Dans les coulisses des concerts d’Angèle à New York et Montréal

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It’s started! ♪ Je veux tes yeux ♪ Me! I have little tics. And you’ll hear the rest
of this story in Montreal. Do you want me
to kiss the camera like Ariana Grande ? *Burp* I’d rather you put this. *Laughter* Well, well, well, well, well. ♪ Balance ton quoi ♪ ♪ Un jour
Peut-être ça changera ♪ ♪ Balance ton quoi ♪ Clap! Good evening everyone, I can’t be with you tonight because I’m in New York for concerts. We’re here because
we couldn’t be on vacation all the time and so we’re going to record a session. We’re taking advantage
of this very ugly setting, that is Manhattan,
to record it. ♪ Perdus ♪ ♪ Tous ces gens
m’avaient prévenue ♪ I really had this dream
of performing in New York. It’s an absolutely incredible
but very, very rough city. You feel like everything
and nothing is possible at the same time. Like the American dream! And I really wanted to
go there to tell myself: “I’m here to do what I love and to do my job.” So I was doing a few promos… and I’m gonna go get some rest because after, I’m going to soundcheck the venue. Bye! Come on, Brice, let’s see if there’s room. Tour the U.S., they said. – They said it! – Angèle, suitcase. – Thank you, Brice ! I’m not realizing that I’m here to perform a show. I feel like right now, I’m just going to go sightseeing… – Turn right on Washington street. Do you like this little noise for the interview? – I’d just like to say that Angèle made a great video that she’d like to show Brut. A video in Central Park. I’m singing “Englishman in New York” but saying “Belgian girl in New York”. ♪ I don’t drink coffee,
I drink beer, my dear ♪ ♪ I like my fries
With mayonnaise ♪ ♪ Mayonnaise ♪ ♪ And you can hear it
In my accent when I talk ♪ ♪ I’m a Belgian girl
In New York ♪ ♪ Oh, I’m an alien,
I’m a legal alien ♪ ♪ I’m a Belgian girl
In New York ♪ – Ah, someone burped. – It was me ! – Damn, you can smell it from here! – Smells like garlic, what did you have for lunch? Dude, what did you eat? – Onions. – Fuck! A lot, huh? – Yeah! Did you prepare any English words for tonight, or do you want me to make a list? Hi, nice to meet you. My name is Angèle. I’m really glad to be here in New York. No, I think I’m going to speak in Frenglish. – That won’t be annoying! Because I know that 92%, or even 99% of the crowd will be French. I’m very well surrounded. My manager, Sylvie, was my babysitter, but she is a friend and a big sister above all. I mean, she’s really someone I’m very close to. ♪ Pa pa pa pa pa
pa pa pa pa pa pa pa ♪ Anyway, the day I’ll let success go to my head, I know that Sylvie will be the first person to put me back on the right track. ♪ I don’t want
A lot for Christmas ♪ ♪ There is just
One thing I need ♪ ♪ I won’t
Even wish for snow ♪ – We’re here. ♪ I just wanna…♪ Yes! – It’s her concert tonight! – Oh! Who’s singing? – Her. – – Oh, congratulations! ♪ All I want for Christmas is you ♪ – American fans ! No, you think? – I don’t know, I don’t know. Oh my God! Oh my God, that’s crazy! Can I give you a hug? – I literally love you so much! I have an American fan! – Yeah! Angèle? – Yeah. Two dancers got stuck in Paris and we don’t know why. They didn’t get their visas and that’s it. So there’s only three of us on stage. What a story!! Try your keys out to make sure they’re vaguely good. – OK! – Because this isn’t your usual piano. – Oh! It’s going to slip, no? – It’s a rental thing. ♪ On perd
De l’altitude toi et moi ♪ ♪ Loin de nous… ♪ I consider myself very lucky to be a singer in 2019 because in 2019, it’s fashionable to have a voice like mine, which is quite fragile. ♪ I kissed a girl
Just to try it ♪ Think about the 90s… The 1990s, singers with powerful voices were in fashion. It was about typically American singer who had vocal power. I have absolutely no vocal power. ♪ C’est oui ou bien c’est non ♪ ♪ Hier tu me voulais ♪ At the same time, I think that’s why people liked it so far, because I think that’s what made my voice recognizable. So I’m trying not to distort it too much. If you look at the whole list… You know you need to cover your mouth when you yawn because a ghost will put his… *Laughter* Oh well, he’s happy! All the people who work with me and that I’m lucky enough to work with, are really close friends and they’re people that I go on vacation with, that I need to see and that have become pillars in my life. – Yes! – Too much, no? – I love it. It’s cool. – Wow!
