Coronavirus Epidemic Update 34: US Cases Surge, Chloroquine & Zinc Treatment Combo, Italy Lockdown

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kram welcome to another MedCram kovat
19 update we see here that the total recovered is sixteen times that of the
total deaths and we can see here that the active cases are once again starting
to come back up again that’s because of the activity outside of China in terms
of today March 10th we can see that there’s a number of cases in multiple
countries all over the world and of course the news from yesterday is that
Italy has decided to extend its lockdown to not just the north of Italy but to
all of Italy in terms of yesterday in Spain the number of cases have
essentially doubled with 557 new cases and that seems to be a new hot spot I can tell you as of yesterday I was
able to get a lab test out of a commercial test company that I needed to
have done in a patient in the emergency room so I’m hoping that that is going to
increase dramatically here in the next week or so we’ve talked about zinc here
a couple of updates ago but the story is not done it’s kind of
an exciting story that gives me some cautious optimism in terms of kovat 19
but to understand this better we’ve got to go back and look at the molecular
biology of the cell once again here is the nucleus of the cell and the nucleus
of the cell is the DNA the DNA is a double-stranded string of nucleotides
which are the codes those codes are transcribed using RNA polymerase into
RNA that RNA then goes out of the nucleus gets a 5 prime cap and gets a 3
prime poly a tail and it’s ready for ribosomes to come on to read that code
and that code is then translated into the code of amino acids which amino acid
after amino acid will turn into a polypeptide which turns into a protein
and proteins are how the cell gets things done so it moves by proteins
actin and myosin it can bind oxygen through hemoglobin it can do cellular
metabolism all of those enzymes in glycolysis in the citric acid cycle all
those things that you learned in biochemistry those are all enzymes those
are all proteins so that’s the normal situation now enter coronavirus
coronavirus has its own genome it is made out of RNA and that RNA just
happens to have a five-prime head and a poly a tail so when it pops into the
cytosol it’s going to be read by those same ribosomes that can’t tell the
difference except this time instead of making a
that’s useful to your cell this RNA that comes out of the virus is going to make
something called a RNA dependent RNA polymerase and it’s this enzyme right
here that is going to read from the three prime m to the five prime end of
the viral RNA and replicate it so this RNA dependent RNA polymerase makes more
viral genomes it’s also known as replicase for that reason and there’s
something that has been shown to inhibit this replicase and that is zinc zinc
will shut down RNA dependent RNA polymerase or replicase and so that is
what we learned the problem is how do you get zinc inside the cell the problem
with zinc is that it’s an ion it’s a 2 plus ion and ions cannot get through the
cellular membrane unless there’s a transporter that allows it to come in in
fact the way that they tested this in the paper is with an Iona 4 which allows
the zinc to come into the cell so they could see that the activity of this RNA
dependent RNA polymerase was reduced this is the paper zinc inhibits
coronavirus RNA polymerase activity in vitro and zinc ionophores blocked the
replication of these viruses in cell culture when they looked at the SARS cub
virus that was the one that was seen back in 2002 as the zinc concentration
inside the cell went up you can see that the byproduct of the RNA dependent RNA
polymerase went down down down clearly demonstrating that zinc intracellularly
is going to block this very important enzyme of the virus well that’s great
we’ve got zinc that’s gonna block it but how we get zinc inside the cell it’s one
thing to say that you’re gonna take zinc supplements but how do those zinc
supplements first of all get absorbed into your body in
the blood into the extracellular space and then finally how are you gonna get
that zinc from the extracellular space into the intracellular space in the
cytosol where it needs to work on these infected cells and these viral proteins
well that’s another thing altogether what you need is some sort of ionophore
or some sort of gated mechanism to open and to allow that zinc to come into the
cell increasing the concentration of zinc into the cell so it can block Rd RP
well enter this paper that was pointed out by some of you commenting
chloroquine is a zinc ionna for this paper was published back in 2014 and the
point of this paper was something completely different they weren’t
thinking about coronavirus they probably didn’t even know perhaps that zinc
blocks RNA dependent RNA polymerase what they were looking at here is that zinc
may help some of these cancer cells basically eat themselves in the
lysosomes which are sort of trash compactors of the cell and that by
giving chloroquine you could have these cancer cells disappear well in doing
that research they found out something that’s very interesting to us because of
that finding and this research came out of the University of Oklahoma and some
institutions in China so this is what they used chloroquine diphosphates
here’s the structure of that compound and this chloroquine is a medication
that has been around for decades that is used to treat malaria it’s not under
patent and it’s pretty dirt cheap and widely available however you do need a
prescription to use this and it doesn’t come without side effects what they show
is that they were able to detect intracellular zinc by checking its
fluorescence here on the x-axis we have increasing concentrations of chloroquine
and the white bars represents those cells that were bathed in only five
micro molar solution of zinc chloride and the black was in ten times that
amount at 50 micro concentration of zinc chloride and what
you can see here is that in the normal situation if you’re able to get some
zinc into the cells this is the amount of zinc you’ll see inside the cells so
this is the amount of concentration outside the cell this is the amount of
zinc you see inside the cell and let’s just look at this same concentration 5
micro molar when you bathed the cells in chloroquine you can see how much this
intracellular sink concentration goes up in fact if you look at the amount of
zinc inside the cell by just adding a small amount of chloroquine here at 10
micromolar we would get more zinc inside the cell than if we increase the
concentration of zinc outside the cell tenfold
that’s how powerfully chloroquine will increase intracellular zinc
concentration now remember this is chloroquine this is a medication that’s
been used by millions of people already with known side effects and it’s pretty
well tolerated here’s another example from the article here we have the
control group the 5 micro molar of zinc chloride and then what we do is we
multiply that extracellular zinc concentration tenfold so it’s now 50
micro molar and so this would be the equivalent of just saturating the
extracellular fluid compartment with zinc and see if it tries to get into the
cell which is what you’re trying to do when you take a zinc lozenge essentially
