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U.S. Space Force has started operating a new
offensive weapon system. The weapon is an upgraded version of a ground-based
satellite communications jamming system. The Space Force declared it had reached initial
operational capability with the Counter Communications System Block 10.2, or CCS B10.2, on Mar. 9. This is an important milestone for the newly
formed service. In this video Defense Updates how U.S Space
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20 million players from all over the world! The United States Space Force (USSF) is the
space warfare service branch of the United States Armed Forces. The sixth and youngest branch of the U.S.
Armed Forces, it was the first branch of the military established since the formation of
the independent U.S. Air Force in 1947. The direct antecedent of the Space Force,
Air Force Space Command, was formed on 1 September 1982 with responsibility for space warfare
operations. The National Defense Authorization Act of
2020 redesignated Air Force Space Command as the U.S. Space Force and established it
as an independent branch of the U.S. Armed Forces on 20 December 2019 Teams and assets previously assigned to Air
Force Space Command now form the core of the new service which is at the moment still in
the process of being set up. As of 2020, the only nation with an independent
space force is the United States. Satellites are one of the most important assets
for a nation. They play a vital role in civilian and military
communications. Military satellites are used for gathering
intelligence as well as they can monitor and provide early-warning against missile launches
by a rival nation. Military satellites also provide guidance
to missiles, aircraft, warship to name a few. So, if satellites of a particular nation are
jammed it will become handicapped in a conflict. The first iteration of the CCS or Counter
Communications System entered U.S. Air Force service in 2004 and it has now been transferred
to the Space Force. Viewers may note that The Harris Corporation,
which merged with L3 Technologies last year to form L3Harris Technologies, had received
the contract from the Air Force to develop this upgraded variant of the Counter Communications
System known as Block 10.1 upgrade in 2014. Last year, Harris also received a $72 million
contract to begin developing the new iteration, the Block 10.3 variant. Reports indicate that the U.S Air Force reportedly
had at least seven complete CCS packages which are designed for quick deployment. Lieutenant Colonel Steve Brogan, the Combat
Systems branch materiel leader within the Space Force’s Space and Missile Systems Center’s
(SMC) Special Programs Directorate, said in an official news piece about the system in
January 2020, “CCS is the only offensive system in the United
States Space Force arsenal. This upgrade puts the ‘force’ in Space Force
and is critical for Space as a warfighting domain.” The various versions of the system consist
of trailer-mounted dishes and supporting equipment like generators. The exact working of CCS is classified but
what is known is that it interferes with the transmissions from enemy communications satellites
disrupting the signal flow. Reports indicate that the effects of CCS are
“reversible”, meaning that when the jammer shuts off, the target satellite would go back
to functioning as normal. This is different from the use of Kinetic
means like Anti Satellite missiles which are possessed by few countries. The U.S itself was the first to possess this
kind of capability. The US carried out its first ASAT test in
1959. The anti-satellite weapon had a range of 1100
mi or 1770 km. A mock test was carried out in which a dummy
attack on the Explorer 6 which was at an altitude of 156 mi or 251 km was successfully executed. Relatively recently in February 2008, it was
reported that the United States Navy fired a RIM-161 Standard Missile 3 ABM as an anti-satellite
weapon to take out a satellite which was operationally malfunctioning. The Soviet Union after conducting a series
of 7 tests from 1963-1971 declared its system operational in 1973. The weapon was designed to approach the target
satellite, then detonate an explosive that would damage the target with shrapnel. In recent times on 18 November 2015, Russia
tested an anti-satellite missile, known as PL-19 Nudol for the first time. The same missile was tested again in May 2016. In January 2007, China successfully destroyed
a defunct Chinese weather satellite, FY-1C. As per reports, the mission was executed by
an SC-19 ASAT missile with a kinetic kill warhead. FY-1C was a weather satellite orbiting Earth
in polar orbit at an altitude of about 865 km or 537 mi, having a mass of about 750 kg
or 1650 lb. Last year India became the 4th country to
have this kind of ability. The satellite that was destroyed is believed
to Microsat-R as per Indian media reports. It was a medium-sized military imaging satellite
weighing 1,630 pounds or 740 kg that was launched by the Indian Space Research Organization
in January. Microsat-R was in low Earth orbit at an altitude
of 186 miles or 300 km. The destruction of satellites using Kinetic
means creates a lot of debris in space which could even harm friendly satellites. This brought to the fore the risk of this
approach. CCS mitigates this risk. The United States might also find itself in
a scenario where it is tactically more desirable to temporarily shut down an adversary’s
satellite than to permanently do so. For these reasons the U.S military increasingly
favors “softer” methods of denying an enemy’s space assets than knocking their
satellites out of the sky. “We are not going down that path,” U.S. Air
Force General John Hyten, then-head of Air Force Space Command, told lawmakers in 2016,
referring to the development of capabilities that would totally destroy enemy satellites
and create debris. Also, CCS is much more cost-effective than
deploying Anti Satellite missiles. A single CCS could be used repeatedly against
different targets, unlike Anti Satellite missiles which can be used only once. The US Air Force also recently began studying
the possibility of utilizing the YAL-1A Airborne Laser for missions other than missile defense. The Airborne Laser (or ABL) is mounted in
a modified 747-400F aircraft and uses a powerful laser to intercept ballistic missiles hundreds
of miles away. It could theoretically be pointed up instead
of sideways, and destroy a satellite, probably simply by overheating it so that its electronics
fail. Space will be the new domain of warfare going
forward. President Trump said during the signing ceremony
of U.S Space Force which allocated $738 billion defense spending,
“Space is the world’s newest war-fighting domain. Amid grave threats to our national security,
American superiority in space is absolutely vital. And we’re leading, but we’re not leading by
enough. But very shortly we’ll be leading by a lot.” It is clear that with CCS, the U.S Space Force
is having a good start. As the CCS has more upgrades, it will get
increasingly powerful enabling it to take out sophisticated military satellites that
have extensive anti-jamming capabilities.


