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(laughing) – What is happening? (upbeat music) – All right, so today we’re gonna be doing curbside consults with Doctor Mike. I know that sounds fancy, but all I’m really gonna be doing is running up to people and ask them, “Is there anything I can do for you?” How are you, no? I’m a doctor, is there
anything I can help you with? – (laughs) No. – Hey pigeon, I’m not
a vet but I’m a doctor. Hello. – Hi. – Hi, I’m a doctor and
I was just wondering if there’ anything I can
help you with ladies today. Questions, concerns? I can answer- – Should I be eating
all this cookie dough? – Is that really cookie dough?
– Yeah. (crunching) – How long should you go onto water? – Wait to go into water after eating. – Oh. So I think that’s complete nonsense that someone’s mom said
because one kid threw up once. If you do a lot of activity, whether that’s swimming,
running, going into water, your blood flow goes to that area it doesn’t go to your stomach, so you get an upset stomach. But really you can do it and
nothing bad’s gonna happen. – Okay.
– I’m not feeling good. – Why what’s wrong? – I don’t know. I want a GYN. – (laughs) She’s ready for the GYN. That’s what’s up.
– You look like fine. – [Mike] What is up? – You’re Doctor Mike! – Yes, what is going on, what’s up guys? – Oh my god and you’re
like a real human being. – How did you study for the MCATs? – Okay, I was actually in a
seven year accelerated program, so I did one of those three
years undergrad– yeah. – It’s so hard to get into that. – Are you ready to hear more questions? Collagen, what about collagen? – Collagen peptides.
– Makes up your skin, okay. – What- (laughing) Oh yeah, will it help with hair? – I’m sorry to tell you
this, it doesn’t do anything. – It doesn’t do anything at all? – No, so the reason why
they sell it, and why it’s a great marketing ploy is
that if you’re deficient in biotin, which pretty much
anyone in the western world that eats a normal diet, a
balanced diet is not deficient. – Oh, is not? – No because biotin is readily
available in like meats and all the other stuff we eat.
– Oh, okay. – If you’re deficient? Yes, your hair will start falling out. – No, I’m not deficient. – [Mike] Hello. – Hi. – Hi, I’m a doctor I was wondering
if you had any questions. One question, No?
– I’m afraid not. – We heard that that
you can use coconut oil. – Okay. For? – Instead of lubrication, is that safe?
– Okay. – Yes coconut oil is safe down there. In fact, women later in life,
because they get some dryness that happens because hormones decrease. – Yes. – Actually one of the things
I recommend and it works very well on my patients, is coconut oil. – Oh! – Better than all that Refresh and all the stuff you buy over the counter. So coconut oil down there,
in fact I was thinking about making this a product,
where it’s just like in a single serving-
– Yeah. – That you can just push it up there, and I was going to call it COCO-VAG. – [Girl] Ahhh. – Do you like COCO-VAG? – Ahhh, I like COCO-VAG. – Ha ha. – Oh my lord. – Can I overdose on Claritin? – Once a day, no. – Okay. – Can you be like roaming
around like all the time? (laughter)
– Definitely. – It’s so amazing. – What is up? I’m Doctor Mike. – I’m nurse Aaron. Is it legal to give a generic drug? – When I prescribe a
medicine, on the bottom of the prescription pad there’s
a thing that says DAW which means dispense as written. Meaning if I write a brand
name drug, the pharmacist– and I check that box, the
pharmacist has to give the brand name drug and
I don’t think there’s much of a difference between
the brand name and generic. – It’s not harmful or anything like that? – Absolutely not. It’s the marketing companies
that are geniuses that say, “We have the name of the
brand so we’re going to” “make sure everyone asks for this.” Viagra, everyone knows Viagra as Viagra, but in a couple of years
when Viagra loses its patent, and we can make a generic,
it’s going to be Sildenafil. And guess what? Instead of being $100 a pill,
it’s going to be $1 a pill. – Wow. – And you’re going to
see guys walking around- (laughter) at attention. – Immunotherapy- – Okay, what about it? – Is it really the best cure for cancer? – For? It depends obviously, which type of cancer we’re talking about but the new types of immune
therapy that we have, the vaccinations, the getting the bacteria to eat the cancer alive,
all of this stuff is just happening now, and it is the future. How cool it would be if I
could give you a vaccine and say if you get this vaccine
you’ll never get a cancer. That sounds pretty awesome, right? The idea is that we don’t jump too soon and start doing something
before we have good research. It’s always we look at the evidence first, and then we figure it out. Right? – Yeah, makes sense. – Boom. What’s up brother, I’m a
doctor, is there anything I can help you out with today? – Is it good to like use
two condoms on women? Or just one?
