1. California's Governor is keeping Americans from re-entering the state over fears they may have Coronavirus

    This is a smart precautionary measure

    Now if only he would stop advocating for open borders which let thousands of unchecked, possibly infected migrants flow in freely


  2. So NY state doubled in one day. This is a repeat of what we saw in Italy. A doubling every six days seems to be normal for this beast.

  3. Governments around the world have dropped the ball. Could it be they want the virus to kill off a large portion of the elderly and sick in order to relieve some entitlement debt?

  4. Every day in New York State it doubles. It went from 6 to 11, 11 to 22, 22 to 44, and now 44 to 89. If this trend continues there will be hundreds of thousands infected within days/weeks, With Hundreds if not thousands dead.

  5. Why are they trying to be politically correct with words at a time like this…transmit by aerosol droplets..so aerosol…..like when I buy aerosol cans and it’s droplets of water…so tell people it’s aerosol so they can take better measures at protecting themselves because if you word it like that majority of the people your are trying to fool will fall for it…

  6. Yeah, Somehow I do not believe that Covid-19 can only survive two minutes in open air, this many people would not be sick! Lying son's of beeches!

  7. stop trying to shutdown midtown Manhattan meaning those of us who can not afford to not go to work you motherfuckers better have checks for us ready as soon as they call for a shutdown

  8. Avoiding pictures of the coronavirus I think will help to minimize panic in our communities in my opinion.

  9. Money in a few weeks will be deemed "dirty" deposit all your cash then the banks go negative,then they force you to go digital!!! part A complete

  10. It’s obvious it’s a terrorist attack, it’s spreading way to fast for it to be just a coincidence

  11. Why did the government wait so long to take any action? You had 2 months to prepare but yet they did nothing. Why?

  12. I blame Cuomo for not acting soon enough. He is solely responsible for covid-19 being in New York State. Citizens of New York State should be enraged!

  13. From Wuhan, China. Hey! all you Hymies at ABC media. Better keep this Fake Virus news going. It starting to loss some steam now as you making things up as you go along. Try not to make the same mistake with the fake Bird Flu Virus news again 15 yrs ago. The one that you Hymietown Journalist just dropped the coverage for no reasons at all. Well just bring back the Hong Kong Protest news against when you're done with this. God Bless America

  14. Get ready and be prepare ! The great outbreak will happen soon in US. And will be worse than Italy and it will go down to central america and latin. This virus has evolved itself to another level.

  15. I didn't think it was possible for me to become more disappointed in our Govt & Media.

    I was wrong…

    None of you will get my vote/support. period…you don't deserve it.
    Especially after watching our "Vice President" blatantly walk out of a briefing having ignored a question about uninsured Americans who deserve just as much care.
    You, sir, are horrible and you get ZERO respect from me.

    The Media has twisted and fearmongered this until some people are so afraid that they are ready to leap from a building. You have REAL medical professionals scratching their heads or outright pissed off at the lies and misinformation being spouted by these clowns.

  16. The virus now can apparently spread through fecal matter, I.E. flatulence, and can last up to 30 minutes within the air.
    Avoid public bathrooms. Avoid the public in general.

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