1. this idiot has been wrong about this virus this whole time making it seem like its nothing and saying dumb motivational shit about newyorkers being tough. now he is eating his words what a joke this fool is. gov cares more about saving money then health whatever this idiot is saying just know its 10 times worse and prepare for that. dont trust the gov, trust urself.

  2. Oh yeah! Its about get real folks. Cuomo is sending in the NG aimed at keeping containment – "At All Cost". Time to Squeeze New Rochelle and Westchester so we can bring those cities to its knees and destroy this threat ONCE AND FOR ALL.

  3. If they're only testing people who have been around someone with it( that they know of, or who knows it) they'll never find everyone. This is really starting to freak me out !!!

  4. 3:45 take those numbers and multiply by 10. We aren't stupid. We know that CHINA is definitely under-reporting. Leaked audio and video of doctors there say the dead are in the hundreds of thousands and the infected in the millions. You people will lie right till the end in order maintain control. If you told the truth people would take this far more seriously and spread would slow down significantly! Geesh

  5. He is not containing but just shutting down venues. How is this gonna work if the virus is not infecting buildings but people who are allowed to move around and get out of the containment zone?

  6. Jeeeeese how come this is not called racist? The hypocrite call DJT racist for stopping flights? Maybe because we’re Democrats?

  7. If you are over 60 please make informed choices for your health. Here are the percentages of death by age group out of Italy:
    90+. 6%
    80-89 42%
    70-79 35%
    60-69 16%

    80% had two chronic diseases and 2% had no chronic diseases.
    To better understand what is known about Covid 19, watch MedCram, a US based YouTube channel for medical students and Dr. John Campbell from the UK. Both are reporting the latest studies from medical publications.

  8. 20:30 Cuomo, they keep asking the same question because this makes no sense. Sick people can still wander around infecting people lol this is stupid. An infected person can easily go to the grocery store and CONTINUE to spread this. Either go hard all the way and lock it down or leave the people alone. Geesh.

  9. Seeing governor Cuomo respond to this situation vs how the Trump admin is reacting is night and day. So much respect to this man.

  10. People with underlying conditions high blood pressure elderly diabetes cancer that’s probably 70% of America and it still affects 32-year-old healthy people to the only way to stop this is to make everyone in America stay home for 14 days and then then you know who has the virus and take it from there

  11. John Hopkins tracks the cases that are confirmed there are countries do not have legitimate cases/numbers provided we do United States are behind the eight ball because we’ve just begun to test for every one death from this virus the average contaminated people are 80 to 100 so obviously there’s not enough testing going on

  12. Dateline March 10th 2020, C. Kolchack. INS.

    Last Sunday, March 8th, the small community of Albuquerque Springs New Mexico was placed under martial law. Aside from law enforcement and health officials no one is allowed to enter of leave this area. According to anonymous sources a security perimeter patrolled by a combination of drones and State Troopers has been established around Albuquerque Springs trailer park.

    This reporter managed to learn the cover story regarding the Corona Virus is just that, a story intended to prevent panic. It seems a viral outbreak of something far worse has brought madness, death, and destruction to this once peaceful idylic community.
    Those infected no longer appear or act sane.
    Witnesses who escaped before the quarantine and perimeter were established claim victims are highly violent and both attack and feast upon the flesh of anyone not infected.


  13. This virus spreads through the air china has a video from their testing and Tracy and Dad to a infected person got on a bus another person got on the bus 20 minutes later and sat in a different area and still got infected is virus lives on a surface more than minutes it’s days

  14. This 1 mile quarantine is just a test to see how people react how many national guards they need this is bigger than they know I see United States becoming another Italy because of the lack of proactivity of testing and Decision making. They should also add people must stay home for two weeks that way if they become Infectious with symptoms they could isolate those individuals track from there give a couple day passes to go to the store to each home one person may leave every four days for supplies

  15. Stop one zone, another zone will break and it will go infinitely to the starting point. Why don't we all post for 3 weeks, let people do the job to disinfect and clear everything as new and all in one. It seems it is a non-stop cases unless the virus commits a suicide hahahahah….or may be it is not enough cases to do the lock down, understand now. So continue your daily works until your immune system can not fight anymore.

