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(upbeat music) – Hey guys, it’s Brooklyn and Bailey, and today we’re going
to be filming a video on dating do’s and don’ts. This is a comedy, so we
had to enlist some help from our friends. So we’ve got K-Swag and Danger Dan, and we also have Cameron
and Asa that helped us out. But, before we get to the video, you guys can check out Squared by hitting the information
button up there, and in the description box below. – Alright, let’s go on to
the dating do’s and don’ts. – Man, dumb girl making K-Swag wait. ♫ That’s right ♫ (rap music) Who she think she is? Just gonna text her now. (horn honking) Come on, babe, hurry up! (long horn honking) (dramatic, swelling music) – Oh, I’ll just sit over here, it’s okay. Oh, we’re eating McDonalds? – Yeah, what can I say, I
get an employee discount. – A kid’s meal and
chocolate milk, thank you. – Welcome. – Thank you so much. – You’re welcome. You look very pretty tonight. – Oh, thank you. This is so nice, oh my gosh. – Only the best for you, my love. – Oh, Asa, thank you. – You’re welcome. – So, what are you going to order? – Probably the steak and lobster, I hear that’s pretty good here. – I’ll probably have the steak too. – Okay, sounds good. – Okay, mom, this is my boyfriend K-Swag. – Hey, it’s nice to– – Psych! (rap music) ♫ Drop that ♫ – Yeah, okay. – Here, but really, really, really. Ahhh! I’ll have her home whenever. – Oh, okay, bye. – Okay, mom, this is
my boyfriend, Cameron. – Hi, nice to meet you. – Nice to meet you, Cameron. – These are for you guys. – Thank you!
– [Mom] Thank you! – Also, here’s my phone number and the name of the restaurant
we’re going to be at. – Oh, thanks! – What time do you want her home? – Let’s say midnight. – Okay, no worries, thank you. – Bye guys, have fun. (crickets) ♫ I’ll be here ♫ I’ll be here ♫ (funky beat) (sexy beat) – You look hot, babe. – Thank you. – Way better than you looked yesterday. – I’ve just got to say, Bailey, you look so beautiful tonight. – Oh, thank you, Asa. – You’re welcome. Your necklace really brings
out the green in your eyes. – Oh, thank you. I think you look wonderful tonight too. – Thank you, thank you. – You’re welcome. – So it totally makes sense, right? (sitar music) – Seriously? That totally makes sense, right? – I got it. – Oh, thank you. – I hope you guys enjoyed that video, it was absolutely hilarious to film. Give this video a thumbs up if you think that K-Swag and Danger Dan should come around more often. – I definitely think they should,
’cause they are hilarious. – And, if you guys want to
watch more of our videos, click the information button right here, and we’ll see you all next week. Bye!
– [Brooklyn] Bye! – Love you guys.

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