1. God is bringing judgement to New York for its support of abortion, infanticide and judging all the countries that stood against Jerusalem in the UN vote and have been promoting the division of God's holy land Israel. This is just the beginning of what is to come which will make Coronavirus look like a cold sniffle. The book of Revelation begins. "Repent ye and believe the gospel". Time is very short. Your ONLY hope is in Jesus Christ. Choose wisely. John 3:16-18. 1 Corinthians 15:1-4 in the Bible.

  2. 🚨100 = 1,000 hope you have a quarantine plan. We need to slow the spread down or the hospitals will be full and the dead will be laying in the streets🚨

  3. You are so FUCKED !!! Time to let Trump take a bath in Tar and Feathers….install some concrete shoes on him and give him a sightseeing trip to the bottom of the sea

  4. they shut down midtown Manhattan meaning they better have motherfuckin checks ready on the day they shut down cuz not all of us can afford not to go to fuckin work

  5. Family members of people who die should burn Washington D.C. down for not closing off travel when they had the opportunity to do so.

  6. Trump: we have a million tests ,anyone who wants to be tested can be tested.
    Reality: CDC must give permission to health workers. Pick and choose basis.

  7. So we just gonna ignore the fact that school still hasn’t been cancelled great let’s infect all the students and teachers!

  8. We had coronavirus case in Chicago a month ago.. but not many coronavirus like NY. Coronavirus in NY is not spread ing in hospitals( why are you blame on testing kit)You.are doing something wrong. Educate Newyorkers well or lock down!

  9. What about if you're self-employed and need to turn down work because you're sick? There need to be grants for that or else you'll have sick cab drivers with mild symptoms continuing to work and infect people.

  10. I am afraid to go to work tomorrow. I just don’t understand why that my agency is still opening, it is a social agency with get contact with a lot of seniors. Right, the most vulnerable population are seniors and they should avoid going out for their health safety.

  11. De Blasio, if he were responsible, would demand businesses have employees work from home. The subways and public transportation is what will propel this disease in New York!

  12. Lmmfao wow I can't get sick I have a wall around my immune system , and have radiation in my blood so now what

  13. Deblasio gave a press conference before ny even had a confirmed only suspected case saying this virus couldn’t live on surfaces.. it’s on YouTube.. wtf

  14. So wait, if the coronavirus is like the flu we can take flu medicine and reduce the coronavirus down to two thirds of the flu and from there, drink water and tea and keep warm until its all gone. It wouldn't even be that bad after all, right?

  15. Why do I keep reading in the comments that people know others who have tested positive. Are those included in the numbers of infected we hear reported?

  16. https://amp.theatlantic.com/amp/article/371202/ sadly this isn't the end. They let you know people just don't pay attention


  18. I thought there was gonna be 11 case 6 cases then 2 cases then 0 because we have it contained! Besides its just the flu (enter sarcastic tone)

  19. People worry to much. This flu will dissapear soon as the weather get warmer. Just wash hands more often and drink orange juice. Vitamin C will help recover from flu.

  20. People keep forgetting. This is a MUTATED ANIMAL CORONAVIRUS.

    Coronavirus exists in different species and it usually DOES NOT INFECT OTHER SPECIES. When it does infect other species, it means that it has mutated first in the species it came from. That first mutation is usually deadly already for that species that's why there is still no vaccines for animals with deadly mutated coronavirus within their species.

    Animal testing of vaccine? Ugh. Logic.

    Also, for the virus to start killing other races, it means it has mutated again adapting to their bodies and environment. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DUTVMLBW32A

  21. I'm in the philippines and heat isn't stopping the spread. But it could slow it down we just don't know exactly

  22. What good is a lockdown? Not a damn thing! Why treat everyone like aliens when we are suppose to understand that this virus is just punishment for turning your back on God. You vote for a man. You worship for a man. You listen and believe every word that comes out of a man's mouth. You refuse to believe in the truth. Don't allow the matrix to control your minds.

  23. The GOV plan is to allow this contagion to spread and attempt to convince the public that this is the new normal and just accept it. This is why they aren’t closing schools or doing anything to slow it down. They want it to move forward because they cant do anything about it after they allowed it into the country. The spread rate will be approx 60% to 70% of the population so around 200 million americans will contract the virus in the first wave. The lethality is approx 3.4% so expect a total of around 7 million dead in the first wave. I’ve been researching corona virus containment and this the recommended solution. This is the plan China is pushing out now. China citizens dont have a choice. Trump is going to have a hard time convincing the public to swallow this pill.

  24. Every body should be stay home otherwise nobody can do nothing. Every where spread this virus. We don't know who carrying this virus. We are always going outside n children are going to the schools n college. How protect them


  26. There were hundred times of death than reported from China! The virus highly suspected synthetic, exactly in the same place in laboratory of the Wuhan city. The communist can do everything!

  27. Spreading through the City of 8 Million. Trains, Restaurants, Hi Rise Office Buildings, Out of State Visitors…No way they can stop or contain it now…

  28. Sad to say that the virus is already widespread and at least 60% are already infected. Even a lock-down and/ or self isolation will not work anymore. When elderly people started falling ill; that was the early signs that about 10% were infected and when there's cases of deaths; it means 30% had been infected. If people were to do better research, then you know this is true. For the first 5-14 days, symptoms of flu will appear. Then between 10-20 days, coughing and feeling sick; and between 24-36 days, high fever and eventually organs failure. Now it's only about 7-10 days before you see a very high jump in cases of people becoming feverishly ill.

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