1. Holy cow…..it’s in California now? Man, I have been killing them for years in Houston, Texas and on the Big Island, Hawaii….

  2. Citric Acid powder diluted in water is good to kill them but use HYDRATED LIME POWDER and a leaf blower and you can kill by the hundreds!! Blow the powder onto trees and leaves and on the ground just before sunset so when they come out at night, they will get killed!!

  3. Yeah, so humans cause the problem, then their only course of action is to murder the wildlife. I'll take frogs over most human beings any day…

  4. Seriously you're staging a genocide campaign just because they're loud? At least put some tangible data like any negative impact on local flora and fauna so you don't perpetuate the stereotype that California is full of perpetually insulted pussies.

  5. Resident of LA County here, and I say to them: Welcome to the neighborhood. That said, I have a rather fond opinion of them as I spent a lot of time in Puerto Rico growing up… I find their song quite pleasant. Certainly better than a cricket or those godawful cicadas the easterners deal with.

  6. W.T.F, YA niggaz Doing with our AMAZING animal.F**K That..they killing them..RESEARCH MY PLP. It's all truth&lies,hes sugarcoating it.BRING THEM BCK to BORIQUEN La Bella🇺🇸🇵🇷

  7. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 our puerto rican babies are spreading around the world. DO NOT KILL THEM. they are very loud there because they dont belong there!!! :'( poor babies :/

  8. Americans always over fucking reacting just grab them all and ship them back to their island!!! fuckers the sound of the frog its amazing lived in bayamon, pr and it never bother me what so ever

  9. The coqui is no danger to humans you fucking idiot. Some white boy more than likely stole it and brought here like they did our ancestors. I hate the way he says coqui….idiota….

  10. It is not infestation is the national animal of my island Puerto Rico…
    there are beautiful animals and unique in the world if you don't want them send them back

  11. Do not kill them, its bad luck, to us the taino nation theyre sacred.
    Jatibonicu taino nation,natives of Puerto Rico.

  12. I have two play a recording of them every night just so I can fall asleep when I'm not in Puerto Rico, my home🇵🇷.

  13. how are they an infestation? When they take care of other bugs and animals that are infestation like spiders,ants,moths….

  14. Wish We had them here in my county. I'd much rather listen to frogs, crickets etc. all night than the inconsiderate neighbors fighting, yelling, their damn dogs barking all night long and the feral cats fighting all night. Besides, they make good ' watch-frogs'. If there's someone lurking near they go quiet. Send them here!

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