and you can see there’s hardly any effect it’s minimal and that’s because
zinc is a ion it’s a positively charged ion and positively charged ions will not
get into the cell unless there is a gate that allows it to go in and there is
gates that allow it to come in that’s how it’s very tightly regulated but
chloroquine activates those gates and so you can see this is at 50 micro moles of
zinc chloride we can go back to the 5 micro moles here but just adding 300
micro moles of chloroquine lights this thing up like a Christmas tree and you
can see here if we go to 50 again it lights up even more
but the biggest effect is not the jump in the zinc concentration it’s opening
those gates that allows you to get the zinc into the cell and presumably when
that zinc gets into the cell it’s gonna block that viral enzyme and in the
discussion we’ve got the conclusion of the matter the conclusion that
chloroquine is a zinc ion of four is based on the detection of significantly
elevated intracellular zinc levels when both zinc and chloroquine were added to
the cell culture medium so the question is is this being used and to that I turn
to Korea biomedical review physicians work out treatment guidelines for
coronavirus notice that this is published here on the 13th of February
when they were starting to see an uptick in their cases in Korea and the article
goes on to say Korean physicians treating the patients infected with the
new corona virus kovat 19 have established the treatment guidelines for
the unprecedented iris the key guidelines are the following if patients
are young and healthy then they will be observed if more than 10 days have
passed since the onset of the illness they’ll continue to watch them but
notice what happens if the patients are old have underlying conditions or sick
and have symptoms they say here for antiviral treatment the doctors
recommend lopen of air and retina ver this is basically the medication Calitri
which is an HIV medication and they recommend two tablets twice a day or
they can use chloroquine 500 milligrams per day orally in Korea chloroquine is
not available so they use a very close relative of chloroquine which is
hydroxychloroquine and that’s at 400 milligrams orally per day now the reason
why you would not want to use both is because they interact with each other in
a negative way in terms of prolonging the QT interval for those of you who
don’t know what the QT interval is this is a measurement of electrical
conduction in the myocardium in the heart and if the Qt becomes too
prolonged you can get fatal cardiac arrhythmias in this article they do talk
about the antiviral treatment thing about seven to ten days but it
could be shortened or extended and here is one of the keys that I want to
mention this is all being used empirically we don’t have randomized
controlled trials looking at chloroquine in patients with kovat 19 that being
said there has been some publications interestingly coming out of China which
do tout the efficacy of chloroquine now I have to say at this point that it’s a
little bit interesting that that’s happening from my standpoint and from
the standpoint of somebody who understands what a randomized controlled
trial that’s blinded says because if you are truly doing a blinded study you will
not be able to tell if an intervention is working or not that’s the whole point
of a blinded study and that is to avoid bias for instance if you know that
someone’s getting the intervening choice you might be doing a better job of
taking care of that patient without even knowing it so it’s a little interesting
to hear that there may be some efficacy some improvement in some of these
patients unless it was a unblinded study and if it’s a unblinded study then it
has to be taken with a grain of salt and that’s why we really need a randomized
placebo-controlled double-blind ‘add ideally type of study anyway here is an
article that is indexed expert consensus on chloroquine phosphate for the
treatment of novel coronavirus pneumonia this was published in February 2020 and
says here at previous studies have shown that chloroquine phosphate or
chloroquine had a wide range of antiviral effects including anti
coronavirus here we found that treating the patients diagnosed as novel
coronavirus pneumonia with chloroquine might improve the success rate of
treatment and improve patient outcome in order to guide and regulate the use of
chloroquine in patients with novel coronavirus pneumonia the multicenter
collaboration group developed this expert consensus it is recommended
chloroquine phosphate 500 milligrams twice per day for 10 days for patients
diagnosed as mild moderate and severe cases of coronavirus pneumonia and
without contraindications to chloroquine so interestingly the Koreans
are using according to the literature once a day and the Chinese were using it
twice a day now that is all to say if we look at South Korea numbers and of
course we know that they have extensively tested and this is my
hypothesis if you extensively go out and try to find as many cases as you
possibly can and then you set up a standardized treatment regimen and get
people on that regimen early you can see here that even though Italy and South
Korea have very similar total cases the number of deaths is an order of
magnitude difference the number of serious and critical is more than an
order of magnitude different between them and one has to wonder either the
tip of the iceberg is much much smaller on a very very large iceberg in terms of
Italy or there is some sort of systematic treatment difference between
what is going on in Italy and what is going on in South Korea at this point I
don’t know how widespread chloroquine use is in Italy but it’d be interesting
to find out we’ll end on this where they talk about the trials of coronavirus
data from the drug study showed certain curative effect with fairly good
efficacy Chinese National Center for Biotechnology development deputy head
son Yin Rong said that chloroquine an anti-malarial medication was selected
after several screening rounds of thousands of existing drugs according to
son patients treated with chloroquine demonstrated a better drop in fever
improvement of lung CT images and required a shorter time to recover
compared to parallel groups the percentage of patients with negative
viral nucleic acid tests was also higher with the anti-malarial drug chloroquine
has so far showed no obvious serious adverse reactions in more than 100
participants in the trials so getting back to our idea here of what’s going on
in molecular we’ve got sink here that needs to shut down RNA dependent RNA
polymerase and what we’re saying here is that chloroquine
is gonna somehow open up this ion gate and allow the zinc to come in to block
and shut down viral replication inside of the cells I think that’s exciting
I am cautiously optimistic that this may lead to something but again I have to
stress that we need randomized control trials to prove this many times we come
up with ideas that make sense and look like they should work but the proof is
in the pudding and we need to do the randomized control trial we’ve got a lot
more areas to hit on this coronavirus one of the things that we’re going to
look at is the ACE 2 receptor have a lot of questions about the ACE 2 receptor
we’ll talk about that in upcoming updates


