DELVAUX | New York Stories by Francesco Carrozzini

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I got flown to New York and I got off the plane I saw someone from Duran Duran over here I saw Cindy Lauper getting into a limo over there and then I had them drive me to the Chelsea Hotel and I saw two drag queens coming out in the Mortons batteries the first memory I had of New York driving across the bridge and just thinking it’s just like the movies I feel on because you have to be on when you’re here I never thought that I would move here it really made me dream big New York City is like caramel corn coffee and spilled whiskey my first thing that I would want to do was go to FAO Schwarz I remember there was a giant borzoi that I really wanted I haven’t gotten it yet but a girl can dream so New York City is bright dark in electric mercury flying through the air exciting engaging I think you don’t quite realize until you’re living on top of a million other people all the stories I still catch myself sometimes looking at people and just wondering where are you going what do you do for work I’m thinking like Greek gods kind of and all these like energies this angry energy this loving energy this sexy energy this communication energy there’s so much energy in this little town I hope it continues to be one giant community with one thing in common and that thing is hope [Music] [Music] [Music] you you


  1. I love Delvaux! So elegant and well made. I have a few vintage Delvaux bags and it is thrilling to wear them because they are so beautiful and timeless, yet understated because they aren't covered in logos. I'm excited to see Delvaux start advertising more to get the word out. And great choice of women to advertise the brand! They are all totally cool.

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