creeper in my apartment

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So, I kept on finding food missing in my apartment that I knew I wasn’t eating. I confronted my girlfriend, who lives with me about it and SHE claimed she wasn’t eating it. So, I decided *I’m* going to set up a video camera and I’m going to go CATCH her. This is what I found… [adjusts camera and microphone] [Floorboards creeking]


  1. Update – I'll answer all of your questions. Visit here – Like & Message me & I'll answer. Also subscribe to this channel & hit bell notification icon, update coming w/ more footage I found that I thought was lost! It's pretty crazy watching me try to confront her.

  2. Joe, are you sure she isnt a friend you set this up with ?? You obviously are someone desperately wanting to be famous. It seems you created this to draw attention to the career you are trying to promote with all those head shots, your work, your agent information for those who simply wanted to see more footageof a possible break in THEN u blast them with all this stupid information about who ? YOU.!!!!!!! ME ME ME JOE JOE JOE. Give me a break! Its deceitful if thats what this if about. WHo leaves a door or window , or whatever unlocked in order for someone to be able to "break-in" ?? Especially since you set up footage in speculation that someone in coming in supposedly uninvited . It makes no sense……………..JOE……this is just a little stupid footage about some supossed break , as far your comments above , etc. your agressively insunuating you have some concerns about being hounded be the massess that apparently will see this and want to employ you, and will do ANYTHING to make that happen. . in other words GET OVER YOURSELF. DESPERADO !!!! try to start being a real human because you are soooo……far off in some pretend lala land as you play oblivious "actor" and here in the real world… Your in need of some heavy therapy, like firstly humbling yourself and seeing your off , way off in your perspective of life and how your seen in it. ETC..thats what you should be focusing on.

  3. Snapchat has that bullshit article that takes for ever to get to the fucking point. So now ima do the searching my self.

  4. Snapchat literally tells us about his whole childhood and then a bit extra about his mum and finally on the 13th page we find out one of the aliens from aliens in the attic is pissing in his sink

  5. Most likely he did this for a few followers to help his career as I've read he was a struggling actor living in New York.

  6. Dude! She knew the camera was there! You could see her moving around in the storage space when he was setting it up.! Honestly wish I could vibe with the #idon’tgiveafuck mood 😂

  7. Honestly I wouldn’t have called the police on her. I would’ve just gave her some food, money, and water and force her to leave and never come back again.

  8. Man, y'all people live too comfortable, too confident that nothin can happen to you. There's no way anyone could get away with a floor creak in my house. Ever lmao.

  9. This is obviously fake… she’s clearly sitting there while he’s setting the camera up. There’s no way he wouldn’t see her. And what are the odds that he would set the camera up exactly where she crawls out anyway?

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