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  2. Yes! I am on daily Plaquenil/hydroxychloroquine for RA, maybe there is a bright side of this horrific autoimmune disease! As I studied evolutionary biology at UT in Austin years back and since have been diagnosed with RA, I have pondered the evolutionary significance of diseases like RA and Lupus, as genetic traits that are not "useful" biologically are eventually filtered out if they do not increase the "biological fitness" over time, Could it be these autoimmune diseases that result in an overactive immune system could actually reduce mortality to an individual during pandemics? Could it be that during an active pandemic, that people with RA/lupus might have an overall lower mortality rate if compared to the overall mortality of people without RA/lupus, at least if they are not on immunospressant meds? I hope scientists will be following patients who have RA/lupus for mortality statistics and compare to those without RA/lupus during this pandemic, people both on and off meds. Also be good to compare mortality statistics over time of RA/patients during this pandemic, those on hydroxychloroquinine vs those not. I have tried to find out about the evolutionary biology of RA in the past and was amazed how little research there is and how short sided modern day medical world is about understanding the evolutionary biology of disease. How are we going to understand modern day disease if we do not try to understand the evolutionary biology of how and why it evolved over time? If we can understand why certain diseases have evolved, than we stand a chance to really be able to know how to treat and to cure disease. Sickle Cell amenia is classic example, it is a very dangerous and deadly disease, but if you live in tropics and have exposure to Malaria, well you might want to have it if you want to survive malaria as there is an overall benefit for survival. I am calling my Rheumy doc today as I might want to skip being on the immunosupressant med I take, Orencia, and accept suffering the damage of RA instead of being dead in the future from Covid-19. I prefer being crippled to being dead. Orencia down-regulates all T cell activity and MedCram has previously described in this series, the T cells are the human immune system's first responders to help fend off invasive viruses like this Covid-19. Thanks so much for these videos!

