Coronavirus: Nursing Homes Across U.S. Scramble To Increase Safety Protocols | NBC Nightly News

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  1. Cancel all international flights, every future cruise ship voyage, and pass a bill that makes it so those who know they are infected but choose to travel, could face a hefty fine.

  2. Just stay home and when you lose your home to be added to the list of fast growing homeless. Just get over it.

  3. 03/08/2020
    So rather than call & speak with your loved one & their caretakers & Doctor's, they're advised to go to the Nursing Home where there are hundreds of possible sick people with the C-virus?? 😒

  4. Why contain it? Let it spill over into the schools and churches. Let the bodies pile up in the streets. In the end, they'll beg us to save them.

  5. The reporter said to go in person… don't. If you are worried about a virus surely the last thing that you want is an excess of people around a vulnerable population.

  6. You would have to lock down every facility .. most have little PPE .. Short staffed and half of employees over 50 with health issues … expect mass infection and death of both residents and employees.

  7. If your not feeling well stay home mean while Italy is on complete locked down 🙄 all foreign countries mask Americans nothing ….

  8. They should not let any visitor in and all staff should have there temperature taken before each shift .
    Because someone brought the virus into that age care facility maybe a family member or one of the staff

  9. ☭ Commronavirus ☭ = Biochemical weapon
    from the Communist Party of China
    Please remember the incident of 911 and Pearl Harbor

  10. SOCIAL MEDIA NEWS & OPINION…(Auto Searching CC on YouTube) ..".."… they were planning to have a palace coup now do you think the deep state wanted to get back into power you think they wanted to remove who is in charge right now because they know exactly what is coming they understand that Saudi Arabia was wonderland and they know that Trump and the Patriots they had at all and they were trying to get back in power and it completely failed now with this new event with kovat 19 or coronavirus the mainstream media they are repeating the same script over and over and over and this is how you know that this is a planned event and that they're pushing fear let's go back in time a little bit an MSNBC roundtable agreed this weekend that Trump's response to the corona virus outbreak could be his Katrina moment

    "…now remember that word Katrina moment when we go back in time all the mainstream media outlets repeated the same exact script which they're doing right now Chicago Sun Times op-ed declared later the same year of a different weather event Hurricane Maria is Trump's Hurricane Katrina Puerto Rico is becoming Trump's Katrina Rolling Stone Vanity Fair says is the crisis in Puerto Rico becoming Trump's Katrina later in 2018 the Atlantic's Mallika Rayo wrote on the Emotiv images of illegal immigrant families being separated at the border for an article titled Trump's Katrina moment former New York Times executive editor Jill Abramson wrote elsewhere that year for the Guardian the forced separation of families is Trump's Katrina moment CNN's chief legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin said the border crisis is Trump's Katrina moment the coronavirus right now is Trump's Katrina moment

    "…they are continually using the same script and they've said this over and over and over the thing they don't realize is that Trump of the Patriots knew their playbook Trump in the Patriots are exposing the mainstream media the deep state plans they use this against them and what they don't realize already failed now Jian ping he is going to make the first visit to Wuhan City where the outbreak started and he's going to visit there and Rudy Guiliani said something very interesting and he compared Obama to trump this is what he tweeted out it took Barack Obama until October of 2009 to declare swine flu a national health emergency it began in April of 2009

    "… but Obama waited until 20,000 people in the US had been hospitalized and a thousand plus had died where was the media hysteria then there was no media Asteria Obama and crew all part of the deep state they control the mainstream media of course they're not going to report on it they only report on things they want the may treat mainstream media to report on Trump is an outsider they don't want Trump to succeed they don't want Trump to drain the swamp they don't want Trump to get rid of the central bank they don't want Trump to end the endless wars

    "…they don't want Trump to stop the illegals coming into this country they don't want Trump getting rid of the deep state and exposing all the crimes the crimes against humanity treason sedition they don't want any of this this is why they've been trying to stop him from day one and it is failed and of course what are we seeing well it looks like there are certain individuals like Matt Gaetz Representative Doug Collins we have Ted Cruz ball Paul Kassar they're all self quarantined because there was an individual that supposedly had coronavirus who shook Matt slaps hand and this individual was in CPAC so all these individuals for 14 days a point of contact they are self quarantine themselves none of them are showing signs of anything they're all fine was this a push or was this a different plan by Trump very interesting

    "…now Trump tweeted out the following the fake news media and their partner that a democratic party is doing everything within its semi considerable power it used to be greater to enflame the coronavirus situation far beyond what the facts would warn surgeongeneral the risk is low to the average American and Trump continually tweets these things out there letting everyone know that this panic this fear that you're seeing is ginned up by the mainstream media it's ginned up by the deep state now Pence and Trump they met with executive from several health insurance companies at the White House and this would be private insurers Medicare Medicaid and these health insurance companies are going to waive coronavirus co-pays for all testing and treatment

    ….he created the fake tweet he admitted that he created it but it seems that Twitter doesn't care and this individual is Rick Wilson is continually just having it up there knowing it's fake now very interesting since we're talking about fake news Tennessee lawmakers they have advanced a measure to designate CNN Washington Post as fake news outlets and that is really incredible because these mainstream media outlets I believe a lot of them won't even exist when everything is all said and done because people are gonna wake up and they're gonna start to see that yeah they just been pushing fear panic and fake information look what they're doing with the coronavirus or covet 19 all they've been doing is pushing fear and panic over and over and over

    ….and all they've been talking about is a recession that Trump is doing everything wrong we're entering a recession he's not protecting the people but Trump knows exactly what he's doing all this is going to be turned around everything is going to be turned around and the mainstream media is going to look like fools and they're going to be exposed once again at each phase of the plan if you notice that mainstream media is continually being shown to the people that they push out fake information over and over and over again this is part of it to show the people don't listen now very interestingly we have another resignation this is Wells Fargo chairman Elizabeth Duke

    Silent Running Tactics Engaged, Protective Measures Are In Place – Episode 2118b

    X22Report ** Mar 10, 2020

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