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If it’s Thursday, old conspiracy theories
gain new steam. President Trump tweeting another conspiracy theory. Baseless allegation that former President
Obama wiretapped him during a 2016 campaign. Once in the margins of politics, today, conspiracy
theories are headline news. Clinton has Parkinson’s Disease, Clinton
has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. If the Russians are attacking our election in order to elect Trump, they’re not going to do that for free. A conspiracy theory can spread faster
than it ever could before, because it goes like a flash on social media. With 9/11, the whole thing is a black hole of lies. Some conspiracy theories have become part
of our national psyche. More and more Americans, according to the
polls, have become convinced they haven’t been told the whole truth about the Kennedy
assassination. There’s nothing quite like the Kennedy assassination,
I think, in the realm of conspiracy theory. What can this seminal moment in American history
tell us about the grip of the new breed of conspiracy theories
we’re seeing today? From Dallas, Texas, the flash apparently official: President Kennedy died at 1 p.m. Central Standard Time, 2:00 Eastern Standard Time, some 38 minutes ago. The conspiracy theories – they actually began
exploding almost from the moment it was officially announced that the president was dead. All kinds of rumors were spreading that the Soviets might have done it, the Cubans might have done it. It was the anti-Castro Cubans.
It was the FBI, it was the Mafia. Bobby Kennedy will ask the head of the CIA,
“Did you kill my brother?” In other words,
a coup d’etat as opposed to a lone gunman. Almost every aspect of the assassination
was under dispute. From where the gunshots came from,
to the number of shooters involved. I definitely saw the man shooting from the knoll. It was on the 6th floor. My book shows quite conclusively that shots came from at least two directions. The JFK conspiracy theories arose
out of a spectacular crime that occurred under very suspicious circumstances. Jefferson Morley has been studying the Kennedy
assassination for 30 years. He says the questions mounted when the main suspect, Lee Harvey Oswald, was killed in custody. And the concerns escalated when the government
released the findings of its official investigation. Today, the Warren Report attempts to unravel the dark twists into which the national tragedy was thrown. So the Warren Commission investigated and then they put out this report, not a particularly
convincing account of the crime. They’ve sealed away some of the evidence and I think that’s rather disturbing to most people. Why did Oswald do this? The Warren Commission never came up with a motive. Why would he do it? People said, “No, the government’s explanation
doesn’t make sense,” and they began to look for other ways to explain it and so they came up with conspiracy theories. For many, the proof of conspiracy was confirmed when they saw an amateur home movie taken
by a Dallas businessman. The most dramatic and most important single
piece of evidence of the assassination was provided by Mr. Abraham Zapruder on one roll
of 8 mm color film, Mr. Zapruder had the astonishing luck to capture the entire assassination. When people saw the film – and anyone who sees the film I think can agree, that when you first see it, it looks like the president must have been shot in the front of the head
because his head is thrown violently backwards. The Warren Commission said the president was
hit in the rear of the head. That basic conflict led people to assume that there was a second
shooter, evidence of a conspiracy that has been covered up by the government. And that
really is the main gist of an argument that has now been going on for more than 50 years. The film was studied frame-by-frame, used as a critical piece of evidence for those challenging the official line that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone. As the conspiracy theories began to take hold, the CIA issued a memo expressing concern,
saying, “innuendo of such seriousness affects […] the whole reputation of the American government.” A memo lays out the strategy for the CIA to marginalize and discredit critics of the Warren Commission and he explains how you should do it. Secretly, you should cultivate your contacts in the newspapers, you should make “X”, “Y”, and “Z” arguments about why conspiracy is ridiculous. But the public wasn’t buying it, and by the mid 1970’s, the lasting narrative had been set. The CBS News nationwide poll last month indicated
that in President Kennedy’s case, 68% believe that Oswald
was involved with others in the crime. I remind you that the official version is, Oswald alone was solely responsible. Only 15% believe that. As the years have gone by, I’ve come to
understand that people ache for an explanation of the unexplainable. They ache for an explanation
that’s broader, more – darker if you will than what the facts dictate the story actually is. And throughout history, conspiracy thinking
has been part of the American fabric. You can go back a couple hundred years and then you will see, “Oh, we’re afraid of the Red Coats.” And in the 1990s they’re afraid of the black helicopters. There’s always someone coming for us. You know I love great conspiracy theories,
and these are better than a lot of them. Because they say “Why is the flag rippling?
There is no air.” We have been conditioned
to believe conspiracy theories. Hollywood movies, television shows, but also the federal government. The federal government kept millions of documents secret. Whether
it’s looking at Vietnam, looking at the last Iraqi war, Watergate, and you say to yourself,
“The federal government is not telling us everything.” Our government, every year,
declares 16 million things top secret, 16 million. I would say that’s about everything. But at the same time, exploding sources of
information have left the public confused about the line between fact and fiction. At the time of the Kennedy assassination, there were a few places in the country which overwhelmingly, people in the country trusted as honest brokers of information. There’s no authority anymore. Nobody’s going to take CBS or the New York Times word for it. You don’t have a common reality, and so people can generate their own facts. This is a breeding ground for conspiracy theories. Pizzagate is real, the question is how real
is it. What is it? Something’s going on. Something’s being covered up.
It needs to be investigated. Toward the end of 2016, conspiracy theorists
honed in on leaked Clinton campaign emails that referred to a Washington, DC pizza joint. I got a call from a reporter with the Washington City Paper, asking if I had heard about this kind of bubbling conspiracy theory
that was on chat rooms. The online chatter focused on words in the emails, like pizza and cheese, and claimed they were actually code for a child sex ring run by top-ranking Democrats, and headquartered
at James Alefantis’s restaurant. There was like hundreds of lines of chat about
a human trafficking scheme involving Hillary Clinton that focused around Comet Pizza. You’ve got to see their menus. Notice the symbol of the ping pong paddles and it’s clever resemblance to the FBI document’s symbol for child love. It’s a bubbling noise. But then once this bubbling noise becomes broadcast on a megaphone to millions and millions of viewers, it really becomes a dangerous situation. An alarming and bizarre incident in the nation’s capital after a man opened fire at a popular pizzeria. Court documents say Welch read online that
the Comet restaurant was harboring child sex slaves. It was completely surreal, I mean,
I’m so thankful that no one was hurt. The story of Comet Pizza can only be described as an outlandish theory. There are no facts. There is absolutely no evidence. There’s no photographic evidence. There’s no written evidence. There’s no evidence. And yet it won’t go away. I do not stand behind James
Alefantis and Comet Ping Pong. Months after the theory was debunked by authorities,
protests drew people from all over the country who believe the government is involved in
the trafficking of children. To think we could stumble upon a ring like
that in Washington, DC, is very plausible. Not even an apology by Alex Jones, the so-called “king of conspiracy,” has changed the minds of true believers. It’s very difficult to dissuade people
from their cherished beliefs. And they’ll just pick out the pieces of evidence that seem to support it, but then forget everything else that would not support it. One reason conspiracy theories catch on, according to historians, is that something larger is at play. Americans do not trust their leaders. I think
that Americans do not trust the basic institutions that govern us, whether they’re corporations,
universities, the judiciary. And that trust has been eroding for decades.
In 1964, when the Warren Report was released, 77% of Americans said they trusted
the government to do what’s right. Today, that number has plummeted to under 12%. If you don’t believe that these authorities
have your best interest at heart, if you can’t believe that these authorities are telling
you the truth, you’re still searching for answers. And what you then turn to is these counter-authorities, these conspiracy theorists who say, “I’ve
got the answers.” And with politics becoming increasingly polarized,
peddling in conspiracy has become the new normal. We’ve moved fairly quickly, fairly deeply into a post truth, post-fact era. That is, an era where any number of people, including some of them in the highest reaches of our
own government can say “Well, facts are fungible.” The challenge for the truth is, you know,
even greater than it ever has been. A lot of people have come out and said I am correct. Yeah, but the data has to show
that three million illegals voted. Forget that, forget all of that. This president who has become an opinion-maker
supreme to at least 40% of the American people is shaping a vision that I think is going
to take us decades to remove and if his style continues as such, we are going to have a
great deal of difficulty rooting conspiracy thinking out of the American mainstream.


