Coronavirus Update: Gov. Andrew Cuomo Declares State Of Emergency In New York As Number Of Cases Soa

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  1. 5G = security risk
    Money = currency manipulator
    Animal rights=eat dogs
    Military = global threat
    Tech = IP theft
    AIIB = debt trap
    Financial=stocks tank
    BRI = neo-colonialism
    Xinjiang =no human rights
    Sports = Sun Yang drug cheat
    Environment=eat creatures/pollute


  2. The way to stay abreast of this virus is to stay away from watching the media…..keep your faith in Christ read your Bibles and pray.
    Nothing to Fear…..
    As usual our media likes to Dramatizes everything

  3. I don’t know why everyone is acting like the sky is falling. The flu kills more people each year than the coronavirus has in 2020. You never hear about anyone dying from the flu but the media portrays coronavirus as this evil menace that’s gonna wipe out the human race.


  5. What a joke, 89 cases for something that has a mortality rate of less than twice the normal flu ..this has gotten obviously political at this point . .just wash your hands you pigs.

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