  16. This is hilarious the National Guard will be used for containment. Cuomo is just sugar coating it for the dumb masses.

  17. Everyone do not listen to politicians over Science! What they’re not telling is this virus 🦠 kills all cells in your lungs! They just did a double lung transplant in China for first time in history due to this virus!
    They’re down playing this virus 🦠 so they can slowly place Martial law in your city before panic ensues!

  18. How many times must Governor Cuomo say "Large, congregate facilities or gatherings" before reporters get it? Stfu and Listen

  19. Please spread this around, SHARE, RT

    Far-UVC light: A new tool to control the spread of airborne-mediated microbial diseases

    Use of overhead far-ultraviolet C light in public spaces could provide a powerful check on influenza pandemics.


    ➤ https://www.laserfocusworld.com/lasers-sources/article/16555364/uv-sterilization-faruvc-light-kills-airborne-flu-viruses-without-danger-to-humans

    ➤ https://www.chinadaily.com.cn/a/202003/04/WS5e5ee878a31012821727c0f4.html



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  20. Not once during this announcement did Cuomo talk about how great he is, how perfect his response is, how impressed others are with his knowledge, etc. Note also none of his experts were required to publicly exclaim with deference how great he is, how perfect his response is, how impressed they are with his knowledge, etc. What's wrong with the President?

  21. That sigh at the beginning 🤦‍♀️.. like" I gotta tell y'all the same shit over again to keep washing your hands and wear a mask " they still won't listen!!

  22. This virus is a…WMD…..(weapon mass destruction)…. we need the …U.S. Marines, Army, Navy….this needs to be treated like its…War…

  23. Like anyone can believe China's numbers…sorry Johns Hopkins. Can't wait till this guy has to eat his words. He seems to not know that all of NY is going to be New Rocehelle

  24. If Naive had a face, here you go!
    So fking sad 🤦🏻‍♀️ I'm disgusted with the nonchalant behavior of these gov officials…
    This is mother nature at it's peak!


  26. Large gatherings !!! U still don't understand?? I'm pretty sure they got a better education than me and still don't get it

  27. Give everyone time to get home then shut airports down everyone go home and stay put. Forget about vacation and traveling at this moment please for everyone's sake.

  28. I am no genius, but 4,028/114,595 is 3.5% of people that have died…not the universe. Maybe that is why you are calling the national guard.🤔🤔🤔

  29. If you can't find hand sanitizer you can make it at home with 1/3 cup aloe vera gel and 2/3 cup isopropyl alcohol, blend it & put in a bottle, shake it and use,( if you want add a couple drops of organic lavender or eucalyptus oil for scent)

  30. This is the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard of. Let’s close these places that have nothing to do with spreading but let everyone in the hot zone who is sick go and congregate in places outside what would otherwise be the quarantine zone. Dumb as fuck.

  31. Coronavirus ‘worse than a bomb’ on Italy, says Italian doctor coordinating response


  32. Keep bringing in more contagious illegal and hiding them in sanctuary areas ,plus Cuomos only worried and taking care of the areas and county's that voted for him

  33. A good advice to the reporter here would be wearing a mask (surgical mask or any mask) You don't know if someone is infected and they may spread it to people leading the fight against covid 19. I noticed a lot of public official get easily infected like governor and mayor.

  34. I have a question. If anyone can answer this. Why is it speculation for instance “some people are thinking the virus could possibly live on surfaces like metal and plastics for up to 2 or 3 days” so why not test that? It should be relatively easy to test no?

  35. I'm really impressed with Cuomo. I really had no idea who he was until this and I think he is being open and honest and handling it better than anybody else. I'm impressed with his approach and that he went and took it upon himself to makes hand sanitizer to give out free. It's awesome. He is doing a great job.

  36. It's about how contagious and fast it spreads overwhelming the health care system look at what happened in China and right now in Italy!! WAKE UP!

  37. Closing large gathering places alone is not a quarantine. If the people can move around freely then this is pointless, but someone had to go first. I'd expect more cities to follow in suite.