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  5. You'd do better taking either homoeopathic Zinc as Zinc Met or the tissue salt version as Zinc Mur (Zinc Chloride) and having the resonance throughout your body.

  6. Elderly should have an intake of WHEY PROTEIN up to 56grams a day depending on diet in order to try to hinder the virus being taking up as a yummy protein it pretends to be

  7. The number one herb for this problem is BONESET known as Euph Perf. This herb will combat cytokine storming whilst at the same time aiding the immunity. Not many herbs can combat the cytokine storm especially whilst at the same time aiding immunity. Euph Perf was in the pharmacopoeia for over 100 years until the Rockefeller (big pharma) swines destroyed true healing. In China they're having to fall back and rely on Traditional Chinese Medicine to combat this one of five strains of the Fort Detrick bioweapon. India will do the same using their herbal knowledge and homoeopathic wisdom when it gets in trouble simply because the pharmaceutical devils have no proper ways of dealing with pandemics and never have done as proven again right now. The west will be destroyed by any hardcore bioweapon because of the Rockefeller family's constant attacks on natural healing destroying most of herbal and homoeopathic knowledge.

  8. Chloroquine Side Effects


    attempts at killing oneself.

    back, leg, or stomach pains.

    black, tarry stools.

    bleeding gums.

    blistering, peeling, or loosening of the skin.

    blood in the urine or stools.

    blurred or decreased vision.

  9. Why was swine flu not a big deal? Children died, millions sickened, over 11,000 died. I don't recall schools and events closing. I don't recall news over hyping and getting people in a panic. Who was president in 2010? Hmmm.

    From CDC-On February 12, 2010, the CDC released updated estimate figures for swine flu, reporting that, in total, 57 million Americans had been sickened, 257,000 had been hospitalised and 11,690 people had died (including 1,180 children) due to swine flu from April through to mid-January.

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  12. Italy may have higher death rates than Korea because Italy doesn't have enough ventilators to treat those who are seriously ill. Doctors and nurses sometimes have to decide who gets treatment and who doesn't.

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  16. I am a clinical research coordinator and regulatory affairs specialist. If you write up a protocol then I can submit to the IRB and once approved do the study visits.

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    Does Chloroquine need to be prescribed by a doctor or i can get it without a prescription ?

  18. Btw europe; dont rely on Swedish figures for comparisons. Swe stopped the general testing. Restricting it only to chosen cases from special groups.

