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Peace this is Common and I’m taking the Genius
Test to find out how much I know about Chicago hip-hop. When I think of Chicago hip-hop I think about
unique voices that really represent our city. From myself to Twista to Kanye to Lupe to
Chance to Saba to Noname, G Herbo, Bibby. The Chicago rap sound of today, it’s lyrical. It’s fun but it’s soulful. That’s one thing I would say all of us have
throughout the years is soul. I know that I am going to get 110% that’s
just who I am. Of course, it’s Chaka Khan. Chaka Khan that’s what I’m talking, I love
Chaka she’s from Chicago. Kanye, he was cooking up beats for me in the
studio and he made Heard ‘Em Say beat and I loved the drums and I was like, “man this
beat dope.” And he was like, “you want it?” And I was like, “I don’t know though.” Man in 15 minutes that dude wrote a song. He wrote Heard ‘Em Say. Like seriously, I was sitting there like… And then I told him, “man, you was supposed
to have that beat.” Da Brat. Yeah, for sure. They did think Da Brat was from Atlanta because
she, you know, was rolling with Jermaine but she from the West Side. She rep the Chi for sure. Of course it’s Touch the Sky. His verse on Touch the Sky was super dope. But I love when a song is pushing the envelope. And I felt like at the time when he dropped
Kick, Push for him to be rhyming about skateboarding, it made like a lot of black kids, brown kids
too, feel like, “man I can go skateboarding.” I can be a part of that culture. I’m going to go with “Lucid Dreams.” I got it? Ah, yes! Some of my younger cousins, they love Juice
WRLD. Hearing that I was like okay. Damn, Juice WRLD is from Chicago if you look
at the range, we got range bro. We was in the barn man. There was hay in the middle of the barn. East coast, West coast, the South. Just had everybody going up. Everybody rocked with it. Hay in the middle of the barn man, come on. So I knew this was his first album because
he was Tung Twista, that one went hard plus you know, we was doing covers. People was doing covers that were a little
abstract-y, crazy, you know it looked like one of your first covers. Adrenaline Rush, I might say that that might
be second. The reason I’m putting it second, part of
it is the coogi sweater. It might have been an album in between there. Let me look at how young. That helps too. I’m looking at even what he wearing he got
a lot of chains and I mean, that means he was making more money at this point. All right so where am I in this reality? Damn okay. So I
missed one, all right. I got to come back on the bonus round Louie. Ahh, damn. As soon as people saw him in that video. Something about his charisma just who he was,
I thought they brought a whole new aspect to what Chicago is and it was true, it’s real. Him, Reese, and… Durk they all did that. It’s The Legendary Traxster. I knew I was gonna get it right, that’s
what I’m telling you. Po Pimp that song was fresh for its time man. It was new, nobody heard anything like that. And people still when they hear it they like
P-I-M-P-ology, you know they be on that style. I’m going with Room 27. Damn, aight aight. Okay okay. I’m coming back for you. I’m coming back, Chicago. I personally just think that Noname is one
of the dopest artists out there. When she rhyming, she in her own world. School suspension. Yeah he was suspended from school. My grandmother knew his grandmother and when
he was still in high school my grandmother called me and said, “Rashid, my friend her
grandson raps, I need you to call him and give him some words of encouragement.” I called him but he didn’t answer. So I left him a message. When I first met Chance, he was like, “man,
do you know you left me a message on my answering machine. That was me, I was the kid.” Man. I said, “Man.” It just shocked my mind that was him. I’m going to go with Ten Tray. Ten Tray was some guys, they was from the
Wild 100s that’s why it’s like Ten Tray they talking about 103rd. Jesus Walks, All Falls Down, Flashing Lights,
Beautiful, no not Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, Get ’em High, Touch the Sky, Gold Digger,
Can’t Tell Me Nothing Damn. That ain’t shit. I mean, I did pretty good. I’m a perfectionist, so the fact that I
missed about four is not at the level I would like to be at. I’m representing my hometown. You know I gotta do it right, but yeah. I’ll be back, for Chicago too. On one of those songs he would be like, “Common
passed on a beat I turned into a jam.” Because I used to pass on a couple beats. But I love like he got so many dope samples
and beats that it’s infinite.


  1. Bruh give this man a higher grade! I'm not from chicago but there's no way most of those answers are common knowlege (no pun intended). That was like a A- in my opinion lol

  2. Common is a legend and is giving more validation as to why Lupe and Kanye will forever be legends….. As well as younger upcoming Chicago artists ???

  3. Damn some of these questions were hard af and he nailed em. Dude knew all of the old shit about chicago, and even though he didnt know the new stuff as well he still clearly respected it. What an oldhead should look like, respect

  4. Can't believe this brother doesn't smoke weed, so chilled so relaxed KOS in manifest…best rapper alive off top!!!

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