1. I feel like they are gonna end up closing all schools around Oakland CA because if you saw their is a ship that was struck with the Coronavirus and now its docked in Oakland

  2. dont worry folks……. ny state has state brand hand sanitizers at discount price……… cuomo guarantee them

  3. They should close down schools! I think it’s going to be at the point were you can’t even go outside and you have to stay in ⚠️Close Down Schools!⚠️

  4. Shut down schools and state run facilities such as the courts etc… no need to have thousands of peoole in and out all day for nothing!!!!!!!! This is fucking bullshit.. no ones gonna suffer for being home from school for 1 month. Its 2020 people.

  5. Our country announced that all schools have to close for around 3 weeks (its mandatory) we don't even have 1 confirmed case…

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