  1. I would have appreciated a warning that footage of Kennedy being shot was in this. Pretty graphic and shocking

  2. * 6:03: NARRATOR: "And throughout history, conspiracy thinking has been part of the American fabric." *

    * 6:08: JOSEPH USCINSKI: "You can go back a couple of hundred years, and then you'll see, 'Oh, we're afraid of the red coats', and in the 1990s, they're afraid of the black helicopters. There's always someone coming for us." *

    Those are SCARES. Not conspiracy theories. Granted, the latter are an element that typically features IN a conspiracy theories, but the Uscinski (and the program's own voice) lops that in with groups like the Red Coats, which doesn't really have anything to do with the subversive post-JFK conspiracy theories that pervade our culture.

  3. I love the Retro Report. But when anything gets too close to presenting evidence of the awful truth— that elements of the federal government committed a criminal conspiracy that caused death to innocent Americans, the media is compelled to discredit it. It's brilliant in an evil way — commit a crime using the power of the government, avoid detection using the power of the government… then leave the public confused about what happened. Then when anyone examines the evidence and say "Whoa there, let's look at this closer!", they're labelled by even the usual credible sources (such as the Retro Report) as crazy "conspiracy theorists." Meanwhile, those who don't want the truth to be revealed intentionally encourage those who make the truth look crazy. We, as a country, are in big trouble that started in November of 1963. The Retro Report is in a small way responsible and should be ashamed.

