1. You got to be fucking kidding me right lot of people going to be fired for getting to work late I tell you that much either that or you going to leave at 6 in the morning

  2. Easier said than done! Especially since the MTA subway is always crowded and folks like me depend on the MTA to get to work or school or wherever we need to go!!!

  3. White Extinction Anxiety

    “We should hope for the best and prepare for the worst,” said Hagai Levine, a lead author of the study. “And that is the possibility that we will become extinct.”

    ''Six months later, still not pregnant. When my wedding date passed without a pregnancy, I was frustrated but not discouraged. We went to see a reproductive endocrinologist, who examined me and sent my husband off to have his sperm tested. The verdict was that he had very low sperm count, and we had a less than 1 percent chance of conceiving.''

    “The reproductive endocrinologist informed us I had virtually no sperm,” Flynn recalled. “I sat there thinking, ‘I’m a man, I’m supposed to procreate.’ It was a real blow to my self-esteem and who I thought I was.''

    White women in the United States are having fewer babies than ever before, creating a fertility rate of 1.73. And a strange thing has happened to white men over the past few decades: They've become increasingly infertile, so much so that within a generation they will lose the ability to reproduce sperm entirely.



  4. when was last time anyone rode subway in nyc……????? it is packed from 5am till 10 pm…….. im starting to wonder , these experts and govt officials are deliberately under playing this……… why are we repeating what china did… korea did…. italy did…. japan did…..????? why ?????

  5. Im still planning to take the subway when I visit New York at the end of April. I'm not letting this coronavirus scare sabotage my trip. I'm even planning to ride the LIRR on a day on my trip.

  6. How can I stop taking the bus or train if I have school :/ like every week plus on top of that my school shakes our hands welp anyone in my school should take one for the team and get it so my school can close down

  7. Where China has more people they can shut down and quarantine right?
    America has less people but can not shut down and quarantine coz the President says that the number is from 15 to zero so be it huh . loll
    Yeah make America great again

  8. Your asking people not to take transit.
    But you have not closed it. Your not right in the head.
    Alternative option.
    Get your bondage suites on. And ride.
    Face gear too.

  9. I live in upstate. Why don't you fix your title to make sure people see you mean that shitty city in the butt crack of the state and not the state as a whole.

  10. The government better start paying people to stay home because at the end of the day, bills got to get paid. Secondly telling New Yorkers not to take the subway is dumb

  11. Basically there instituting a voluntary quarantine..cause America is not a communist country. So if you die..you die

  12. Scientists: Hurry up and find a vaccine for this damn thing, before we all get infected and die. This is a problem, that’s true – but we now seem to be moving toward rapid mass hysteria, and the media keeps stoking the flames. People can‘t stop using hand sanitizer every five seconds, they are now going nuts over who‘s using what kind of toilet paper, and soon we will all be too afraid to even step outside of our homes (because surely everybody‘s going to get it). What‘s next – selling designer face masks for a hundred bucks a pop? Is normal life just going to stop, until we can come up with a vaccine?
    Who knows – but I’m not going to stay home (or avoid going anywhere) unless directed by martial law.
    This is getting to be a bit too much – we’re all going to get sick if we keep believing everything we see on the news!

  13. well, its official, no more coronavirus… it had its time just like
    ebola, sars, bird flu and swine flu etc etc,, unless you're one of these
    pussies that keep panicking after watching the mainstream media lol

  14. well, its official, no more coronavirus… it had its time just like
    ebola, sars, bird flu and swine flu etc etc,, unless you're one of these
    pussies that keep panicking after watching the mainstream media lol

  15. well, its official, no more coronavirus… it had its time just like
    ebola, sars, bird flu and swine flu etc etc,, unless you're one of these
    pussies that keep panicking after watching the mainstream media lol

  16. ok ill just walk 12 miles to get to work..???? i cant afford to uber to work there and back.. how are u going to tell people to to "social distance "in NEW YORK CITY????? it is impossible. just walking down the street someones hair is in my face…

  17. Some of us don't have the money for example to take a cab everyday, and some of us can't work at home lol. I guess riding a bike or scooter wouldn't be a bad idea now that it's getting warmer.

  18. Sandblast the trains for God's sake. How the hell are half of the people going to get to work? Social distancing in NY, ridiculous

  19. Nice! Let's keep sending our children to school to further spread the infection even more. What a joke..

  20. This is airborne. Social distancing isn’t the solution & what about Chemtrails or the fluoride in drinking water or the toxics in our food?
    The Game is rigged & over folks.
    Believe in Jesus Christ today before SHTF
    We are on our own
    Don’t trust people or government ☝🏾

  21. Umm: Can funeral directors, factory workers, waitress, chefs, delivery persons & truck drivers work from home ????

  22. Impossible. People need to go about their lives. Very alarmist way to deal with this problem. Regular flu virus runs rampant all winter and we don't take these measures. Look up the data on flu deaths last year and explain that.

  23. People are literally focused to go to work and commute on public transportation. If you stop work then we can stop the virus until then ppl can't do that. Pay ppl to stay home

  24. How about having more trains run on time, instead of 20 minutes because of delays. And what about early morning commute and rush hour. I'd be happy to drive my car to work but grant free parking and not trying to hit us with $45-$100 parking tickets every time we park on the street. Don't take the trains, yeah, I can see that happening

  25. I heard the flue is more deadly then Corona virus so I'm not gonna die worrying over this but I'm extra cautious now

  26. In other the Mayor is willing to accept some number of infections and deaths to keep the city open for business thereby guaranteeing that the virus will grow massively in NYC.

  27. Head of Port Authority of NY/NJ Rick Cotton is infected/quarantined doing fine.
    If he got infected…..

  28. They're telling people not to panic or to over reach but it's spreading and it's a life-or-death situation,now they're telling people that have to take the subway to not take it or try to take it different hours that won't work for them, unfortunately not everyone has that option to do so.

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