Crazy Caller Endorses Stop and Frisk, Thinks Manhattan is “Different”

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really offsets but let’s start with this is a bow you
must be at over the moon about term the betta yes yeah I sure am over the moon about it in it I
mean well what do you think I mean of course
I’m over the moon but I I also kinda that they could make
sense yeah you well of course it makes sense I not know do we have that sound from that
call right now okay we’re gonna pull this out I don’t know if you got this is about
but affect you are I Europe old really you grew up on the Upper West Side here
one of the zodiac you know classic Upper West Side kids I and I like a pigeon like a like a pigeon I don’t know what
that means but that’s that guy I’m not so I don’t understand the code there the
Upper West Side a new york it but there was a great moment on New York one a call-in show how are still trying to
figure out whether or not this is even real but a collar call then to complain about
the Blasio I in a way that I thought was genius if
its comedic if not I just want your take on this I okay it still fantastic art let’s play this
clip thanks joan is on the Upper West Side and joins the call i John you just heard
from Paul on Twitter who says who in this season 2 ZS tick about a
mayor DiBlasio are you on any let our I was
31st hey because service stop and frisk which
I’m totally against but when I saw him on the street with
his entourage I had gone up to him and introduce myself and call them how
active I want some liberal politics and I said to him you’re not gonna and
stop and frisk in Manhattan right Justin Staten Island I’m Brooklyn Queens and
from stop near about the Bronx and he said why should I not have it in Manhattan and I so far can’t expect
does to live by the same role for the
dictator other people for heaven sakes just because of people like me or
against stop and frisk in places like Brooklyn Queens and Staten Island doesn’t mean we don’t want to continue
in Manhattan I mean might happen if shall let me put it this
way we are New York September in Queens and Staten Islander
I don’t even like talking about that was kinda place I’m assuming you’re
sarcastic yeah. being sincere don’t know your beats I
don’t know why that’s funny why is that funny yeah it is one of the
most that’s one of the funniest thing I’ve
ever heard in a years on this program well as inaugural respect think about it
this way I had if if I thought you were kidding guy I’m
not affordable housing I mean new yorkers except in the brown
specks you don’t want those people living around here what Acworth I would be the first to say anybody in
Brooklyn or Queens from sat down with the president for that but I mean I’m not a hypocrite who are you voting
for John why I thought about Christine how quick your side Hampton I’ll one who I keep it going because he says it
saves a life so when John goes primary day we gonna
put you gonna pull the lever for so far I’m leaning towards Quinn but
Thompson say no more John from the Upper West Side folks say no more I write all what I was it know that
person will just he was kidding me, she must have
been that you know I don’t know I think I’m
gonna I’m I’m supposedly a scheduled to be on up I
tomorrow and supposedly DiBlasio supposed to be there and your beer what do you mean to that
should actually be the first question that I ask him on up with the Steve Kornacki that
should be the question I ask ’em you see that but what did that lady come
up to you and say did you have this conversation but Irene yeah if that is that the dietary gonna
be done with that radio with that no I’m gonna be on with the
Blasio great but whose is that we’re not we’re just doesn’t do the guy that was that was conducting an interview know if
that’s going on here you know he’s from my new york 1 I’m here you wanna MSNBC
to are like I do you think it’s real I’m EJ there
there is a certain attitude right I mean there’s there is a
certain you know this is how we have had a
series of successive republican mayors I think in this city now to be fair to that assessment Bloomberg
was a fairly liberal Democrat before we
decide to run for mayor amoral ass and then became a republic
and then went back ten in the bed right but there is definitely I in this the city in an if there is a strain I love assertive
smoke salmon socialism as a worker is a call it a mean that I is a that does have that assertive a he is in motion or something was that there was in you it was it the
call this whether right that was in you that
called into a new york one I joan is about AKA June I unit in Upper West Side name I
can’t believe it %eh it’s 100 real I mean I you know DIII the and I love the fact that she said i
mean a vote for Christine Quinn because because to me rate Christine
Quinn does represent you know to have some assertive like up
liberal politics or you know but at the attic at urs core there’s this I’m only to get yep yes Christine Quinn basically I mean a I its I don’t know the I thought that was just if it was a if
it was comedy was brilliant and it was not common in children ext


  1. (Those people are different… How dare you expect me to live by same rules as those people. THOSE PEASANTS! THOSE DIRTY PEOPLE!….. You people serve me and others like me and then go to your rat infested homes to be violated by our LAP DOGS(Police force). That's pretty much what summed up that Female callers perspective on how New York should be run.

  2. Isn't this why liberals love illegal immigration? Mexicans come in to be virtual slaves, and they behave better than the black people, who are economically forced to move out of the city. Asians, on the other hand, directly compete with white Ivy League students. Therefore, use affirmative action to bring in blacks and Hispanics, who cannot academically compete, and keep Asian numbers down.

    I got your number, liberals.

  3. You are a complete and utter idiot. No one likes illegal immigrants, the problem is your ilk never wants to make a distinction between legal immigrants and illegal immigrants, or a distinction between the illegals and those who have already been in this country legally. Illegal immigrants are the new Jews used as the ultra right wing boogiemen.

  4. When I first heard of the drop of crime I had a dissonant issue, then I read the research that there is no evidence that saf did anything, thank god for science

  5. you know Sam maybe if the NYPD hired more attractive female officers to do the frisking it would not be such a controversy, right now it's either a sauce sage fest or it's unattractive women

  6. The rules made for other Burroughs don't apply to manhattan? Other people are lesser people? Why claim to be a liberal with that prejudiced view of everyone else? There ARE some basics about fairness and equality that pull all of us liberals together.

  7. ha I hope she was joking. But yeah her call exemplifies a lot of the attitudes that the Bloomberg administration has had towards the other boroughs. Thats why I'm so opposed to Quinn because it will be more of the same- beautiful parks and cleanliness for the island of the rich and breadcrumbs for the rest of us.

  8. Well, every woman named Joan should probably avoid eating in restaurants on the Upper/Lower, East/West where-the-fuck-ever-side for a while.

  9. There's no fucking way that's real. I mean we have our fair share of weird ass people in this city but that chick was… lol What the hell!?

  10. Ok, I lived near New York City for 31 years, 7 years now in Rural Southwest Georgia. These " Richer " people want Central Park sold, so they can build Multi-Billion Dollar Buildings on it. Sad & Sick

  11. REAL sentiments of liberals who make enough $ in order to NOT live around people they so desperately care about, thus allowing them the luxury of living in their utopian ideology bubbles in gentrified fortresses. the dysfunctional, violent repercussions of the poor that the rest of us have to deal with in the REAL world, that these liberals themselves created thru dependency & perpetual entitlement slave mentality victimhood, are in their lib minds, just the small cost of making them look good

  12. Lol Can't believe I'm just seeing this. I can say, without a doubt, as much as it pains me to admit, but there are most definitely people pretty much like that in the city. They just aren't so open about it. It slips frequently but not as obviously.

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