– Too much, but it’s cool.  – Yes. – I think the designers will go off on you. Maybe put a little one on. First show in New York, I feel so ready, I’m so happy. You’re feeling too ready, you’re not even wearing makeup! Ophélie Secq, my makeup artist, she’s also been sort of a big sister for a few months. I mean, we see each other all the time, it’s really… She’s my makeup artist but she’s also the artistic director, which means she’s really my mom on tour. On the tour bus, she wakes me up in the morning with a cup of tea. And sometimes I think she mothers me a bit too much. – Hello? – Yes! – Soundcheck in two minutes? – Yes. – Calmly. I’m always super speed, super… And… I get oppressed very quickly. I sound like Roméo saying that. But it’s kind of true, I’m kind of like him. I’m kind of like… super stressed and stuff. I think about a thousand things at the same time. I can’t get focused on one thing. Come on! – Wait, I don’t know this! – Toïtoï! – Toïtoï! T’es bien! Twice! – Toïtoï! Dance! Dance! – Has it started? – Yeah. – It’s started! ♪ À quoi bon ? ♪ ♪ T’es tellement seul
Derrière ton écran ♪ ♪ Tu penses à
Ce que vont penser les gens ♪ ♪ Mais tu les laisses
Tous indifférents ♪ Being able to perform my music here it’s just a way to accomplish something, a sort of childhood dream. ♪ Mais tu voudrais
Qu’elle soit ta reine ce soir ♪ ♪ Même si deux reines
C’est pas trop accepté ♪ When I was younger, I would think “Ah, I wish I could come back and I wish I could do something.” But now I’m even luckier, because I’m also here to do my job. That changes everything. Thank you! Janinou, that was amazing! – You did great, girls, congrats! – Amazing! We have everything? I feel like we’ve forgotten everything. ♪ Tout oublier ♪ I’m a little OCD. Are all the suitcases here? OK. Can I have a look? Sorry! Yeah, it’s all here. OK, thanks. I have little tics, that’s all.
It happens to everybody. Is it filming. The weather is so nice! – That’s why I don’t like snow. Light travellers! I love this game. ♪ Everything was going well
No obligation ♪ Canada, it’s already the third time we’ve been here in Montreal. We were here for the first time a year and a half ago on a very small stage for free at Les FrancoFolies de Montréal, and now it’s a huge venue. We never thought we’d be able to perform at a venue that’s the equivalent of the Zénith, here in Montreal. ♪ Tout est devenu flou ♪ ♪ Un peu trop fou pour moi ♪ – There’s Manon and Oomoo who didn’t have their visa for New York but yesterday, we were told that they had received their passports and so here they are in Montreal, tonight. I think that in terms of energy, it’s going to be something, because it was not easy to be in New York with just two dancers instead of four. So, the venue, 8,000 people and the whole team, I think it’s gonna be something. It’s gonna be cool. OK! I’m often asked how I prepare for the shows and I think it’s a big mistake, but I don’t really prepare. I think there’s 1cm of oil in my pasta. Brillant! Brightness! I’ve always been very lazy so anything I don’t like doing, I don’t do it. My life, Their life. Me, them. – Ah bitch!
– Come on, the side! *Shouts* Wow. Wow, wow! People are shouting. You can show that we’re putting makeup over the toilet for lack of space. But it’s cool! It’s really cool! Should I put your version or… – You can put mine, it’s better. No, I’m kidding! ♪ Oh je t’aimerai encore ♪ There’s a real audience in Montreal. Playing here feels just like home to me in the sense that I feel that the mentality is very close to the Belgians. – Angèle?
– Yes? – Where’s Ophélie? – I think she’s eating. – No, let’s start from the beginning. From the beginning. – You can stop me with the accent. – No, because you have the talent. – You have talent! You have talent to spare. Toïtoï! Okay, this is our last concert of 2019. – Yes! Yeah! Honestly, tonight,
“Brillance”. *Laughter* It was so much fun to do a small club with very close friends with very intense energy, and three days later do the Bell Center, which is a huge venue. ♪ Tout le monde
Il veut seulement la thune ♪ ♪ Et seulement ça
Ça les fait bander ♪ ♪ Tout le monde
Il veut seulement la fame ♪ ♪ Et seulement ça
Ça les fait bouger ♪ It’s not possible for 8,000 people to be on the same wavelength, but I feel like people’s energies, they blend together and it all comes together. And yesterday, that whole thing was amazing. ♪ Beaucoup trop fou
Pour moi ♪ ♪ Tout est devenu flou ♪ When I start singing some songs, I stop seeing people’s faces. I only see telephones and I see thousands of them! I only see telephones and it’s weird. Sometimes I think “Wow, are they really living the moment or are they just busy watching the concert through the screen?” And I must admit that in Montreal, strangely enough, they weren’t so much on their telephones. ♪ Balance ton quoi ♪ ♪ Même si
Tu parles mal des filles ♪ ♪ Je sais
Qu’au fond t’as compris ♪ ♪ Balance ton quoi ♪ Hello, Brut! Thank you, Montreal! When I saw you during “La thune”, I wanted to cry. It’s okay now, we can rest now. And the last show of 2019! Bravo!


