1. This is just a " what's nexr" situation. I hate it. Praying for us all. I am really beginning to think this is a bio weapon.

  2. A total shit-show. Great job China . And nice backup plan America. We all now see our feelings of security are all one disaster away from action. It seems as the government has ZERO training in an emergency bioweapon attack. Complete shit-show

  3. This is what I hate about the reporting being done. Yes, with cases being sporadic and receiving fast and capable care they’re able to save people. For now. What about when it’s 20 cases at once? Or 50? Or 100? What is being done for that eventuality? We don’t have enough beds or medical personnel for this! There have been flu outbreaks that fill local hospitals to capacity in a few days. Denial of what we are facing is reckless.

  4. They are not trying to control misinformation, they are trying to control fear. History will judge you and your procrastinating and your 1/2 truths.

  5. PLEASE NYC PLEASE…BE MINDFUL OF WHAT HOSPITAL YOU GO TOO!! Some of them are already breeding grounds. Thank Goodness they closed St. Mary's. Have they closed Brooklyn Hospital down yet?

  6. Scare the general population, this way they can be easily controlled. This is nothing more than a strain of the flu. 99.9% of people exposed to this will recover as they would with a normal flu, those dying from this would die from contracting any other form of the flu.

  7. Where is a anti virus shot for this new virus many people are dieing and no one is caring it is spreading rapidly and isolating them here is not helping or helpful they need to be shipped out of the United States if not we will all suffer the consequences of the virus will affect everyone and more people will die and that is not right for more people to suffer from something someone else can not help so send them away from our United States until it can be contained find a cure or solution for this virus before it kills more of the population and not continued here in the United States is this what you want for our future children and families is to be scared to go to work school or even leave the house the fear of dieing from this should not be a choice to take precaution but to eliminate the matter of it spreading rapidly this should be a lawsuit for spreading a killer virus to one another cause the disease is not curable yet do you see where I'm going with this it's ridiculous we all have to live in constant fear of contracting this new virus here and anywhere in the United States it shouldnt be an option to keep it here and affect other peoples lives are all in danger or even think about the thousands dead already lives lost due to this serious virus contamination and it's all up to the big boss if he can or will protect us all God Bless Us All🇺🇸😔☝️💞

  8. How did this lady come back into the country from vacation in Italy without being quarantined? The government is too laxed. There should be some restriction on people traveling.

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