused his body pain
    Jake falls from ceiling where he was hiding in 2nd round and also gets hurt in 4th round
    Debbie is eliminated in the first round as she is allergic to turkey which they had to stick on window 10 feet away
    Amy gives jake adrenaline in last so that he could feel good and break last door to win Jimmy jabs telling him that being irresponsible is also fun which jake thinks he is losing
    Charles hosted the game

  3. I like that Terry is using Holt's office & they stopped bothering to find a temporary replacement captain. Most other cop shows had lieutenants running precincts.

  4. He is a class clown/ thinks he is a bad boy/ with a heart of gold and the eyes that cuts through your heart.
    God I want a Jake in my life.

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