  19. I wonder if you can use Quinine supplements with zinc as a prevention remedy? Since chloroquine is made from quinine.

  20. I think the reason this hasnt been looked into is bcs there isnt enough profit for big pharma to make it worthwhile

  21. Does anyone know of any global network/website now informally reporting ongoing results of various COVID 19 treatment trials?

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  23. BOOST your immune system, stop all junk food, white flour, bad fats and sugar. Drink lemon water and take zinc, just doing this will greatly improve your immune system. Viruses will HATE to be inside you.

  24. OH my this is so awesome. I was reading and discussing the paper and wishing it had graphics. This is even better .

  25. About New Crown Origins Timeline
    1. In August 2019, the United States closed the largest biochemical weapon base "Fort Detrick".
    2. Since September 2019, the United States has had an outbreak of influenza, causing more than 20 million infections and nearly 20,000 deaths. At least nearly 200,000 people have been hospitalized due to influenza outbreaks, which is the data shown by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
    3. The 7th World Military Games was held in Wuhan from October 18th to 27th, 2019. It was said that the reason why the powerful U.S. military's performance was mediocre was that it was very interesting to visit Wuhan.
    4. There will be infected people from November to December 2019, and the scale will appear in late January 2020. It became clear after that.
    5. In January 2020, China began to legend "conspiracy theory".
    6. Italy has appeared from January 25 to 26, 2020. First discovered on February 21. The genes match what appeared in Germany in January. This was announced by Italian experts on March 12.
    7. In February 2020, Japan and Russia successively speculated that the virus came from the United States, and the evidence was "exactly the same", which was denied by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. On March 5th, a Chinese American scientist named He also made a picture and firmly believed that he was from Wuhan. Academician Zhong Nanshan believes that it does not necessarily originate in China.
    8. On March 11, 2020, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention publicly acknowledged that neonatal pneumonia may be caused by the death of the flu.
    9. On March 12, 2020, Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian tweeted, when was the "Zero" patient found in the United States, how many were infected, what was the name of the hospital, and it may be the US military's epidemic situation. When brought to Wuhan, it needs to be open, transparent, and explainable.
    10. On March 13, 2020, the United States acknowledged that the detection system had failed.
    In fact, you can ask for a simpler point first: the situation of American athletes participating in the military games from last year to Wuhan may immediately be suspected to be deeper.
    For reference, all are speculations. It is estimated that the possibility of concealment this time is smaller, I hope. Wherever it originates, clarification helps research and benefits the future. At the same time, we cannot reflect on our own stagnation or weakening.

  26. Many people of African ancestry have mutated cells because of the bodies attempt to protect itself through evolvution against malaria. I wonder how this plays a factor in corona being able to bind to the cells of pan african people.

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  28. Wow, you are such a good explainer, thank you so much, you make the information digestible for the rest of us. Keep doing what your doing. Thank you.

  29. Hi – 2 questions – how much zinc should a COVID-19 patient take? And also if patient took chloroquine and zinc, would the patient still get immunity?

  30. Chloroquine (or similar med) appears to be the trick here, simple and effective in preventing deaths. Good job South Korea!

  31. Can anyone help me decide which OTC zinc tablets to get? I'm deciding between zinc sulphate, zinc gluconate and zinc oxide… I know only the cation matters but wrt side effects… Please help 🙂

  32. This may explain the very low numbers of infected people in sub-Saharan Africa. High prevalence of malaria in the region creates an environment where the preference is for antimalarial treatment at the start of any fever (said medication is widely available and accessible). Might be interesting to find out if this is influencing the delayed spread over there.

  33. I watched Dr. Berg's lecture about nutrition … I'm amazed that this video compliments with his lectures. TYVM.

  34. So, unless you can get access to choloroquine there doesn't seem to be much point in supplementing with zinc, right?

    Is there any other easier accessible way to get zinc into the cells?

