1. This is so scary, stay safe people!!! Thoughts and prayers are with you and your family ❤️❤️❤️ love you all 🙏💔

  2. 2 million deaths in 5 years they ran a supercomputer test 3 months before anyone knew. Older people beware stay home and use VR.

  3. Why is we have had nothing but idiotic mayors wtf is wrong with nyc cause how do morons like bloomdick , Giuliani who sucks off trump more than Melania and deblasio become mayors like we have a mayor who refuses to close schools yet tells us to be careful and should avoid crowds yet kids still have to go to school u even had I believe Cuomo said to avoid subways but this moron deblasio still has school open wtf how r u suppose to avoid crowds in nyc especially if u have to take and pick up your kid from school then u have kids who have to take the subway in the morning when it's super crowded this mayor more dumber than a zombie in re2

  4. The civilized world should form an allied expedition force to invade china and topple their communist regime, whether they intentionally made this mess or their incompetency led to this world pandemic, it doesn't matter, communism has made enough suffering in this world, they need to go.

  5. USA300-ST8 airborne pandemic being gaslighted and upcoded FOR A DECADE still not being mentioned as it caused cancer, autoimmune disease, strokes etc.? And isn't the NYC health commissioner a former Psychiatrist at Bellevue? Why a psychiatrist as commissioner of all specialities?

  6. Tell us how many of these people has recovered? Give us a numbers. I'm tired listening to just how many people got sick. Tell us some good news too.

  7. Once everyone gets tested the numbers will go through the roof but that’s what happens with every virus! Not worried about myself but about my 82 year old mom who has COPD! God bless us all while we hunker down and ride this nightmare out! 🙏🙏🙏💝

  8. Streets are virtually empty, I see people walking and taxies driving by honking horns. Come on man, get it right. The expected crowd size has decreased but people are still moving about.

  9. Well certainly you can’t shut down the democrat globalist polling booths? ….a racist virus 🦠 as the democrat run media called it !!!! Five weeks ago

  10. Americas don't listen look at all those people that TRAVELED when told not to there should be a martial law the only way to stop this.

  11. Shutting down the system for 90% survival rate…acting like someone took there lunch money..over the death of a old person. ..shutting down the system really no no no no really…gimme a break

  12. He said he refuses to close school UNTIL SOMEONE is infected. Lol… What an idiot. Not to prevent but to spread it

  13. Two dead because of Wuhan COVID, one is understandable because she was in her 80s and already sick, yet Deblasio refuses to close schools. You voted for him Liberals, so you deal with him.

  14. Not only do you have to close all public schools, you also need to close the public transportation to stem the spread, even close for two weeks would make a big difference, haven't you learnt from all the affected countries yet, Mr. Dibasio

  15. The bar isn't high enough to close schools for the mayor? When will it be high enough, when someone tests positive and everyone in the school is exposed? Knowing the risks of this virus and that people can die from it isn't worth closing schools?? I really hope the teachers call out.

  16. Where the hell is the vaccine? Come on, it’s silly how the US the most wealthy and power country in the world don’t have a vaccine yet.

  17. Foolish, foolish New York and America. I live on the east coast, and America is underestimating the Coronavirus. Especially the mayor of New York, what a fool! He’s making so many mistakes, I’m not saying I could do better, but everyone needs to quarantine at the same time NOW. But the mayor doesn’t want to quarantine or close any schools…. sure, coronavirus doesn’t effect teens, which is why they aren’t closing schools, but teens can be carriers for Covid19. Please America, focus on your problems NOW.

    Nyc is like Italy, Italy didn’t believe anything would happen, they WAITED until everyone got infected, then quarantined.
    We need to prevent, not protect.

  18. here are some facts from real scientific articles on CoVID-19 that i highly recommend y'all check out!!
    » https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZL4lLNKbnlU&t=1234s

  19. This retarded Mayer won't close the schools these kids will be infected and they will kill their parents what does virus bring it right home

  20. He won't close the school because he knows the crime rate will go through the roof does nicolette's will run rampant mugging people

  21. Cuomo and mayor D should be removed from office for lack of responsibility towards safe guarding children and nyc residence. They interested in how much it’s going to cost over the life of any nyc resident

  22. they closed my restaurant in midtown and our stupid most hated most idiotic mayor in nyc can’t close schools unless someone’s gets the virus. the nypd hates this guy, he’s the worst

  23. The Archdiocese should be ashamed of themselves for closing their churches while not pleading and fighting the mayor to close the school and safeguarding the children

  24. All you need to do is purchase some of Cuomos prison made hand sanitizer and everything will be fine. No big deal right?

  25. This is insane. You do not know who is infected and you cannot isolate them. Your whole country is heading for a disaster. By the way, our schools are already closed here in Germany.
    The teachers should continue to come to school for the kids whose parents simply have no options to leave their children alone at home. In such a crazy situation everyone should stay at home until you have an overview of the numbers.

  26. Do the math. This is nothing. 2 deaths in how many???? 500 and something???? 82 with emphysema. Duh….. it's the UNDERLYING RESPIRATORY ILLNESS. The frigging common cold or flu would have killed her, too.

    Quit drinking the kool aid people. You deserve what get if you're going to be THIS stupid.

  27. These but heads don't care about newyorkers they let this in with the illegal immigrants that they ignore At our expense

  28. If School safety Officers are not in the building staff and students aren't allowed in the buildings of the schools. This is also a OSHA issue. The safety of the people and workers are not being protected. The City can be sued by everyone that catches this virus if proven that it was obtained because of being inside of a school that had a infected person in it. Especially if it could have been avoided simply by them closing the schools and not forcing workers to go to work. N Y C
    The coldest city on the planet.

  29. This is ridiculous, some of the kids are carriers without symptoms. Who then uninitially transmits the virus to mom, dad, grandma, brother, sister, babysitter whom intern transmits the virus to the persons they interacts with……it will be too late by next weekend to quarantined new york if Cuomo or Deblasio continues to move slowly. If they are worried about the kids having their meals, then find a way to deliver it to their homes

  30. What if these tests are faulty and even if you don't have this virus you'll test positive and once the treatment starts that's when your health goes downhill. Think about it people. Why you think they're saying 10,000 of more people could be infected because not enough tests are out there. Things dont make sense. Also 5g may have something to do with this.
    Read this article below

  31. Heart disease deaths per day 1770
    Coronavirues deaths total 60 and this is a pandemic ? Get ready people,for the real reason for all of this.

  32. Nyc school kids are the second dirtiest group of people in the city schools need to close before they infect everyone else

  33. Now would be a great time for America to GET ON OUR KNEES AND PRAY TO THE LIVING GOD named Jesus Christ who is in absolute total control of this virus. We do not need to be afraid. Remember…The same God that is on our money (In God we Trust) If you've never accepted Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior…Now is the perfect time to do so. This must be 100% sincere from your heart. I also recommend just getting on your knees if you truly mean it.  Repeat after me.  Jesus… I acknowledge I'm a sinner.  Please forgive me for my sins.  I want to repent and turn away from all sin. I want you to Save me. Thank You for dying on the cross for ALL of my sins.  Come into my heart and be Lord of my life. I will put my Faith and Trust in You. I will follow you as best I know how. Thank you Jesus for Saving me!  AMEN and AMEN!  If you prayed this prayer and meant it please read one of the following verses in your Bible: Romans 10:13, Psalm 91, 2 Tim 1:7, Romans 5:8, Ephesian's 2:8-9.  Also, please reach out to me and let me know if this helped you. Love you!

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