Coronavirus Update: New York City Public School Teacher Under Self-Quarantine After Developing Sympt

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  1. Hummmm.. whatever, we all know it's being intentionally spread. Absolutely blows my mind. I would not be allowing my children to go school. It's not as if there is time for them to hassle you over it. In the end of the world you don't keep following the bullshit.

  2. If these officials really cared about the students they would disclose the affected school and close the school. and sign students up for K-12 on the internet. but like all Socialists, they want to control and keep the revenue flowing. De Blasio and Cuomo won't be happy until NYC is WUHAN.

  3. New York isn't the city that never sleeps, it's the city that's sick! Oh, my god, 8 million people could be walking germbags full of Coronavirus- my germophobia just suddenly shot into the exosphere!!

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