  35. Luckily I live in a malarial prone country where (hydro)chloroquine sold freely without prescription, I think I'm gonna stock up some strips of those chloroquine, zinc, and copper supplements since my country Covid-19 cases jumps from 34 to 96 in 2 days which is quite worrying and 4 of them live literally 3-5 kilometers away from my home

  36. This is the fourth time I have watched this video and am so impressed I’ve sent it to each of my physician and research friends
    Thanks so much for your brilliantly informative and organized videos. Your patients are so lucky to have you!!

  37. One other major issue I suspect is interference from high frequencies such as 5-G and microwaves. Experts in this field claim oxygen deprivation, DNA damage and disturbed hormone production. If this is true, then the electromagnetic field around the cell jams the calcium gate and ion exchange into the cell nucleus is impaired making all nutrient flow impossible as the electron transfer chain is interrupted. Disturbs the field- disturb the cell.

  38. I’ve been using zinc lozenges for years at the very first sign of a viral sore throat. It always shortens my colds, (four other coronaviruses cause the common cold) and sometimes aborts them altogether, so some of that zinc MUST be getting into the cell, otherwise it wouldn’t work and it most definitely does work. If you are getting a sore throat, immediately begin sucking on a zinc lozenge one tab, every three hours for a day or so while you are awake, up to the max the label prescribes. It can’t hurt and it might help you.

  39. Why do you keep making these non informative
    ridiculously annoying videos about the cv. If you are a dr., shame on you. Please stop putting your garage on YouTube.

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    thank you for the pragmatic disclosure of info as well! This helps add peace of mind!

  41. So, how is chloroquine different from quinine? Which I know was used historically for malaria. If they are the same, gin and tonic and a zinc lozenge every day? Sorry if this seems in poor taste, but laughter IS the best medicine

  42. I love your research and perspective on the Corona Virus. I'll be giving your channel name to some of my colleagues who work in the medical industry in New Zealand. Thanks so much for taking time to provide this material and it's amazing that you may have an influence all the way in my country

  43. I have a positive ANA…Have RA, Hashimotos as well as Sjogrens..Have been on Plaquenil( chloroquine) for the last 3years..I also take A multivitamin with high Vitamin D,C and Zinc..Hoping this will keep Me from having any severe effects from CoVid19

  44. Much thanks for your incredible diligence, research, helpful technical details that give hope and some real enlightenment. Thank you!

  45. In my country (Bulgaria) there is a drug, called RESOCHIN, made by Bayer. It is basically the same thing (chloroquine). But booy, reading the instructions, this thing is a bit dangerous to your general health. If not taken properly, it might lead to retinoapatia, cardiac arrest, damage your liver, this isnt Aspirin, so to speak. Here in my country, you need prescription from a doctor in order to buy it legally from drug stores.

  46. Chloroquine are rather outsold in my country. Can you please tell us your opinion about whether tonic water with quinine might be a useful substitute to chloroquine?

  47. I hope people in Italy are paying attention … Do you have some kind of sister program set up? This could potentially save many lives there, no?

  48. Dr. Seheult,

    #1) Thank you soooo much for all your energy and motivation in diving into the literature, breaking it down, and presenting it to us. All while, I imagine, maintaining your other professional duties in the hospital during a trying time. These videos have been enlightening, and I have been able to confidently share components to maintain/improve our immune system and response with patients I see in an urgent care setting.

    #2) I'm curious…as far as the zn+ and chloroquine/hydroxychloroquine components. Is this something you have tried to use/suggested to use, in your hospital system?

    #3) In the data coming from these reports, in Korea and China, the only thing mentioned is the use of hydroxychloroqine and/or chloroquine, but not zinc supplementation. a) Do our extracellular levels of zinc need to be supplemented, or it appears that they may be sufficient and just need the ionophore to be present, in order to transport the zinc intracellularly? b) Is there a risk to healthy cells of intracellular zinc toxicity? I think this question may stem from my lack of understanding of RdRP, and whether or not it is in healthy cells, or only cells under the influence of certain types of viral infection.

    Again, thank you so SO very much!

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