  38. Maybe I am dumb and I don’t get it…. only closing large facility that has people gathering, such as school, mall, supermarket for 2 weeks. But people can still come and go? Wouldn’t that make the sick people spread out to other areas since they can’t grocery shop so they travel to other area to grocery shop…. nothing to do in the area and kids don’t have school so they go somewhere else that has a mall open to hang out and thus having higher chance to spread virus to surrounding areas?

  39. Governor: Lockdown all the "large gathering areas" within 1-mile radius because it's the PRIMARY and ONLY source of infection. We are not containing people, only structures.

    Asymptomatically Infected People: Comes and goes to/from New Rochelle, others heads to other communities/cities and inadvertently spread the virus.

    COVID-19: Seriously? This is too easy…

  40. Well at least they don't have to worry about crime nobody has any guns there because of the gun laws it's the safest place in America.🤣🤣🤣🤣

  41. In other words its really not going to be Quarantined. They are just not going to open some places. What is the meaning of Quarantine? Seriously they are actually literally doing nothing about it people. If they were we all would be in our homes and not allowed to go out into public places. This is BS

  42. The POTUS is still in a state of denial ….keep on bragging on how many experts and how capable you have is of no use….there is a chinese saying ….you may have the sharpness knife and if you do not how to use it ….it is useless…the Vietnam War ……Middle East….Afghanistan ( sandals and AK 47 ) US cannot even defeat them with all the best military equipment /technology and personnel ….its so tragic and pathetic….the VIRUS is already in your HOUSE and you have to act fast and the NY Gov is doing the right and logical way…Keep strong and Jia yiu……

  43. US politicians are toasted..just watch any movies that depicts a cold or winter weather scene and you will see that when the actors / actress breathe and exhale they will release a sizable volume amount of air through their mouth and nose and a quite a large area ,,,,,,,wearing a mask will help to prevent or reduce the volume exhaled air to other people around them,,,,,prevention is better than cure….just witnessed the POTUS shaking hands and being so close to those politicians reportedly being self quarantine is potentially a high risk factor….

  44. There is a hypothesis that current government is deliberately sending out less test kits so that no of affected people continues to remain low for political gains

  45. Interesting but I am failing to see the effectiveness if people are free to associate then the virus "will find a way". Also what is the purpose of the national guard?

  46. Honestly wouldn’t it be a smarter idea to even have to contain people for a week but within that week doing aggressive testing!! Going house to house testing every person within that house, if you have to break it down in cities, you do what you have to do! But every city in every country that is affected should be on the same page!! Then after you get those results you’ll have to test these people again but at least you’ll be able to tell if these are the carriers and these people are the ones that are not infected!!! Then you Quarantine the infected people so they cannot continue to spread it to hundreds and thousands of people!! Yes, unfortunately it’s going to cost a little bit of money but it is not going to be nearly as much money as the debt that we are about to head into! We’re a bunch of chickens with our fucking heads cut off and don’t know how to take any direction or even common sense from these other fucking countries!!! Yeah our numbers are low because they’re testing a handful of people! I keep hearing about these tests but if they were really testing aggressively, you’re not gonna tell me our cases compared to other countries is normal, it’s common sense!!! And the more time that they are Allowing, not even days but every second somebody that is infected is touching something else or interacting with somebody unknowingly that has this virus!! Instead they’re allowing it to spreading! One person comes in contact with hundreds of people every!!! So for our numbers to be so low is totally obvious that is bullshit and the lack of miss handling!! But that’s exactly what China was trying to do and look at how bad it got!! So the fact that we’ve had months to see this how these other countries are handling it how they started out handling it what measures they’re taking and this is not something that needs to be told to you this is something that you can clearly see with your own two eyes 👀!! But then again they actually have to do their fucking job!! Trumps administration has allowed it to get this bad without the proper testing, for sure United States is going to have the most cases!! And I don’t wanna hear this bullshit about how it doesn’t affect young people.. 🤦🏾‍♀️👀🐍 When you had this young gentleman in his 30s coming out on the news showing how sick he is now and how they told him not to wear no mask, now he has to have a breathing machine to help him because one lung has already collapsed and he’s already feeling like he’s about to lose his other!!! So The longer that they’re allowing this virus to spread it is only mutating and getting worse! The second that the common person gets the common cold this virus will attacked there immune system!! So it is not only for the old people to be cautious, its for everybody to be cautious or you would not be seen these countries shutting down!! And let me tell you China doesn’t give two shits about their people they care more about their money, so for them to shut down their country speaks volumes!!!!! Obviously it’s a lot worse then they’re leading on!! For god sake‘s you have China testing dogs and we still don’t have enough tests out here in the United States!!