  1. The US has classified space weapons according to a briefing in congress, most of the weapons have been denied to be released to the public.

  2. 😂 Hahahhibhoh us space, ps idiot j mattis speach on cnn hetold about that us are behind Russia at least 5 years even longer on missels hypersonic ones and he said that russian satellite is a heavily headache for us because they can come lose to us satellites and take information even russian satellite 🛰 send out he called it Russian kidnapping satellites,big ones sending out another smaller and that one attaches on us satellite so it will not work or that one which is smaller crushes with us satellite,so Russian satellites still works just sending out a small controlled to crash against us

  3. Guys before you get excited. Russia can do this too. After all they have to take the US Spaceforce… into Space! lol!🤣🤣🤣

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  6. They had to do this instead of sending Space Force troops to teardown enemy satellites because the Chinese satellites have an atmospheric cloud of corona virus bacteria orbiting around them.

  7. Easier said than done! Russian Space Force was founded in 1992 but originally formed in 1967 and reorganized in 1982, finally reconfigured in 2015 as Russian Aerospace Forces. Do not count the US out of the game, but a lot of catching up. Note: Russia works in secrecy, meaning many systems we simply don't know the existence.

  8. It's kinda crazy how extremely people in these comments are, calm down guys it's legit just an RF Jammer for satellites…

  9. China have quantum satellite.
    They cannot be hacked or disrupted.

    Only anti satellite missile will do the job.

  10. Hey this is a joke, showing us a 2004 counter comm system when we want to see antigrav and superluminal speeds. We paid trillions for these assets now we wanna see them.

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  19. You bums are always trying make it seem like America is the only country to have such technology. Why don’t you stop sucking America’s little penis and give respect where respect is due! Russia was the first to go into space, and the first to have satellites in space. It just goes to show you America was never first on anything. Haters like you and this channel all to often think of yourselves as superior. Bye!! Fish!!..

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    "To old Titan's methane seas"
    "We are first to fight in outer space"
    "Our force comes from gravity"
    "No one hears your screams is outer space"
    "But our foes be smithereens"

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