1. He needs to speak more on the importance of wearing a mask instead of saying it is not needed when you can get this virus by being a close proximity with someone that has the coronavirus.

  2. Hopefully!? Isn't the answer, many Americans can become sick, we should be honest and say that many of us are sick, and we are spreading it. Face it, it's here, but how would we know whom may have it, if they are the 80%?

  3. CDC claiming states are clear of COVOD-29 WHERE NO TESTING HAS OCCURED… SHAM!

  4. FAKE NEWS FROM CUOMO: "Far more people are dying from the flu than the Coronavirus", is a very stupid thing to say, because we all know more people have been exposed to the flu than the coronavirus YET. You know very well, Mr. Cuomo, we will see far more deaths than the regular flu from covid-19.

  5. I just watched CNBC’s Jim Cramer ringing the opening bell at
    the New York Stock Exchange, with the added attraction of him celebrating
    fifteen years of his television program ‘Mad Money’, as surrounded by, I assume
    program staff, and as part of the broadcast industries war on ‘the gray’, there
    were no gray heads in the crowd as represented by his broadcast team, dye heads

  6. The fact is we have a 50% increase today. The fact is this virus spreads so much fast than flu. The fact is if you have one person with flu at home, the rest of the family more than likely will not all get it; but this poor lawyer's all family members were also affected by the virus.

  7. I predict that people across the world will be so affected
    They will all call for lawsuits against China
    They single handedly destroyed themselves as well as their families in all countries including the USA their business are dwindling
    But all will hold China accountable for this

  8. It doesn't matter if only 20% need medical intervention. Every person this thing infects gives it the opportunity to mutate you fucking dunce. Everyone knows what you are concerned about, your ego and money.

  9. Cab, Lyft, Uber, Bus drivers and any others that are within 7ft of a potential patient are in high risk employment. Some of the beginning cases in south korea were between a tourist who spread to a cabbie and his friend and people he drove and a party, his mother passed away….spreads quickly within enclosed spaces. for example: an abundance of caution would dictate, "do not drive to an airport or enter air travel"

  10. The flu is killing more people because its been around for 100 years. This is new and you're doing a shit job of containing it because WE DON"T HAVE TESTING! "Most prepared Country" MY ASS

  11. Listen up fellow New Yorkers, If there were ever a time to put aside our differences and stand united like the brothers and sisters we are, that time is now. Stay, positive, get lots of sleep and drink lots of fluids. Good luck to you all! We're going to whoop this thing! We're New Yorkers!!!

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