  4. This is just like with sea world and black fish. Saying that sea world abused there animals. When there was no proof of any abuse. Video wasn't of sea world. Trainers work hard with these orca. Dolphin family, carnivores. Educate yourself before your ignorance hurts what u want to protect.

  5. to be fair, some conspiracies have actually happened but they were kept quiet. i mean look at the US's involvement in south america. it's just a shame that so many conspiracies that people believe are so wrong.

  6. yeah the conspiracy thing is one of the ways in which trump indicates bad shit to come. but in my opinion it's still more shocking than having people confused about where to get their news from when such a deeply repulsive, infantile, fear-mongering con man who just childishly boasts, lies and contradicts himself all day every day, and continuously shows such stunning incompetence, gets so much support that he wins the presidential election which he only meant to participate in to elevate his brand to a personality cult. there is no doubt in my mind that he never meant to win, or rather to govern. hell, he even kept right on campaigning after the election, because that's what he came to do. then his people got him to take a bit of a break from campaigning to pretend to govern, and now, a year later, he's set a record for starting the earliest ever reelection campaign for 2020.

    there is nothing mysterious about the man, he is what meets the eye. he is a delusional egomaniac, a compulsive liar, utterly untrustworthy on account of his selfishness and incompetence, and he is truly quite stupid. the trump administration is a naked emperor type situation that already has and will continue to do great damage nationally and internationally to people's respect for american institutions, values, and for many even democracy itself. trump is a magnificent example of the weakness and corruption (even insanity) that autocrats like putin teach their people to see in democracy.

    donald trump is an embarassment for the US of unimaginable severity. he is, and he must be, a major turning point. if somehow they continued to succeed to polish that cheeto until his term ends and everybody just takes it as the new normal, that would be the worst.

  7. Entry hole is smaller than exit hole. Any gun expert knows that. These people are ill informed in how bullets work.

  8. 7:28 lol Isn’t this channel parent company “The New York Times”? 😂 Why should I trust this video? 😂

  9. Out of the Retro Reports I've seen this one is probably the most disappointing. Equaling all conspiracy theories as cookoo is simply wrong. Kennedy assasination was dodgy as fuck, so was an assasination of Bobby Kennedy. I despise most of the conspiracy theories like the illuminati, wizard people and all that stuff, but all of the craziness would probably not take place if the Kennedy assasination cover up did not happen. It erroded people's trust in their government and 50+ years on we suffer the consequences. Why would people trust a government who run programs like cointelpro against their own citizens? If Kennedy's assasination was investigated ad the government had got to the bottom of what happened we probably wouldn't have pizza gates these days. Come on, one shooter, one shot, 9 bullet wounds? You do the math. George Orwell once said "Once a whore, always a whore". In Kennedy's investigation the government lost it's credibility ad it never regained it since.

  10. Conspiracy Theory is a series of events that have not been proven in this context. the same argument can be given to science and their theories. and just like everything else in science many of them are farfetch doesn't necessarily mean it's untrue.

  11. The future will no doubt be full of lies and brain washing. It will be hard to beleive whats true or not. I fear for humanity.

  12. This sucks.There should be less conspiracy theories now with our modern technology. And that last part, 11:44 AGREED! (Sucks tho) It's going to take forever to undo. If we ever do. : (

  13. People say Alex Jones is “crazy,” but 80 percent of this shit he says are factual with backed sources..20 percent yelling at the top of his lungs

  14. But… WHAT About the “theories” that have been Proven Right… Tuskegee experiments and chem trails( known as weatherized or weaponized warfare)

  15. I still think the Soviets and Cubans enlisted Lee too kill him and had a proxy pay the mafia a pretty penny to kill him of course they did help and the American government did find out just look at the documents of lee living in Soviet Russia meeting a Major from the Soviet Union his sympathetic views towards them but in order to stop another crisis worse then Pearl Harbour in the sense the enemy killed your leader and with that another World War worse then what we could imagine would happen just think about the commies killed your leader you would want to nuke them back into the Stone Age but instead the FBI CIA etc decided too take a deep breath and hide the facts

  16. Opt out of the militarys "No Child Left Behind Act " in your public schools office! ASAP!!! #RuleBooks #NCLBA #Government #Corruption

  17. the last libtard says it will years to root out thories from the public. it will take longer if they dont stop fucking around behind our backs so knock it off assholes wtf?