  1. J'ai l'impression que la première chose que les gens font quand ils ont de l'argent c'est s'acheter des fringues de marques de luxe lol (ce n'est pas une remarque négative, juste une simple constation)

  2. J'ai une frange, j'adore chanter et j'aimerais chanter plus tard. Et comment je m'appelle ? Angèle 😂😭🤣C'est vrai en plus

  3. Elle est super mignonne, elle a l'air super sympa et elle chante bien comme ma cousine (et elle a une jolie voix ma cousine)… à part ça, je ne comprend pas le phénomène médiatique… est ce que quelqu'un ici peu m'expliquer ?

  4. Incroyable tout les gens qui vont en concert pour le filmer ils vivent le moment à travers le téléphone c'est carrément ça, bientôt ils te mettront carrément des écouteurs et un siège

  5. Pour tout ceux qui la critique, elle sort de nul part c'était son année elle a tout cassé donc bravo a elle. Et tout les rageux 🤫🤫🤫🤫

  6. le toï toï est aussi chez les chanteurs ! je connaissais ça que pour les danseurs ! c'est pour toute la scène ?

  7. Hors de la mode, voilà comment on dure dans ce métier… Sinon elle a l'innocence d'une Sophie Marceau qui n'est pas consciente de son image à ses débuts

  8. et elle a fait combien d e LPs ? on reparlera d'elle quand elle aura fait au moins son 4eme LP…avant c'est juste une one hit wonder

  9. L'autre féminazie qui va répandre son venin jusqu'au USA. Je les plains ! Pas étonnant qu'ils se droguent à la coke près avoir entendu ça…

  10. De toute façon j'aime pas les garçons c'est nuls ça pique, ils sont violents et violent les femmes mangent les animaux et aiment les porches et l'argents j'aime pas les garçons, ils aiment pas les poils des dessous de bras, ils aiment Barbie et Ken enfin ils aiment surtout kennnnnnnnnn ! Angèle et tellement inspirante dans ses chorégraphies elle m'a fait trop rire !

  11. Si elle nous donne un de ses derniers concerts de Bercy on arrêtera de la filmée pdts les concerts, filmer pour qlqs souvenirs c'est juste normale, sauf si comme à l'époque ils vendaient leurs concerts souvenirs, on est juste un génération de merde !

  12. 😭😭😭je voulais trop aller la voir mais là où j'habite il y a plus de place trop dommage Angéle est ma la chanteuse préféré

  13. La nouvelle génération de musicienness francophones. Elle sera la Mylène Farmer ou la Lorie de l'an 2040? On verra. Courage, Angèle!

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