1. USA300-ST8 airborne pandemic past decade allegedly causing Cancer, autoimmune disease, heart attacks and strokes past decade, still not mentioned as doctor have been medical gaslighting and Medical Upcoding a fury while refusing to test for pathogens?

  2. This approach is a band aid… running from the problem..I know how the virus works and the meds needed for this multiple prong BIOWEAPON… multiple meds proactive will save lives… Doctors won't give them to you…so you live in fear. Gia ✝️🇺🇸 #ARDS #Pneumonia #Sepsis

  3. Virus has mutated to protect itself and is now all powerful, expect a mass death phase of possibly 100 Million worldwide by June

  4. How's the policy of not testing incoming travelers from the hardest hit countries and asking them to self quarantine working?

  5. Two state senators sent a letter to the Pennsylvania Department of Health Friday
    pressuring officials to release the municipality where one of the presumed coronavirus cases has been confirmed.
    State health officials have said they will not share that information.

  6. Open borders Sanctuary City policy if you're sick come here this is what these fucking crazy people are doing we should have shut down to City at first hearing about this now look at us mothers and fathers will die

  7. This wouldn't be happening if Fredo didn't think that naming bridges after his commie drunk-ass father wasn't a matter of high priority

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