Congresswoman Continues To Push For Medicare For All | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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  1. They electorate took a chance on the orange blob and he failed us. Obama allowed the banker’s escape justice during the last economic meltdown. Now the people will take their gamble with Bernie. A candidate that is not beholden to corporate shills, Citizen’s United, fossil fuels, and the corrupt lobbyists. Like the incompetent Trump once said, “what do you have to lose”?

  2. Having worked as a union representative during contract negotiations, I know that one of the biggest cause of contention is health care. The main reasons that a union shop strikes are wages and health care. The workers want better coverages and management says they can't raise wages without increasing the employee share of health insurance. So they go round and round until, usualky, pay raises are delayed or eliminated. With single payor health insurance, the employer would be exempt from that burden. Consequently, employees would not have to give up well earned pay raises.

  3. This is a congresswoman that when everyone has healthcare she will deny healthcare to some people based on the color of their skin. This woman is super racist against Caucasians

  4. Lol I love how every single comment on here is destroying MSNBC because everyone sees through their BS. The young generation will drive them out of business because we don’t believe anything they say

  5. I get it Anderson Cooper and others are afraid that Bernie won’t win … but come on… any candidate other then Trumpty Dumpty will be a million times better. The worst things you can say about Bernie, even if some of those points are true aren’t even close to being how bad a second term for Adolf Orange would be …. Bernie 2020! Trumpty Dumpty
    20 to LIFE!!!!!!!!!

  6. First question is WRONG.

    The Financial transaction tax is to pay for public college & student debt not M4A.

    I expected better from Costa who is usually at least factually accurate.

    Medicare for All is far cheaper than the current system and it saves lives:

    There is no loss, only gain with M4A.
    The profit driven system pays for advertisements, separate Private insurance bureaucracies, corresponding admin overheads in providers, lobbying of Congress, armies of adjusters who serve only to deny care, many agents to sell all of this gunk plus the profits, massive CEO pay and stock dividends …

    All of these provide ZERO care …

    and all simply go away with M4A and its 3% overhead.

  7. The problem is with the political parties in D.C. who have the Cadillac of health insurance as our representatives. Add in their lucrative salaries and they are out of touch with the rest of us. And the fact most of our representatives get $$$ from insurance companies and there is your problem. Their world and our world. They don't care.

  8. making a medicare for those who want it, would not save money, that would actually drive cost up, and it wouldnt help with pharma negotiating , and you still have all them middleman multimillionaire CEOs raking in a fortune on the backs of the poor who cant goto the dr

  9. As someone who was born in England and now lives in Australia, I'm very grateful to have always lived under a Medicare for all system. I hope you in America are able to get what every other major country already has!

  10. "I like my private insurance plan…I work for a large employer" Do you like when the crooked private insurance refuse to pay for your medical bills & prescriptions or when you lose that job and that private insurance kicks you out??? /-/-/-/ Ask your MD about M4A!!!

  11. This would take care of all the homeless people because they're mentally incompetent of living their lives but with help of medicare-for-all the homeless people will become productive in jobs. If not get well maybe get institutionalized with free home Care and get them off the streets… And also would take care of the drug trafficking to the United States because of drug addicts getting help to quit drugs and the ones that can't quit will be institutionalizedso the sale of drugs will come down dramatically n the drug business will go out of business…

  12. Check out this article. Great explanation of how Medicare for All will save the US $$.

  13. what actually killing the , medicare and medicaid, it is the fault of control, into the pharmaceutical, and the doctors, the same medicine, will have a different cost, depending who the doctor is prescribing, the prices differ from one doctor to the other. politicians have lost their way.we need laws on control of everything that has to do, with the things that we need for living, not restrictions on the peoples rights and privileges.

  14. This congress-critter is very on-message. She refused to get drawn down the rabbit hole of "what-if …" being dangled by the not so sharp talking heads. Agree or not, she was sharp and clear.

  15. nice try CNN, you can't trick us, we know this is the future and its for the better. deal with it. Universal is the way!

  16. Keep going, Congresswoman! We're cheering you on from Canada. Americans deserve and need universal health care and please continue to dispel the lies and myths fed them by the profiteers.

  17. I pay $12,000 for 2years on my medical insurance, i went to E.R for one night my bills was $8,000 all my insurance pay was $1,000 now they are calling me for the rest payment, what happened to $12,000 i pay i said eliminate middle men and let employers take over and provide us doctors. Ok this middle insurance are making money from us.

  18. Notice how the issue of cost is the first thing that is brought up when talking about social programs. Cost is never even discussed when the war drums are beating, we can just put those on the credit card.

  19. I have insurance from my job, but the problem is I can't afford to pay the copays just to get a check up, never mind if I actually got injured or had to have surgery. My girlfriend has epilepsy and can't work right now. Lucky we live in California where we have Medical and she receives her insurance and medicine for free. I can't even imagine if we lived in a state that did not have these kind of benefits, which under Medicare For All would be much better. But it's going to cost us twice as much as the system we have in place now, 680,000 deaths and 5,000,0000 bankruptcies.