  18. Well Oswald didnt shoot kennedy.if you think he did your a sheep.911 was a controlled demolition and the pentagon wasnt hit by a plane.Look into all the 911 evidence and you'll know its a false flag.Its a giant phy ops operation.

  19. This channel lost me when you started to blame President Trump at the end. Just shows me that this channel is just as biased as CNN and all the mainstream media is

  20. There is something very fishy about this video and the people making the comments and I’m not talking about political people I’m talking about whoever you guys used to make all these comments they sound very leftist very protective and very defensive ?!!

  21. this is a hidden channel for a reason. most of the comments on this video dont even line up with the video… they seem divisive. very odd

  22. Fuck Dan rather , he said Obama couldn't even sale watermelons and seemed to act like he didn't know that had racist undertones

    This this guy killed Judge John Woods in San Antonio Texas about the time that I moved there in the early 80s in the early 90s I happened to meet a man that was called the wizard he had been in prison for 18 years on drug charges in Federal he served a portion of that time in Dallas in the Federal Institution there and his silly was none other than Charles Harrelson. During their time is Bunky's he confessed to being a part of the Entourage that assassinated JFK he is even referenced buy some researchers as a suspected clear in this assassination so you can debunk whatever you want to you can call me at 10 hat-wearing mother Fofo and see if I care this is mainstream media you're trying to keep people asleep and you're Liars you're the devil you're luciferian and the devil lies the devil is a liar and you're a fucking liar

  24. I don't believe in most conspiracies but to deny that criminals get together to plan their next moves is naïve. The term conspiracy theory has been rolled in the mud to ridicule anyone who might want to research things the authorities don't want researched.

  25. ALEC is the . Reason we don't trust anymore … it's the reason America has gone down hill .. ALEC American legislative exchange council …. where the largest corporations of America got together in the 1970s and formed a private club , then went to every state local and state legislatures . And employed the ones that could be bought out . ALEC members sonce then , are the ones writing the bills for each state to enact . It is done for the corporations profit . They are the reason the unions went down . They are the reason workers have no rights . They have caused all the problems in the USA . Out if pure greed for themselves .
    People have senses. They know whwn they are being ripped off and cheated , that's why no one trusts anymore . And feel that it is coming out of the government ..check out ALEC exposed and you will see all the links going back to 1980 . Our American dream was stolen from 99% of us . . And it was stolen by the largest c orporatioons , as a matter of fact , most of their successes cane from. Robbing us of ours . These our the culprits And now they are I need every cabinet positions in government and they have set their sights on global domination . They are the ones pushing the Eu to break up so thry can rob them too ..They are responsible for diving America on purpose for their own financial gain . They don't care who gets hurt or who dies , thry only care about their own bank accounts and profits. This is the evil we have all been feeling and experiencing here in America for decades . We have found the monsters , now let's take them down

  26. Interesting how toxic these comments all are. I expect that under this comment will be some rant about: "How 9/11 was an attempt to generate viral marketing for the Porsche 911", "That there are only school shootings in schools with crisis actors" or "That it was organised by the emergency services to get more funding" or something else equally as stupid.

  27. Okay BUT the JFK conspiracy was proven to be true through officially declassified documents. So…. Maybe this video could be updated?

  28. JFK was killed by Robert Hicky! Ballistics proved it already! why is this still up for debate?!

  29. The military and intelligence agencies wanted to do a false flag terrorist attack and blame it on Cuba so we would have reason to attack them. They didn't like a communist country with ties to Russia so close to home. Kennedy wasn't down with this. So they killed him for it, also because he was telling Monroe things he shouldn't have.

  30. Some conspiracies theories have turned out to be true. Like MK-Ultra or Operation Paperclip or the Tuskegee Syphilis experiment. It's good to be skeptical, just stay logical and keep your emotions out of it.

  31. Remember how the government abducted and allegedly sexual assaulted thousands of migrant children at the southern border? Where's your conservative outrage?

  32. I have met people that don't believe American troops have been active in anti drug operations in Columbia and Peru or that the CIA have been involved in dealing drugs. But those same people are adamant that Obama's birthplace is abroad and that the Clintons use pizza restaurants to imprison child sex slaves.

  33. Pizzagate is 100% real!!! Podesta e-mails, satanic code words, Fox News Megan Kelley involved in the cover up!!!

  34. I’m going to seek and speak the truth until all of these wolf in sheep’s clothing criminals are locked up in real prisons!!!

  35. I enjoy watching this channel. You deserve more emmy nomination rather vice news. For Real, this is high quality and well informative.

  36. What percent of conspiracy theories are true? I'd say more than 60% are true or have truth in them. We need to protect what free speech and thought is left in USA. JFK files are still being withheld almost 60 years later.

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