1. I find it interesting that they say "Serious instead of Critical", when these seriously ill patients are on a ventilator or die.

  2. Those who have low immune systems are at risk for acute respiratory distress syndrome and pneumonia caused by Covid-19. The same applies for all illness, hence influenza killed over 18,000 people this past flu season and over 32,000,000 had the flu this is from October 1, 2019, through February 22, 2020(CDC).

  3. I think me and my fiancé got it as well, I’m a bit worried cz I was riding the A and L train in the afternoon and around 6pm, I hope I don’t get anybody infected cz I’m going to feel very guilty but it wasn’t my fault, I’m sorry but u can’t blame it i had to go to work and I really I thought I only had a mild flu until my fever started to showed up and me having some chest pains ang sweating more than normal

  4. If you have asthma be careful. Asthma is a respiratory disease. It's not just old people that gets it.

  5. Concidering how the street homeless of all people are treated(thats if they are even spoken about for more than 30sec), you should ALL stop with the paranoia. Seriously, STOP.

  6. Cuomo seems really dumb, his super obvious statements, the more people you test the more will test positive. They don't have tests they have to request and please with health department for it.

  7. China experts already worked out the family tree
    of this type C new corona virus and hinted that the virus is not originated
    from China but brought into China with politic motive by one most famous evil
    country, China don't have the A and B types of corona virus, and C type of
    corona virus is derived from A and B type, just like if there is one kangaroo
    run out from the jungle of China, this kangaroo is definitely brought in by
    someone, so this virus is bringing into China with politic motive, and USA got
    all A to E type of corona viruses.

  8. These bozos want more illegal coming to this country with all the virus. Who knows one of these days, someone comes into this country with the thing called Corona Extra Virus. Stop allowing people coming illegally and one of these days, it will happen.

  9. From Italy. Why are these Disgrace Politicians and the Media are Breaking the News and Updating Something they cannot Prove? It's seem to me that these Hymietown Journalism are making things up as they go along! And what happened to Bird Flu? They made that up as well! God Bless America.

  10. is this china or america??? how is it possible for ccp and cuomo saying the same thing???? shut down nyc for 2 weeks now !!!!! NOW !!!!!!

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