  20. The people with private health care who are against everybody else having health care is a classic case of "I'm alright Jack"; or of those in the life-boat not wanting anyone else to climb in.

  21. There are those that fight for those in need and a bunch that fight for themselves.
    Listen to who is complaining about helping the majority of America’s…
    The time is now!

  22. I'm Canadian and I'm shocked at back lash against universal health care. No one ever has to consider buying food vs drugs. No new mother has to pass on life saving vacinnes. Both of my parents were diagnosed with cancer. My mother had a great medical plan though her employer. My dad did not. Ultimately, they both received up to date, consistent, quality care.
    I can't imagine what a parent , or anybody for that matter, would have to go through deciding whether to eat or get health care. Honestly – EVERYBODY IN THE US SHOULD STAND UP AND DEMAND UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE! I don't know how our family would have survived without it
    If anyone has any questions about what universal health care – OHIP KNOW TO US IN CANADA, CAN MEAN TO YOU…PLEASE TEXT ANY QUESTIONS.

  23. Rep. Jayapal did a good job, but she left out a couple of important things: 1) passing a public option in a Republican-controlled Senate would be no easier than passing M4A.; 2) under M4A, healthcare is completely free at the point of access, and 100% covers every medical need, including dental, vision, hearing, home care, and long-term care — in contrast, under even the best private insurance or a public option, healthcare is neither free at the point of access nor covers every medical need.

  24. She said something absolutely inaccurate! I have a GREAT health care company-Kaiser PERMANENTE S. CA. Will I have to go to a less than desirable hospital (still good health care but without the pleasant surroundings) even though I worked hard all my life to earn my care? I have friends on Medicaid that are more than happy with their free care and I don't mind paying for it.

  25. What I see is this (Compromise) Big companies can only survive on themselves with a small few who believe that (If I give you money) you (consumer) provide me with healthcare "benefits" whether it be a new job or whatever…What I think is, HEY FOLKS, HEALTHCARE is to be beneficial to EVERYONE poor or rich. If you cant afford it we as healthcare professionals are supposed to save your life regardless of an outstanding bill that could indirectly send you into a psychological turmoil readmission. Believe me, most healthcare personnel are trying to prevent frequint flyer. Instead of monopolizing status in healthcare, a seasoned 9 year devoted CNA should not be treated anymore different than an entry level nurse, or doctor based on their "invested economic status" ( I give you money invested from myself but the public (otherwise known as unknown healthcare staff) needs to pay for my troubles and solve it so I can drink my next alcoholic ( when discharged) beverage to disqualify me from getting a liver transplant when i come back for treatment "frequent flyers" ) a.k.a knowledge.

  26. I'm beginning to think some of these media hosts and pundits are a bit dim the amount of times they have had to have Medicare for all explained to them. It's either that or they are willfully disingenuous. I don't think it takes a brain surgeon to figure out which one it is!

  27. Union people are dumb. The management wants to keep insurance private because they can pay you kess if they give you coverage. Guess what happends when government pays then companys will have extra money and they do not want to have to give it to their employees but the employee can now use that to get better wages… Overall pay goes up.

  28. For the last 40yrs, we’ve had a lot more socialism for the wealthy and corporations and tough capitalism for the M&L classes. We have watched our country become more of an oligarchy than a democracy. As income and wealth inequality increases, we see increases in violence, homegrown extremism/terrorism/hate crimes, racism/xenophobia, drug/alcohol abuse, maternal/infant mortality rate, associated psych/medical conditions, teen pregnancy, incarcerations, poverty, homelessness, and decreases in social mobility, life expectancy, math and literacy scores compared to other countries, and trust in government and each other. We have a system allowing a relatively small number of ppl at the top to amass more $ than they could ever spend in a lifetime while millions in the M&L classes struggle to get by. It’s not bc those at the top r working so much harder, it’s bc they have been buying politicians to change the system to work better and better for them which drives costs up faster than wages for most. Their gain comes from taking $ and wealth from the M&L classes. We can get back to a capitalism for the many by electing politicians who r further left and who take less $ from the wealthy and corporations and more from the M&L classes. We’ve done this before. It was by electing FDR, a progressive Dem, and Dem congress in 1932. They created a system in which distributed the $ much better bringing income and wealth inequality to its lowest point in the 50’s/60’s. FDR took us from the depths of the Great Depression to a Superpower in a relatively short period of time, around 1945. Our country as a whole was much better, k-college was publicly funded, more labor unions, higher gdp, more homeowners, more w/savings, pensions, more affordable healthcare, etc. Prior to 1933, we had a lot of the same societal ills as we do today but those decreased when we had a fairer system which allowed capitalism for many instead of capitalism for the few. It’s in everyone’s best interest that all have healthcare they can afford based on their income, education is adequately publicly funded, that M&L classes/young ppl aren’t saddled w/so much debt, universal pre-k, infrastructure, better funded communities, police depts, etc. It will take time, but we must continue to push for a fair system for everyone or we will continue to decline, our kids won’t be prepared for tomorrow’s jobs, and the wealthy, corporations, and foreign governments will continue to con voters into thinking Republican or far-right authoritarian dictators will deliver a capitalism for the many when they will only make us more of a capitalism for the few.

