DC to AC Elevator Modernization in Manhattan, NY | Machine Room Vids #05

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As everybody knows we are all interested
in the greening of our world environment and moving from DC to AC and
using KEB regenerative drives affords an energy savings for the building as
well as a smaller carbon footprint all around ok so, my name is Wayne Locker, I’m
an employee at TEI group. TEI group is a member of IUEC which is the
International Union of Elevator Constructors My key area of
responsibility of TEI group is technical support for our maintenance department
modernization and construction departments the elevators here are 600
foot per minute both the high-rise and the low-rise 24 landings total we’ve
modernized 11 cars they were all previously a mixture of DC gearless and
DC geared machines they’ve all been modernized to AC PM gearless and the
couple of DC geared cars are AC Gearless induction motors all driven by galaxy
controllers and a KEB 5 Drive we also use the KEB R6 Regen units to help us do
a little power savings instead of dumping into a resistor so some of the
reasons to modernize from DC equipment to AC equipment for the building owner
is ease of maintenance no more commutators is no more carbon
dust floating around the machine room getting into printed circuit boards the
DC equipment was driven by motor generator sets which were great in their
day but also are very high maintenance create a tremendous amount of audible
noise, electrically very inefficient even though they do regenerate the amount of
energy used to turn them sort of negates that slightly they also produce a
tremendous amount of heat so it takes more energy to cool down the machine
room they also generate more carbon dust which also finds its way into
sensitive electronic equipment and into the air that we breathe as well. The new
AC PM motors are more efficient there’s a big energy savings involved there are some
safety mechanisms involved when you do a modernization you are bringing up your
entire elevator system to code some of the newer gearless machines have the
secondary emergency brake already fitted onto it with some of the older equipment
it’s a little harder to fit emergency brakes on so when you do the
modernization and you put an entirely new AC PM motor on it comes equipped
with all the safety mechanisms that you’d require so here at five Penn Plaza
we selected this equipment to provide the owner with a better and faster floor
to floor times more accurate and repeatable floor stops very smooth
takeoff almost unperceptive oh there’s a feature in the ke B Drive that permits
us to do a fancy word like synthesized pre torque which when adjusted properly
with the imperial machine and the brake gives you an an almost a feel that you
can’t take the car taking off this will give the building owner and his tenants a
beautiful ride quality so in addition to the energy-saving and the ride quality
were also able to reduce downtime

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  1. hello, In ac motors exactly which motor you use for elevators squirrel cage induction motor or slip ring type induction motor ? according to theory slip ring induction motor can be used for elevators.is it practically used in real time applications?

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