1. I heard that some Americans who had been quarantined for the coronavirus were charged thousands of dollars, also some American pharmaceutical companies were saying that when the coronavirus vaccine is available, they wouldn't guarantee the price is affordable to ordinary Americans. It seems everything is about money in America, even in a pandemic.

  2. I'm a medical doctor in SF and I can no longer maintain my silence out of good conscience. For those of you who know me, I have revealed the past coverup and Censorship by the Oligarch controlled media and regime led by Trump that abuses human rights and silenced Infectious Disease experts like Dr Fauci. He has since been threatened and bullied into retracting the statement of being silenced

    I am here to reveal that the authorities in the US intentionally denied the use of ECMO as a means of sustaining the lives of the 9 American deaths so far in Washington State alone.

    ECMO and other truly vital lifesaving treatments are only reserved for the rich elite. You can call up your insurer to ensure that they cover ECMO for you. Go check it up yourself. In China, ECMO was used even for those who could not afford it and was found to have been lifesaving in many cases according to the WHO Team in China led by Dr Bruce Aylward. We unfortunately live in a country run by corrupt Oligarchs with a biased/undemocratic media company spinning lies to hide the truth. It is shameful that our country is denying the most basic of human rights – the right to life- to American citizens while the supposedly evil "ChiComs" are providing it for free to their citizens.


  3. 'The more you test, the more you find' – I bet you are all glad that Governor Andrew M Cuomo has managed to work that bit out..

  4. Ineffective Government: Too Slow Too Soft. The truth is, the USA has no effective Sovereignty.  We are weak and stupid, our government serves multinational corporations and billionaires, it does nothing for its own people.

  5. Funny how these media outlets don't mention that the virus had mutated and now two strains are circulating.

  6. This man infected 17 people at least, just by being near them, that's incredible never studied a virus this virulent,

  7. Fake news white people are GOD responsable of converting energy to matter and anti so our white Jesus the “Big Bang” gave us life, white ppl will cure ppl and the environment cz they are gods instruments

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