  29. First thing that you have to do is cut salaries to these universities, it's not about getting doctors rich, it's not about getting educators rich, it should be more about making people healthy and getting people educated and be more about not over compensating doctors making millions off of people's declining Health it's just not ethical.

  30. Many people think that Bernie’s universal healthcare idea is so far fetched. Well, it’s not. The USA is one of the last industrialized nations in the world that doesn’t have a universal HC system. The US ranks about 10th in the world in terms of overall health…..and as of recently we are going backwards in terms of life expectancy….and yet we pay the most for our HC. These are the facts folks. My next bit of research will be how successful , or not, these nations have been with their own national HC systems. Size, structures, costs, outcomes, etc….. I.m not saying it’s right for America, but it deserves a look…and there seems to be many actual examples in the world now where we can at least do a comprehensive assessment. Please note, the above comments assume no political or profit motive bias.

  31. The costs will go down for those who choose medicaire, but those medicaire prices go down even more if it's medicaire for all who want it. Insurance for all Americans would still be guaranteed on medicire for all who want it. Obamacare is ok, but the transition into it was horrible.

  32. like yall ficked up stop acting like only kobe n gianna passed why not the memorial for those who passed a in that crash that includes kobe and gianna stop this pattern of only listing the famous like when r.i p. to p.walker and r.rodas only p. walker was focused on stop

  33. Nobody likes their private health insurance, and every single year costs increase coverage goes down and for many unaffordable even if you are lucky enough to have it. Msnbc idiots.
    Thank you congresswoman for explaining so well.
    Nothing is impossible if you put your heart and mind into it.

  34. In the old days, what we called ( ROBBER BARON )
    How Trickle-down neo-Liberal capitalism Economist
    has ruin America's working class.
    Come 2021 they will pay your fair share.
    Medicare for all is a Human Right.

  35. the current system is going to bankrupt in a decade, costs double other developed nations, and yet millions uninsured and die…the tanatamount greed of the industry and the ignorance of those who don't comprehend how it works. Our neighbors had 6 fig salary and supposed 'excellent' ins, till their 8 yr old developed cancer…10k deductible, copays, out of pocket, to save her life they declared bankruptcy..they now live in the UK, where 1 % is deducted from their weekly paycheck for full healthcare, and all meds, no matter what they are , no more than $$!! wake up america!!! You've been lied to and scammed for decades!!!

  36. Cooper understands the difference between his Democratic Party and Socialism. His party like the right once was is falling apart.

  37. As Americans have been told over and again, the US is the only advanced country that does not provide universal healthcare… however, just as indicated in the opening interview with Bernie, he cannot say how much his policies will cost… just how they will be funded… regardless of whether his policies might be good or not, trump has NO policies.. he doesn't have to explain anything… he will target questions at Sanders that Sanders cannot provide answers to… look at the "un-loseable election" in 1994 in which the conservative opposition leader proposed a new tax system from opposition… the prime minister was hated in the electorate but just targeted questions in the detail of the proposed new tax system that the opposition leader could not easily answer… and lost the election… governments lose elections… oppositions do not win… do not make yourself a target for trump!!



  40. Theses millionaire "journalist" are paid not to understand. Their questions and talking points are so annoying old and stupid.

  41. But like Canada , with Government involvement , What could go wrong ? As a Canadian if you need an operation you get on the waiting list. If Doctors will take 10 cents on the dollar then
    I’m sure we all will get QUALITY CARE Cheaply. Now the question , What happens when the Stock market falls , losses mount and no money is paid ? Coronavirus has stock market falling.   U.S. Stocks Plunge as Coronavirus Crisis Spreads

  42. the media is against the will of the people, the people's vote reflected in Bernie Sanders victories shows what people want, yet mass media comes up with these hit pieces, Bernie is right, they will do everything to smear him.

  43. I work with a lot of NATO's and they don't pay for health care in their countries, And they get paid through our Government and they don't pay a dime for health care. because if they work for us and don't pay Insurance in their countries, the US can't charge them for Insurance, Believe me it's something they can do. They just don't want too.

  44. WTF Bernie?! "How will you pay for it?" is the main point they will throw at you! Get a better answer!!! Answer the question! Carry a cue card if you can't remember the numbers.

  45. Up next on corporate media, do people really like to eat food? The progressives and socialists want people to have food, the moderates think that some people would prefer to save money and not eat. Congress might need some political maneuvering….

  46. #BernieSanders2020
    Let's save 68,000 lives a year!
    Let's save $450,000,000!
    Medicare for all Americans!
    #Yale 2020 study. 🇺🇸

  47. My medicare costs me 1/7th my
    Social Security now… I have a feeling medicare for all will not be
    free…maybe if we learn to negotiate a solution can be found.
    But not with the present GOP Fascist Dictatorship..they have shown their corruption.

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