  47. It’s not about what we want it’s about what needs to be done they need to contain this shit because it’s spreading every second of every day with people that unknowingly have it!! We need to know how many cases we have in the United States this is ridiculous disgraceful and embarrassing how the whole Trump administration is handling it! How are these states not calling each other and getting on the same page!!! You know calling up Gavin getting on the same goddamn page!!!! But at this point you need to get on the same page with every state that is infected!! At this point fuck Trump, you start taking the measures with these other states that you need to be on the same page with!!You know sometimes like the police departments have to work with each other that are in different counties to solve a case!! Well goddamnit you need to work with other States to solve this goddamn Virus!! I get they don’t want to do this, it’s not about what we want it’s about what needs to be done!!! It’s common fucking sense!!! And to be honest if you had all Of the governors and mayors from the states having a press release conference stating what the Trump administration is allowing, I think that would be more credible!! Because you would all be united instead of each state doing there own personal press conference!!! I get that they can’t do that all the time but I haven’t seen them do this once!!! There are all saying completely different things and none of us know what to think!! So therefore if you had one big press conference again with all the states that are infected would be one way that you can get everybody on the same page and make it clear to the American people about what is happening, what they’re doing, how they’re working together because it seems like a shit show! There is no unity in anything that is happening with the United States and this is crazy because this is a virus they cannot contain and do not have a vaccine for!! And at some point you think that they would have a press conference globally with all the leaders! Because they’re just gonna open up the flights and continue to spread from one state to another just like it has already done! So even though they don’t wanna work together, it’s not about what you want it’s about what is necessary and needs to be done!!!! Bernie 2020

  48. You forgot to mention the other 100+ countries in that total case number. Only saying 4 countries makes this seem way less serious. It is in over 100 countries. Which don’t have proper medical systems… fuck!

  49. Omgoshhhh they have said 1000 times, large gatheringssss. No one is listening. Pretty simple people. If you get there and they closed. That means no gathering. Go home!!!!!

  50. And can you at least have the schools online, they can do a live stream at a specific time during school hours and link on get a brake and then link back on!!!Everyone can link in as if this was a conference and the teachers can teach from their classes with no students in there! 👀🤦🏾‍♀️ At least for these older kids!!! Everybody uses FaceTime all the time i used to do meetings from my FaceTime!! And as far as the people that do not have Internet access, well you need to dip into that pot and you need to provide them with Internet access so that they can do their school online!!! If there is a will there is away and with all this technology we can figure out how to keep these children educated even with a fucked up president like trump!! Who knows maybe eventually they’ll be able to do this for children that are not able to go to school and that lived in poverty areas because every child should get an education and the opportunity to get out of poverty!!


  52. Why a quarantine zone 1 week later? They knew that these Jews had COVID-19 last week. They knew the cluster was from these people who refuse to get vaccines for anything. Then this stupid Governor deploys the National Guard to “distribute food”? Too late. These Jews have too much power. They are exposing all of us to COVID-19.

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  54. The Freemasons & Illuminati are manipulating all of us via the news media. The Freemasons just purchased a bankrupt college in Nov 2019 (same month that corona virus popped up on the Chinese radar) and guess where this college is located? YOU GUESSED IT New Rochelle, Ny. What they heck are the Freemasons & Illuminati up to with this closed college & New Rochelle? WAKE UP & look behind the wizard of oz curtain! Look up the you tube channel “this is a call for an uprising”. Are the Free masons making this college their save zone & having the national guard protect them? seems that way!!

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