– Never. Why? They have a high chance of breaking when you use two condoms. – Really? – Kids stay with one condom, yes, totally. That’s a good question.
– Good enough. – Hey.
– What’s up boss? I seen you on TV. – I am a doctor.
– I’ve seen you on TV. – Thank you so much.
– I’ve seen you and I said, “Man, is this guy a good looking dude.” – What can I do to help you out? What question you got? – I’m going to be 60 years old. – Okay young guy, I like it. – Okay. One day right in here.
– Yeah. – Zoom right up, I was such in pain. – Were you out of breath? – No. – And what did you do? – Nothing. – Did it go away? – Eventually but it took some time. – So look, if it’s just in one area, and you’re not getting short of breath, you’re not having chest pain, probably nothing to worry about. – Exactly. – But if you feel it
moving up to the chest- – Oh, ah- – 911
– Bing bing. – You got it. – Bing bing. – Oh my god I watch you. – Nice meeting you. – You watch the YouTube channel? – Yeah. – We’re filming actually today. – Oh, really? – Say hi to YouTube. – Hi. – Do you have a good medical
question you want to ask me? – I get like a lot of headaches and– – Morning, night? – Yeah morning, nights, afternoons. – Every day? – Yeah every day. – Come on, every day? – Yeah, yeah I do. – I talked to my doctor
and she said it’s because I don’t drink water and– – You’re dehydrated. – Yeah, but I don’t think so
because I drink a lot of water. – How bad one to ten is the
headache when you get it? – It’s not that bad but it
gets bad like sometimes. – And what happens you take an
Advil or something, Tylenol? – Yeah, yeah. – Does it go away? – Usually.
– Usually. Do you wake up with it in the morning, like first thing when you open. – No, no. – All right that’s a good sign actually. The fact that you don’t wake up with it and the fact that it goes away with Advil means it’s probably not scary. Do you eat well? – Yeah. No. – No, what’s the bad stuff you eat? – Juices. – Juices?
– Juices, yeah. – That’s a lot of sugar,
when you get a lot of sugar going through you get a
headache from that too. – Yeah, yeah, yeah that’s true. – So maybe when your
doctor’s saying drink water she’s really saying drink
less juice, drink more water. – Yeah. – Boom. – How true is it that men’s
sperm after 36 actually decreases in– – It’s motility, in it’s count?
– Not motility. In it’s being good enough to conceive. – To get pregnant? – Right, because they say like for women, under 35 is better well how
true is that for men as well? – For women, the reason
we say under 35 is better is because the quality
of the eggs decrease and the number of eggs
actually doesn’t decrease, but it’s just the quality
of the eggs that decreases. It increases the chance
of things like having a Down syndrome child, a lot of these like really serious issues. It doesn’t mean that women
shouldn’t get pregnant after 35, in fact I encourage it, it just means that we need to
take a little more precaution. Take some extra tests, maybe do an extra ultrasound
somewhere in between. But for guys- – Yeah? – It does have– there is a slow down. – Okay.
– But it’s not as drastic, and if a guy has a child at 35 versus a guy that has a child at 45, that risk of the Down syndrome
and all that doesn’t happen. – Thank you. – Curbside consult with Dr
Mike, thank you so much. This will live on YouTube. Hey guys. So we just tried out this new concept trying to prove that
doctors are people too. We’re relatable, you can ask us any question you want, so if you like the concept, leave it down below in the comments. Share this video with your friends, and again thanks for watching. (static) – I found you on YouTube. – Okay awesome. So now you’re going to be there. – This is for YouTube?
– This is YouTube, yes. – What? – Yeah you’re going to be on
the channel you found me on. – I have a YouTube channel too, yeah. – Say it what’s the channel? – It’s Sara Khan, I like
sing and do covers and stuff. ♪ I know you haven’t
made your mind up yet ♪ ♪ Right there in my
mind where you belong ♪ – Keep going keep going, I’m in it now. ♪ I go hungry ♪ (static) – On average right how long
do you think it will take for you to get laid? – That is a medical question. (jazzy upbeat music)


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